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day 16 & weekend away

September 22, 2015 Leave a comment


I’ve been so busy this weekend I haven’t had any time to write! I went up to near Manchester on Saturday morning for 1 night with my sister and mum, as my poor gran fell and broke her hip. She is recovering now, but we thought we should go see her.

We stayed for one night at the Best Western Plus Manor house hotel. It was lovely! we got a twin room (well they split the bed into a twin) and I got a roll away bed, which wasn’t tooooo bad – but I did wake up every time I had to turn over – squeak squeak!!

My sister and I had flipped for who would get the crappy bed, but I had already decided I would have it since she drove 5 hours each way lol!!

SOooooo, food you ask. What did I have and how did I do?

Well, I did very well thank you very much. As best as could be expected and maybe a little better.

On the way up I had a cup of black coffee, a banana apple and some nuts. When we got to hotel we decided to have lunch. I had a portion of seasonal veg with no butter(broccoli, cauli, potatoes, carrots) and a portion of hand cut chips. Yes, they were cooked in rapeseed oil…..not anything else I could have eaten.

Dinner at the hotel included a 5 course set menu. I had melon with berries to start (defo sugar in the berries), tomato and basil soup (it had no dairy apparently,  but did taste sugary, so more added sugar) then I had pork fillet but had to forgo the brandy sauce (sob) and vegetables, again with no butter. I couldn’t have the roll with the soup, or any dessert.

Ah dessert. They wheeled around a trolley full of friggin delicious desserts, but I’d come this far, I hadn’t had any wine (gagging!) so I chose a bakewell tart to take back to the room for my mum. (she is very fussy with food and didn’t want any dinner) then I had a black coffee. I did sooooo well, considering!!!

The next day, I got plenty of breakfast (the croissants, pain au chocolat, toast and muffins all screamed at me ‘take me take me we’re free’) so I had fried eggs, sauté potatoes, bacon and sausage. Hmm actually I just realised there was probably wheat in the sausage – damn.

On the way home I had a black coffee and an apple and banana.

Now today, I couldn’t resist and I weighed myself. I’ve been feeling so good and so less bloated and my stomach, although not flat, is no way the bloated fat cow I used to be.

I WISH I HADNT!!!  Although I have lost a few pounds, it am nowhere near where I felt like I was. It was really disappointing, and basically I have only lost the extra pounds I put on after my sisters wedding a month ago. So as bloody usual – back to SQUARE 1!!

SO – don’t weigh yourself is the moral of this story.

I do have a dilemma coming up. I’m going to my friends wedding on Saturday. Its all day. I want to drink,

I’m not sure what the food is, I am sure I can be good, apart from any added sugar or wheat in the meal – I can avoid actual wheat and dairy etc. And cake. But I don’t think I can not drink. Is that awful lol?? I don’t want to get plastered obviously as I want to continue on Sunday and not be so hung over that I eat a pizza.

Does anyone have any tips or advice for me??

thanks, blog soon

Shannon xx

the sleepover

March 26, 2013 1 comment

Hello, I didn’t post yesterday as I was sooo tired. This weekend went by in a flash and I wanted to be asleep for the whole thing.

It started Friday night, my friend came over for a few drinks when my sister called to say her son was ill and needed to take him to hospital. Poor little thing, he suffers from asthma and lately has been quite ill with it.

So, about 10pm my friend and I go to my sisters to carry on chatting (the other kids are asleep upstairs). I only drink a bottle of wine but feel pretty plodded.

My friend leaves and I watch a film and eventually fall asleep on the sofa. Then I hear ‘Shannon what are you doing here’ I wake up to see Nina (4) and Bella (2)  grinning at me. I assume it’s morning and when I look at my phone see it’s only 3.30 am! So, they are going to be at the hospital longer than we thought. I borrow a pair of pjs and snuggle up in bed with the girls. They dutifully wake me up at 7.45 am. We have breakfast and I play mummy for a few hours.

My sister’s husband (who works away on the ferry) gets off and takes over at the hospital so she comes home.  I go home about 10-11 am and have the nicest shower. I’m totally knackered but luckily don’t feel ill from the wine.

I’m laying on sofa thinking about a snooze when my sister calls and asks if I could watch them again for a few hours while she sleeps as had no sleep. (My nephew has now been prescribed the same tablets as me, how crazy!)

So off I go again, snuggling with them on sofa and watching cartoons.

Sunday I wake up n feel like crap all day. Probably a delayed hangover. lol.

Anyway, I wont mention the chinese takeaway Saturday or the dominos pizza Sunday. Heaven help me! Patchy eczema on my neck the next day and feel like crap.

Monday I decided I wasn’t going to eat all day at work, I made a ‘juice’ of 1 large carrot, 1 tomato and half a cucumber, and this is the only thing I eat all day. For dinner last night I had cauliflower rice with sausage, mushrooms and broccoli.  Very yummy.

It felt good not to be obsessed with food all day and not eat. My weight is horrific at the moment so I may try to do this once a week.

Right I really need to get my water down me today, I’ve only had about 800ml.

SO, that was my weekend – and yay only 2.5 days left until the Easter bank holiday and then I also have all of next week off. I am going to France to visit my parents on Thursday night for a few days so looking forward to that. Must try to be good tho!

I obviously didn’t get any running in last weekend, I may try to go on Wednesday night as there is no college. Yay!

Have a good one!


PS. Heres an article I read about something called the ‘Overnight diet’. hmmm, we’ll see. Go Dukan!


March 8, 2013 1 comment

Good morning.

Its misty. Very misty here today.

Has anyone noticed wordpress isn’t working great lately? I can’t ‘like’ anything at the moment and  I don’t get any notifications anymore. Strange.

Last night I went out for dinner with people from work as our old manager came back from travelling. I had chicken with bacon and cheese, salad and chips. I also had a glass of wine. And a jug of water.

It wasn’t a bad choice compared to other things on the menu. My weight has been the same the last 3 days, 154.2. I’ve been good this week apart from a couple of little things so I really thought it would have gone down. I haven’t had any chocolate (have I?).

Going food shopping tonight. I may leave out the fruit for a while as I suppose it is sugar. I will limit myself to one serving on the weekends for now until I get to a better weight.

I’ve been messaging my little sister this week with no reply, then found out someone stole her phone last weekend. Meanies. She is coming over this weekend but we are not going out. Really in the mood for a drink, but I may just have a glass of wine or something Saturday night if we watch a film or whatever. I don’t want a hangover or a ‘stuff my face’ day after drinking.

I will also need to go for my first run of the year on Sunday (if this damn fog clears).  I always think aliens are getting ready for an attack and using mist/fog to hide it. We shall see lol.

Yesterday my eye was quite sore, I rubbed it a lot at work and then suddenly a lump appeared next to my eye. It was so weird. It went after about 4 hours.

It looked like a wart and I said ‘I’m turning into a witch’ especially after I put some witch doctor gel on it.



Anyway, have a good day. Today I had a yoghurt for breakfast, I have some almond muffins with pate for lunch and 2 eggs to scramble for later.

Have a great weekend 🙂


And start again

February 4, 2013 Leave a comment

Morning all, morning!

I won’t even tell you my weight this morning, it was cringy! Yesterday I ate a whole load of wheat and now am carrying wheat weight. Bugger.

I did have a great night out though and didn’t get too plastered! I drank cider which I know is full of sugar but I didn’t want to drink wine all night as would make me too drunk!

Funnily enough, I was sensible when I got home from the night out and made almond flour muffins in the microwave. Sunday though, I needed crappy food. I got a few cheeseburgers from McDonalds and had a couple of rolls later on.

Still tired today and glad I don’t have any plans this weekend. This means we can get on with painting the living room! Yay!

Roll on Friday!!

It’s Christmas Eve!

December 24, 2012 3 comments

Good morning!! Only one sleep to go!!

Looking forward to Christmas! I’m at work at the moment but then we’re taking the eurotunnel to France early this evening. It’s about a 50 minute drive the other side so I hope to get to my parents house for 8.30pm.

Then the relaxing can start.

Feeling a bit ill at the moment. I stayed in all weekend but ended up drinking 2 bottles of wine Saturday night so felt whiffy all day yesterday. I feel sick today too. I’ve also got the worst period pains :(.

Apart from that, all is well. Let’s not even discuss weight. It’s not good. I will take my oatbran and flaxseed to France with me, I just hope I use them and not make bad decisions.

It’s probably just a ‘hangover weight after drinking my body weight in liquids yesterday’.

James said no to buying a new car so it looks like my old banger will get fixed. We might get a new one in a couple of years, but need to save some money first. He’s so mean but sensible.  😉

Well, I have a lot to do when I get home, I need to pack my clothes and then check I remember all the present and stuff I’ve bought. Oh and bring my camera. Sooo much to do!!

But stuck at work until at least 3pm so best get on with that!

Have a Merry Christmas everyone, I hope you all have a fantastic day filled with happiness and most importantly, presents. Haha I am a brat!

Merry Christmas!


That’s the new plan

December 13, 2012 2 comments

Good morning!

My scale batteries have run out so I wasn’t able to weigh myself this morning. Bummer!! I went to college for a revision lesson then came home and whizzed a whole cauliflower head in my tefal express and made some bacon and cauliflower rice. I have some left overs for lunch today.

For breakfast I had flaxseed porridge. Ugh yuck. It was soo gloopy and frog spawny…shudder. I still ate it all though haha, I’m just trying to not remember it.

It’s fine as a ‘bread’ but not porridge. yuck yuck yuck. I’ve read a few recipes for a paleo type granola breakfast that sounds yummy. (both Lynda and Sonia have posted one) I think I will look into making a batch of that. Mmmm crunchy breakfast with milk.

I am still not sick! That is a miracle in itself (fingers crossed) and James is starting to recover. I am really looking forward to Elfmas (watch ‘elf’ and drink wine) tomorrow so I hope no one gets ill. For my sake haha!!

I have a lot of beautifying to do before my works do on Saturday. Plus I should really finish my xmas shopping too. Two weeks today it will all be over. How depressing!! It’s James birthday on the 26th so will be having a little buffet at my parents house in France since we are over there for the holidays. I plan on making some low carb things but not telling anyone. Hee hee. I will make normal sausage rolls though as that’s what he wants. I’m thinking, maybe some mince pies but with sausage or mince meat in the middle instead. I will use my oatbran recipe for the pastry. Or forget all the hard work and just make sausages wrapped in bacon etc!?

At the Christmas do on Sat, I am really going to try to be low carb and wheat free. I must must force myself.

I’m feeling good in general apart from that ‘Im fat and won’t reach my weight loss goal once again.  I still have not done any exercise since my holiday in September. I have to allocate some time for this, it’s just that I can’t be bothered. It’s cold and is dark by 4pm now. Right, as soon as James is better I’m gonna ask him to move the treadmill somewhere accessible and put it back together.  That’s the new plan.

Well, I’d best get back to work, its busy and I havent had any water yet this morning!!

Toots everyone, be good, drink water, be nice to people and eat healthy!!

P.S I found these Christmas trees in Hobbycraft for only £2.99 bargain! I bought all 10 that they had for my table centre piece for my wedding, which I hope is next December!


Cute trees

ah oui j’aime paris!

December 11, 2012 9 comments

Good morning!

So I have returned from Pareee. It was amazing. I will post some pictures this week when I remember my camera.

I failed miserably on the food front. I just couldn’t choose anything low or carb free. I don’t know why, don’t I want to be low carb? Even yesterday I had loads of toast for dinner.  And I had a burger for lunch with chips. Even though there was a ‘naked burger’ option with no bun.

Hmmm, what is wrong with me? I want to do this lifestyle, yet I can’t stick to it.

I felt like every available meal was just all carbs. Everywhere you look there’s sandwiches and wraps and baguettes. Pasta pizza and pastries. This is a hard world to be living low carb.

On a good front, I did buy some flaxseed yesterday and this morning made some bread with it (the same way I used to with the oat bran) so will try that in a bit when I take my morning break.

Your blogs all help me at least want to stay on the straight and low carb narrow and I’m so glad I have them to remind me why I want to do this.

My weight is erm, bad. Very bad. I didn’t even eat that much and have put on a few lbs. Every day is a new day though, which is good. Start again.

I have also gone a bit mad with internet shopping the last few weeks and I know I cannot afford it, so that must stop too.

Anyway, I had a lovely time in Paris. I loved it and want to move there haha. I found it to be a wonderful city, but it was such a maze. We got lost for ages on the way back to the hotel on the first night.

Poor James woke up on our first day with the flu and suffered the two full days we were there, but he is a lot worse now and has had to call in sick to work.

Poor thing. I really hope I don’t catch it as a) will be in trouble if I have any time off work, b) he looks really sick,c) It’s elfmas (watching elf and drinking wine) on Friday and my works christmas do on the Saturday.

We didn’t drink much while we were away, mostly as James felt so poorly.

So it’s a definite wheat gain.

Ah well, I must do better. I need something in my head as to why I can never eat it again, but I haven’t found anything yet that will persuade me enough.

I hope you all had a good weekend!


September 10, 2012 6 comments

Good morning all!

It stands for Total Disaster, incase you were wondering. I seem to have put on 6 lbs overnight. Well, that’s to say I now weigh 6 lbs more than my lowest.

So, I was doing well. During the week I normally do fine it’s when the weekend appears that my cracks start to show.

I had a bbq on Saturday. I stayed away from the rolls and buns, only had burgers salad etc.  We had a new french door fitted where a window used to be – I love it!


I had told myself ‘no drinking this weekend, you can do it, you will lose weight’. But no. I cracked about 6pm when we opened a bottle of wine. 3 of us polished off 3 bottles. It was a great night.

I felt rather ill on Sunday and basically watched films in bed all day and ate rolls with butter because I couldn’t stomach anything else. ‘I don’t care’ attitude of the hung over. Plus when I weighed myself it wasn’t even the low alcohol weight you normally see from being so hydrated. Damn.

And now I am revolting again. I feel fatter. Weird eh. So I am going to psych myself all week to not drink or eat anything I’m not allowed and see if I can lose a couple of lbs this week.

College starts tomorrow, its 6-9 pm this time 2x a week which is a lot more manageable than last year. Its my final year AAT (which is actually a year and a bit) and then maybe someone will employ me.

So I’m trying to see things positively. Today I will be drinking at least 3 litres of water, I had a dukan pancake for breakfast and brought 2 eggs, some chicken slices and a yoghurt. I am going to try to stick to attack for as many days as possible this week. I will be going for a run tonight too, since I can’t go Tuesdays/Wednesdays anymore due to college.

I know I’m ridiculous. 😉

Holiday in 2 weeks – I need to lose some more weight!!

Thanks for reading everyone – I need a telling off!!

September 4, 2012 1 comment

So this is what happened this weekend.

Saturday night wine = Sunday night McDonalds.

But to be honest, it could have been worse, I almost ordered a chinese which would have been 4 times more bad food.

I think I weighed 10.4 on Sunday morning and by Monday I put on 4lbs. My conclusion: sleeping makes you fat.


Anyway, I’ve decided I can give up alcohol for at least one week right?  Yes I think so. Maybe even until my holiday in Spain at the end of the month.

Ooh its 2 and a half weeks away – I can’t wait!!! relaxation by the pool here I come!!

Hope you all did better on your diet endeavours. To any newbies out there – I am a terrible role model – keep going!


Day 204

August 20, 2012 7 comments

I can’t believe I’ve been doing this for 204 days already! It’s insane.

I seriously can’t get through a weekend without cheating at least once, I don’t know why!!  I had a bottle of wine on Friday night and on Sunday I cracked and had some peanut m&m’s and some red laces.

Apart from that I was good. I’m gonna do two days of attack, today and Tuesday. I admit though I haven’t been having my oat bran the last few days, I totally forgot.

Today I have brought one tablespoon with me to have with yoghurt.  Disappointed with myself again, weighing 10.9 148.8, 67.5.

As usual I keep losing and putting on the same few lbs.

It’s only 5 weeks until my holiday and I want to lose at least 5 lbs.  I would love to lose 9 lbs but doubt that’s going to happen.

SO, operation work out is in place! I went for 2 runs last week, one walk and did weights twice.

I’m gonna have to push myself big time. Go for a run every night and do weights aswell. My arms are sooo gross! I caught a glimpse of them in the mirror on Friday night and they looked all dimpled and cellulity. 😦

It is TOTM and very bloated and fat right now, so hopefully that will drop a lb or so when it’s finished.

Man is it hot here at the moment. It was 28 degrees over the weekend which was awesome but yesterday it was boiling but cloudy and sooo humid n hot so not enjoyable.

So, sorry to disappoint you all with my weakness, I WILL DO BETTER!

 I hope you all have a good week! 🙂