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day 16 & weekend away

September 22, 2015 Leave a comment


I’ve been so busy this weekend I haven’t had any time to write! I went up to near Manchester on Saturday morning for 1 night with my sister and mum, as my poor gran fell and broke her hip. She is recovering now, but we thought we should go see her.

We stayed for one night at the Best Western Plus Manor house hotel. It was lovely! we got a twin room (well they split the bed into a twin) and I got a roll away bed, which wasn’t tooooo bad – but I did wake up every time I had to turn over – squeak squeak!!

My sister and I had flipped for who would get the crappy bed, but I had already decided I would have it since she drove 5 hours each way lol!!

SOooooo, food you ask. What did I have and how did I do?

Well, I did very well thank you very much. As best as could be expected and maybe a little better.

On the way up I had a cup of black coffee, a banana apple and some nuts. When we got to hotel we decided to have lunch. I had a portion of seasonal veg with no butter(broccoli, cauli, potatoes, carrots) and a portion of hand cut chips. Yes, they were cooked in rapeseed oil…..not anything else I could have eaten.

Dinner at the hotel included a 5 course set menu. I had melon with berries to start (defo sugar in the berries), tomato and basil soup (it had no dairy apparently,  but did taste sugary, so more added sugar) then I had pork fillet but had to forgo the brandy sauce (sob) and vegetables, again with no butter. I couldn’t have the roll with the soup, or any dessert.

Ah dessert. They wheeled around a trolley full of friggin delicious desserts, but I’d come this far, I hadn’t had any wine (gagging!) so I chose a bakewell tart to take back to the room for my mum. (she is very fussy with food and didn’t want any dinner) then I had a black coffee. I did sooooo well, considering!!!

The next day, I got plenty of breakfast (the croissants, pain au chocolat, toast and muffins all screamed at me ‘take me take me we’re free’) so I had fried eggs, sauté potatoes, bacon and sausage. Hmm actually I just realised there was probably wheat in the sausage – damn.

On the way home I had a black coffee and an apple and banana.

Now today, I couldn’t resist and I weighed myself. I’ve been feeling so good and so less bloated and my stomach, although not flat, is no way the bloated fat cow I used to be.

I WISH I HADNT!!!  Although I have lost a few pounds, it am nowhere near where I felt like I was. It was really disappointing, and basically I have only lost the extra pounds I put on after my sisters wedding a month ago. So as bloody usual – back to SQUARE 1!!

SO – don’t weigh yourself is the moral of this story.

I do have a dilemma coming up. I’m going to my friends wedding on Saturday. Its all day. I want to drink,

I’m not sure what the food is, I am sure I can be good, apart from any added sugar or wheat in the meal – I can avoid actual wheat and dairy etc. And cake. But I don’t think I can not drink. Is that awful lol?? I don’t want to get plastered obviously as I want to continue on Sunday and not be so hung over that I eat a pizza.

Does anyone have any tips or advice for me??

thanks, blog soon

Shannon xx

the weekend is nigh

April 19, 2013 1 comment

Good afternoon, finally it is Friday!

I am going for a run after work, I hope to do at least 3 miles, it depends how much energy I have.

Last night we went food shopping and I managed to resist all the ‘gluten free’ breads and rolls that were on sale. It was hard, but I couldn’t cave. I also didn’t buy anything I didn’t need, so no nuts either. So now I have no food lol. Only kidding.

I must buy some eggs tomorrow from the farm shop and I might buy a couple more turkey breast joints from Tesco as they are half price, £2.50 for 640g. How cheap is that??

For dinner I grated a whole cauliflower and ate half of it as cauliflower rice with butter, sausage, spring onion and a bit of spinach. I had the rest for lunch today. Cauliflowers aren’t too carby are they?

Yummy! I also had some cucumber, cheese and salami, a dukan galette for breakfast and I have 1 mini fromage frais yoghurt.

No plans for the weekend (wow how exciting my life is at the moment) so I might so some research on stuff for the wedding and a little revision for my failed exam.

Maybe a bit of beautifying as well…..

Before I know it, it will be summer. Although it’s Spring, we have had a rotten long winter but the temperature is slowly rising. No way could I wear shorts if there was a heat wave anytime soon. I don’t even want to wear  t shirt without hiding my arms under a cardigan. I must remember to do my weights to get my arms toned.

Thank goodness my weight is going down, I don’t know how I let it creep up like that again, as I have been weighing myself more or less daily. I really mustn’t let it rise ever again.

Todays weight was like 4 oz above yesterdays weight, I feel quite fat and a bit ‘heavy’.  I hope it’s just my period on its way or something.

Well the run tonight will sort that out!

Have a great weekend – lets all make good choices and be happy!


Confessions… (sound ominous? haha!)

April 9, 2013 3 comments


Ok, I’ll admit how fat I am: Yesterday I weighed 11.5, 71.9kg, 158.6 lbs.

Today I weigh: 11.3, 71.4kg & 157.4 lbs. So at least it’s going down. We all like to know the nitty gritty don’t we?

This is still good news in the whole scheme of things, but it also means I have gained about a stone since last year. Bugger. Not good and I’m not happy with it.

I did ok yesterday until I decided to pop to the shop to get some snacks for today. I couldn’t find anything I wanted, only packets of meat (sandwich fillers) that contain sugar etc so I don’t want to munch on them. Then I saw a packet of cookies from £1.00 down to 55p. I’m a sucker for a bargain and I could already taste the soft cookie….

2 and a half cookies later…..

So that was my only bad. At about 10pm I really fancied something else, but I resisted. (for once) I have to keep reminding myself that I can’t eat after 8pm as I have some new tablets that you are supposed to take at night on an empty stomach. (my asthma tablets – singulair)

You’d think with the upcoming wedding etc I’d be stronger.

Well, last night I watched a few videos and listened to some radio links, some from Dr Pompa about insulin resistance (thanks Lynda) and some from the wellness guys about grains. I want to try to listen to a few things like this a week until I get it in my head to stop eating grains and sugar, at least 95% of the time.

I really want to read and listen to more about insulin resistance and this is definitely why I can’t lose weight the normal way (or weigh haha!)

So I must remind myself, NO GRAINS, NO WHEAT, NO SUGAR. Then my body can repair itself and start to burn the fat stores.

Hope some of this help!


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Friday yayday

March 22, 2013 2 comments


Seems I didn’t get round to posting yesterday! I had my hair cut after work and its sooo much nicer now. It was way too long and shapeless. A girl in my accounts course is a hairdresser so she came round and did it for me for a £10er.

It’s also pay day today – yay! But then booo as it’s all gone by 9am lol. Just kidding it’s not that bad this month.

I’ve decided that the only way we can get married this year is if I don’t pay off my credit cards, it may sound stupid but it’s not. I’m gonna pay the minimum balance until the wedding and then do a 0% balance transfer and then pay it off next year. Then save the money I would have used to pay the card off for the wedding.

Otherwise it just won’t happen. I will still have the debt for another year but it is interest free so it’s not tooooo bad.

Normally I’m very ‘Get rif of debt blablabla’ but I’m putting my love future before my money future. Lol.

So, the other day I went to see the asthma nurse, and she actually called me back the next day and said they are going to give me montelukast (singulair) for a month to see how I get on.

I can’t belive its taken them (and me admittedly) to do something. The thing is, I had no idea that when you exercise, if you have your asthma under control you’re not supposed to have an asthma attack every time you go running.

I simply thought that it was just tough and that was what happened.

This is great news! I also read that it helps allergies too so I’m REALLY excited about that as I do get bad hayfever etc.

On the (possible) bad side I read some reviews that said it gave them depression and suicidal tendencies – but lets just hope I don’t get this.

I’ve asked James to let me know if my mood changes. He said there won’t be any difference if I do get it – haha. Meanie.

I really hate admitting failures but we went food shopping last night before dinner and it was later than normal as I had my hair cut. I bought M&Ms and wheat free (sugar laden) biscuits. Grrrrr.

On the plus side I have been having my dukan galette for breakfast the last few days. My weight is still around the 153-154.

Having a drink tonight so I must be prepared for my hangover tomorrow. I am going to have a ‘veggie juice’ when I get up tomorrow. And of course, I am going to take it easy tonight. ( the most sensible option)

So, have a great weekend, enjoy and be good (says I the biggest cheater!)



March 14, 2013 Leave a comment


So, how is everyone? Yesterday was a success! All I had all day was coffee, water, galette, sausages then a 2 egg omelette with a bit of cheese. At college I had a yoghurt and a coffee (I didn’t get the ususal mocha – sob!)

When I got home I brushed my teeth straight away so I wouldn’t be tempted to eat anything else.

It feels good to be on dukan again, I need to lose this extra weight.

I was down a lb almost this morning so that was good  news. My eczema has flared up a little though. It’s strange that it’s happening now since its been winter for ages. My face had a few blotches around my mouth and eye and my neck and  a few patches on my arms. I was naughty and put the strong cream on it, so it should be gone in a few days.

A girl at college mentioned that her friend got married in her own garden and had tepees. I love that idea and was googling all day lol. I can’t seem to find anything in this area though which is a shame, and I think a marquee would be way too much price wise. There are some cheap ones on ebay but you never know with that. The downside is 1) what if weather was awful – I’d be buggered. 2) need to lose 2 stone ASAP.

I am really dreaming of a summer wedding now, how nice would it be? I can see myself in my garden on a boiling day, gazebos or a marquee or something, everyone laughing and having a great time. We could still do the hogroast, and we could buy all the alcohol. We could have a smallish (as small as you can get with 7 siblings on my side, 3 on his and 15 kids between them!)  family feast, and then go on to the evening venue later.

Dreams eh.

I’ll see what happens in the next month, I would be up for getting married in August or something! hee hee

That’s all for today! So far I’ve had a PP day, so will stick to it for dinner too then have a PV day tomorrow and the rest of the weekend.

Have a great day! 🙂


January 30, 2013 2 comments

Good morning!

My weight has dropped a little – yay! Last night I had college so I made some almond muffins with light cream cheese and ate those. They are pretty filling!

Today I have 2 boiled eggs, almond muffins and cream cheese and a chunk of low fat cheese. And a yoghurt for later.

I hope that’s enough food! I have my emergency sausage in the fridge – I know it’s processed crap but its protein.

So, I ordered some stuff from and from and it all came yesterday!

Love it all! I will do a proper post on my wedding blog, but here’s some of the stuff I got:


A heart whole punch – I’m thinking of punching a heart into the name place cards


cards – I can’t say enough how cheap they were, £1.14 for 50!! And they are good quality card with a crease already down the middle.


snowflake hole punch – so cute!


large wicker hearts – I might use them for the table plan not sure yet, I got two of them.






and these two heart decorations, I bought 20 of each for the christmas tree centerpieces, they were £3.95 down to £0.39! I couldn’t not get them.

So, enough about Christmas weddings!!(but how amazing is all that stuff?)

Oh one more thing I bought, is an advent calender:


It has all the little drawers you can put your own gifts in! Roll on next Christmas lol.

Apart from that, not much is going on.

Enjoy this (one of many) christmas post haha!!

I want to make sure I eat low carb from now on. The ground almonds are only 0.9g of carbs per 25g and the linseed/flaxseed is really low carb too, so making those muffins is great. I will weigh the ingredients when I get time so I can work out the exact amounts.

This means that I can also have my oatbran if I want or some flaxseed bread if I don’t have any other food. I need to up my veg intake too, as feel like I haven’t had any vitamins the last few days.

I am also thinking about introducing some low sugar berries into my diet. I will google the best ones.

I am still loving my kindle and am reading ‘little women’ at the moment. I love the film, the one starring Elizabeth Taylor from 1949.


That’s it for today I’m afraid, a bit boring but hey! Have a good day!