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day 16 & weekend away

September 22, 2015 Leave a comment


I’ve been so busy this weekend I haven’t had any time to write! I went up to near Manchester on Saturday morning for 1 night with my sister and mum, as my poor gran fell and broke her hip. She is recovering now, but we thought we should go see her.

We stayed for one night at the Best Western Plus Manor house hotel. It was lovely! we got a twin room (well they split the bed into a twin) and I got a roll away bed, which wasn’t tooooo bad – but I did wake up every time I had to turn over – squeak squeak!!

My sister and I had flipped for who would get the crappy bed, but I had already decided I would have it since she drove 5 hours each way lol!!

SOooooo, food you ask. What did I have and how did I do?

Well, I did very well thank you very much. As best as could be expected and maybe a little better.

On the way up I had a cup of black coffee, a banana apple and some nuts. When we got to hotel we decided to have lunch. I had a portion of seasonal veg with no butter(broccoli, cauli, potatoes, carrots) and a portion of hand cut chips. Yes, they were cooked in rapeseed oil…..not anything else I could have eaten.

Dinner at the hotel included a 5 course set menu. I had melon with berries to start (defo sugar in the berries), tomato and basil soup (it had no dairy apparently,  but did taste sugary, so more added sugar) then I had pork fillet but had to forgo the brandy sauce (sob) and vegetables, again with no butter. I couldn’t have the roll with the soup, or any dessert.

Ah dessert. They wheeled around a trolley full of friggin delicious desserts, but I’d come this far, I hadn’t had any wine (gagging!) so I chose a bakewell tart to take back to the room for my mum. (she is very fussy with food and didn’t want any dinner) then I had a black coffee. I did sooooo well, considering!!!

The next day, I got plenty of breakfast (the croissants, pain au chocolat, toast and muffins all screamed at me ‘take me take me we’re free’) so I had fried eggs, sauté potatoes, bacon and sausage. Hmm actually I just realised there was probably wheat in the sausage – damn.

On the way home I had a black coffee and an apple and banana.

Now today, I couldn’t resist and I weighed myself. I’ve been feeling so good and so less bloated and my stomach, although not flat, is no way the bloated fat cow I used to be.

I WISH I HADNT!!!  Although I have lost a few pounds, it am nowhere near where I felt like I was. It was really disappointing, and basically I have only lost the extra pounds I put on after my sisters wedding a month ago. So as bloody usual – back to SQUARE 1!!

SO – don’t weigh yourself is the moral of this story.

I do have a dilemma coming up. I’m going to my friends wedding on Saturday. Its all day. I want to drink,

I’m not sure what the food is, I am sure I can be good, apart from any added sugar or wheat in the meal – I can avoid actual wheat and dairy etc. And cake. But I don’t think I can not drink. Is that awful lol?? I don’t want to get plastered obviously as I want to continue on Sunday and not be so hung over that I eat a pizza.

Does anyone have any tips or advice for me??

thanks, blog soon

Shannon xx


September 19, 2013 4 comments

Hi everyone!

I haven’t blogged for AGES! Ihave no excuse either, I’m just being lazy.

I have not weighed myself for a few weeks, I have kind of forgotten about it. This is probably bad news as I should be taking extra care with my weight at the moment.

I am now 26 weeks pregnant, only (ONLY!)  14 weeks to go.  So 14 weeks until Christmas! Yay I love Christmas!

Food wise, I have not been eating particularly well, ‘normal’ food as some would call it. I have indulged in sweets, chocolate and bread and pasta.

Poo. I did buy some gluten free bread the other day tho!

lately, I cant be bothered to cook, or it might just be this week I’m feeling lazy.

My sister had her baby last Thursday, Alice, who weighed 9 lbs! She is massive and fills her 0-3 months sleepsuit already. My other sister is due in about 6 weeks, she lives in Qatar so I hope the healthcare is good over there! I’m sure it is. 

 College has started again and they have changed the nights to Wednesdays and Thursdays, 17.30-20.30. Dont’ even get me started on the times haha!! At least I get there late and then we finish early, it was horrible finishing at 9pm last term.

So glad this is my last year of AAT. I have one module, one project and 2 re takes to do. I may try to get it all done by December so I can relax and never think about college again once I’ve had the baby.

Health wise I feel fine, my back isn’t as weak feeling (was hard to get up and first few steps was walking like an old lady) andI don’t have pains when I turn over in bed anymore. I don’t feel sick too often either. This is my second trimester though and its supposed to be the best of all three. Will be entering my 3rd soon so I’m sure the gripes will start all over again lol! Ahh the joys of being up the duff!!

Work is draining, but I am being rather lazy lately haah!!

I found out I won’t be doing my job when I come back after maternity leave which is annoying. It means I wont be able to do what I want lol. But you never know whats going to happen. Its over a year away. I am the best at my job so maybe they will want me to do it but we shall see.

 House wise – we still have to finish the kitchen and soon we will get our spare rooms plastered so we can get cracking on those.

Things take sooo long! James is great though and has done so much.

Well thats all I have for now, I’ll weigh myself and let you know tomorrow – make you all feel better about yourselves lol.

Have a good day!!!



exams food sleep

June 28, 2013 Leave a comment

Good Morning!

Yesterday was my exam day – so glad that one is over. I’m not sure how I did as the results take 6 weeks. It was ‘Financial Statements’ and is one of the hardest we have done so far. Only one more to go, ‘Budgeting’ on Tuesday, but that one isn’t as difficult. So I still have a weekend of studying ahead.

At least I got quite a good nights sleep last night, I got home exhausted after the exam and pretty much went straight to bed to read.

So glad it is Friday too. Cannot wait for a lie in tomorrow…..soon to have no more lie ins. Not sure how I am going to cope when I have the baby, but everyone has to do it so I’ll figure it out. James gets up at 6 every day (crazy haha) so I joked and said he could feed the baby in the morning before he goes to work and wake me up before he leaves lol. Yeah, he didn’t quite agree!!

I can only dream. Hee hee.

I finally went to the doctors yesterday for some hayfever relief. I haven’t taken anything for 3 months but it is seriously killing me now, non stop sneezing, tickly nose and blowing my nose constantly. I had had enough. He prescribed me a nasal spray so I hope that it is ok to take whilst pregnant.

I couldn’t find my lunch bag today, James must have tidied it away somewhere so all I have is a yoghurt and some grapes. Hope I don’t get hungry!

Yesterday was a disaster food wise. I went to the shop to get a salad and some soft tissues and came out with sweets, pain au chocolate and croissants and a chicken and mash pie. Let’s not think about it…………….

NEVER shop hungry. We will go food shopping tonight and I am determined to buy some decent real food.

I actually fancy scrambled eggs and bacon. This can only be a good thing. (lol if someone who believes low fat read that sentance!)

My head is SO itchy at the moment. I tear it apart every night and its quite sore now.  I meant to ask the doctor about it but forgot, plus he was quite cute so if I had remembered I might have been too embarrassed to show him my scabby head.

I was using Selsun, but they stopped selling it, T gel just stinks and doesn’t really help. Does anyone else get this and can recommend something I can use?

The great thing in the UK when you are pregnant is that you get free prescriptions. So glad as it used to cost me £8 per type of item getting inhalers etc.

You also get free dental care – dentist here I come!!!

So there are some perks to this then, apart from the baby at the end of course!

I have one more week of work and then we have a week off. I cannot wait! We are going to France for a few days to see my parents and when we come back, James is exchanging our boiler for the new one he has installed. Yup at the moment we have 2 boilers on the wall hahah!!!

With the new windows and boiler, hopefully our heating bills in winter will drop. Plus with our coal fire, it should really hold the heat in now.

So that’s all I’ve got for today – hope you are all well. Some of you need to start blogging again, I barely have much to read now!!  😉

Onwards we go towards eating well.




June 20, 2013 1 comment

Good morning!

How is everyone lately?

So as you know, I’ve been able to eat too healthily lately, but today for the first time in months, I fancy vegetables. Like maybe carrot sticks and dippy things like that. With hummus.

All this week I have been having a sandwich with cream cheese for breakfast as we had run out of milk and since we have ripped out the kitchen ceiling ready for the electrician, I can’t bear (bare??) to be in there or eat anything that’s lying around.

I have been waking up really hungry and so eat my sandwich when I get to work (sneakily at my desk lol) and I tell you what, it so does not fill you up! I am still hungry afterwards for at least 30 minutes and want more sarnies.

Wheat does not fill you up.

Today I also have a cream cheese sandwich for lunch, a bit rubbish I know. I also have a banana and a packet of oreos. (just 2 biscuits inside – what was I thinking? I need more haha!)  Oh and a coconut activia yoghurt.

Seriously starving right now. My poor body and all this wheat and carbs.

At least its popped into my head to eat something nicer and healthier. I may also buy some rice crackers or something like that and see how I get on with those.

I can’t eat nectarines or peaches anymore. Every time I do I get a reaction and my lips swell up and tingle, normally this is only a slight reaction but now it actually really stings and hurts and last about 2 hours before going down. I used a knife the other day too so the juice wouldn’t touch my lips but it still happened. Dammit.

My weight is still the same, it went down a lb yesterday but is back up again today. I so do not want to put excess weight on. I have my fingers crossed that I turn into one of those people that get really skinny after having a baby.

(Err not sure what happened there but it just published my post  – I’m not finished yet!!)

Or maybe I am finished. Its disrupted my flow now!

Oh well have a great day everyone!!! 🙂


December 20, 2012 2 comments

Hello Everyone!

Sorry I haven’t been around this week. I’ve been feeling so stressed out about my business tax exam for my college course and have been revising so much. My car also had its MOT ( in the UK have to have this done on your car every year to say that it is roadworthy)  and failed as there is a massive hole that needs welding. Their quote was £300!! So I paid my mot failure (£55) and drove home. I have 10 days to get it fixed and go back for a re test free of charge.

I started crying at work when I found out but luckily no one noticed. I took a half day to go home and revise so I was glad to get out of there.

What am I going to do about the hole in my car? I have found someone who said they would weld it for £80, which is much more affordable, so I have to take my car to Canterbury over the weekend and then leave it there until after Christmas. I don’t think I’m allowed to drive it now, but I’m just using James’ car instead anyway.

Another option is to scrap the car, it is 19 years old after all. Maybe I could get a newish car on finance?  We’ll see.

Anyway…thats my car troubles.


The exam was yesterday and I feel like a massive weight has come off my shoulders. Unfortunately we don’t get the results for 6 weeks, but I feel so good that it’s over – I just hope this exam is over forever and that I don’t need to re take it.

SO, I’m feeling much better today.

Now, food wise I was very good. I got nice and drunk at my Christmas do last Saturday, but I didn’t eat any wheat. Then Sunday, hangover day I had some gluten free bread and pate (better than wheat!). All this week I have done pretty well. Then on Tuesday I was so hungry and had to go out and had nothing with me so ended up having a wispa gold AND a mars bar. And a few cigarettes.

Man! Yesterday while I was studying I had a few slices of wheat free bread and I was so hungry and saw James normal bread and then had 2 slices of that too. It didn’t actually taste as good as I remembered. For dinner my brother (he has come to visit with his girlfriend) made a chick pea and green bean salad. It was really good, although it’s no wheat it was still carby. I now have lots of wind (lovely) hee hee. You realise how little wind you get on a low carb diet until you eat some carbs again!

So today, I start off well, go to work with my flaxseed bread and an apple etc. Then there are hundreds of cakes in the canteen. Sod it I thought, I’ve already been bad. So to conclude my ridiculous story, I had two cakes for breakfast this morning.

The best thing I’ve learnt through dukan etc, is to get back on it and not have a week long binge.

So that is what I will do. I have stomach ache now which is maybe helping me want to be good.

Damn my hunger. I have been sooo hungry all week. I wonder if it was the stress.

Hope you’ve all had a good week and on the upside, its 5 days til Christmas. Or 1 day til the end of the world. (I reallllly hope not!)

Haha!! Have a great day!!!

New Leaf wednesday

October 24, 2012 3 comments

Good morning!!

Right, I’ve decided – NO MORE WHEAT OR TREATS.

Yesterday at college I had a chocolate bar, just because I could, and then had some baguette when I got home with a turkey steak covered in breadcrumbs.

I had stomach ache and trapped wind some of the night and my arms legs and face were a bit itchy. I really have got to stop – it’s a slippery slope that just continues unless I stop.

I know I do this every week, but last night I felt fat and crap and I want to lose this weight. I asked James not to get any more crap and to not offer me bread or chocolate.

I thought about a mini attack but I’ve got loads of veg in the fridge. I’ve been eating potatoes a lot lately too, so will need to cut those out – at least until I get to my goal weight.

So, that’s my new leaf, lets hope I stick to it!!

Feels better already just knowing I’m trying to do better. Must get prepared and make some oat bran ‘treats’ for the hard times and maybe bake a loaf of bread or something.

Looking forward to half term (ie no college) next week – but I must reserve some time to study…

See ya!;)