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day 16 & weekend away

September 22, 2015 Leave a comment


I’ve been so busy this weekend I haven’t had any time to write! I went up to near Manchester on Saturday morning for 1 night with my sister and mum, as my poor gran fell and broke her hip. She is recovering now, but we thought we should go see her.

We stayed for one night at the Best Western Plus Manor house hotel. It was lovely! we got a twin room (well they split the bed into a twin) and I got a roll away bed, which wasn’t tooooo bad – but I did wake up every time I had to turn over – squeak squeak!!

My sister and I had flipped for who would get the crappy bed, but I had already decided I would have it since she drove 5 hours each way lol!!

SOooooo, food you ask. What did I have and how did I do?

Well, I did very well thank you very much. As best as could be expected and maybe a little better.

On the way up I had a cup of black coffee, a banana apple and some nuts. When we got to hotel we decided to have lunch. I had a portion of seasonal veg with no butter(broccoli, cauli, potatoes, carrots) and a portion of hand cut chips. Yes, they were cooked in rapeseed oil…..not anything else I could have eaten.

Dinner at the hotel included a 5 course set menu. I had melon with berries to start (defo sugar in the berries), tomato and basil soup (it had no dairy apparently,  but did taste sugary, so more added sugar) then I had pork fillet but had to forgo the brandy sauce (sob) and vegetables, again with no butter. I couldn’t have the roll with the soup, or any dessert.

Ah dessert. They wheeled around a trolley full of friggin delicious desserts, but I’d come this far, I hadn’t had any wine (gagging!) so I chose a bakewell tart to take back to the room for my mum. (she is very fussy with food and didn’t want any dinner) then I had a black coffee. I did sooooo well, considering!!!

The next day, I got plenty of breakfast (the croissants, pain au chocolat, toast and muffins all screamed at me ‘take me take me we’re free’) so I had fried eggs, sauté potatoes, bacon and sausage. Hmm actually I just realised there was probably wheat in the sausage – damn.

On the way home I had a black coffee and an apple and banana.

Now today, I couldn’t resist and I weighed myself. I’ve been feeling so good and so less bloated and my stomach, although not flat, is no way the bloated fat cow I used to be.

I WISH I HADNT!!!  Although I have lost a few pounds, it am nowhere near where I felt like I was. It was really disappointing, and basically I have only lost the extra pounds I put on after my sisters wedding a month ago. So as bloody usual – back to SQUARE 1!!

SO – don’t weigh yourself is the moral of this story.

I do have a dilemma coming up. I’m going to my friends wedding on Saturday. Its all day. I want to drink,

I’m not sure what the food is, I am sure I can be good, apart from any added sugar or wheat in the meal – I can avoid actual wheat and dairy etc. And cake. But I don’t think I can not drink. Is that awful lol?? I don’t want to get plastered obviously as I want to continue on Sunday and not be so hung over that I eat a pizza.

Does anyone have any tips or advice for me??

thanks, blog soon

Shannon xx

full fat!

August 23, 2013 Leave a comment

Good afternoon,

How is everyone today?
Day three of healthy eating – it’s still going well! Although it is Friday, a bank holiday weekend and then I have the rest of the week off. At least I can’t drink and then stuff my face after lol! Yesterdays food ended up being: B: 2 scrambled eggs cooked in butter with cheese S: Tangerine L: Leftover beef brisket, broccoli & carrot, and then greek yoghurt and blueberries S: grapes and cucumber and raisins D: Gammon, avocado and potato salad with carrots and more broccoli. So a pretty good day. I am loving avocado at the moment. Mmmmm. I felt like ‘something else’ for about an hour last night, but then forgot about it and then didn’t want anything. Phew! This morning I gave a guy at work a lift in to work and he gave me two packets of maltesers. Bless. I will have to give them away! I have not had any fizzy drinks either. Strangely I have been mega thirsty – so I spend most of my day in the toilet lol. All I’ve had is water or squash when I get home. I have bought squash that doesn’t have aspartame in it, but it did have other sweeteners, I can’t remember what they were though. Ugh, sooo busy at work right now! Some people are doing flexi hours and working til 6 (normal hours 8-5) and my colleague is off today so I am doing 8-6. I will get paid an hours overtime but humph! 😦 lol grumpy face I am so full right now. I am loving a greek yoghurt I found in Asda (supermarket in UK) its sooo good! Dover-20130823-00753 And this is my new lunch box! Cute eh? I’ve eaten most of it as you can see though haha!! Dover-20130823-00752 My ankles are getting puffy – did I mention this yesterday? 😦 Doing some ankle exercises right now! My scales said I’d gained a lb when I weighed myself this morning, but Im sure it will come off. I am definately not on a diet – just eating healthy and lots of fats for the baby! I should naturally lose a little weight, but if I just stay this weight for the rest of my pregnancy I would be ok with that. Tomorrow I am going to Pregnancy Yoga in Broadstairs with my 2 sisters who are also pregnant. Then we are going somewhere for lunch. I think this may be a hard meal to choose what to have. We havent decided where we are going yet so I can google the menu yet lol, but I will just have to choose the best I can. Maybe a salad. Soooo, have a great weekend, hope you are all doing well. I have not been able to comment on many blogs as my computer is saying ‘no’. Stupid work PC is always changing things…… Have a good one! 🙂

20 weeks….

August 6, 2013 Leave a comment

Good Morning Tuesday!

How is everyone doing?

I’ve decided its high time I got back on the wagon and start eating right again. My main push was that the baby’s brain is developing now and needs lots of fats. That really got me thinking, I have to stop eating sugar and grains all the time.

We used to buy sugar free soft drinks, but I don’t like the sweeteners as it makes my face twitch so have been indulging in full sugar drinks lately – yikes! I’m surprised im not the size of a balloon! I said yesterday – no more fizzy drinks!

Last night I made a big salad, with bacon, mushrooms, tuna mayonnaise and spring onion, lettuce, cucumber and boiled potato.  I have the left overs for today. I also have carrot sticks and some yoghurt. No chocolate. 😦 I have been eating chocolate every day and am really enjoying it, so I need to find a new ‘snack’. Damn I just remembered I have little boxes of raisins in the cupboard at home.

For breakfast I had 2 scrambled eggs with a slice of cheese, that was 3 hours ago and I am still full.

So you remember I told you about how I wrote to Tesco (supermarket) to complain? Well I received a written apology and a £15 voucher. hee hee. About time too, they are constantly ripping me off.

I still feel like I don’t want to shop there all that often, as their meats etc are often not from the UK or even the EU, so who knows how bad the animals have been treated.

I haven’t weighed myself for a few days – I may do some healthy eating for a while lol then weigh myself to see if its gone down. (obvs am gonna weigh myself tomorrow morning lol)

It means a lot of preparation food wise, I need to get my low carb/dukan head back on.

I have my scan on Thursday and will find out what the baby is! So excited!!

James is getting excited too – it makes me really happy when he says things like that. I can tell he already loves the baby so much.

I am exactly 20 weeks today, so half way through. About high time I got my eating back in order.

People have been saying ‘you’re not still on your stupid diet are you’ and I say no as I can’t be bothered to explain that actually it wasnt a stupid diet, but an amazing lifestyle change. Bastards.

Its going to hard for a while, I know that. Especially in the evening as I have been indulging in a Magnum ice cream almost every night – sob!! May have to get some grapes or something to substitute.

I need to stock up on meat, veg and eggs as we are pretty much low or out of everything.

Well, thats my news! Have a great day everyone! 🙂

exams food sleep

June 28, 2013 Leave a comment

Good Morning!

Yesterday was my exam day – so glad that one is over. I’m not sure how I did as the results take 6 weeks. It was ‘Financial Statements’ and is one of the hardest we have done so far. Only one more to go, ‘Budgeting’ on Tuesday, but that one isn’t as difficult. So I still have a weekend of studying ahead.

At least I got quite a good nights sleep last night, I got home exhausted after the exam and pretty much went straight to bed to read.

So glad it is Friday too. Cannot wait for a lie in tomorrow…..soon to have no more lie ins. Not sure how I am going to cope when I have the baby, but everyone has to do it so I’ll figure it out. James gets up at 6 every day (crazy haha) so I joked and said he could feed the baby in the morning before he goes to work and wake me up before he leaves lol. Yeah, he didn’t quite agree!!

I can only dream. Hee hee.

I finally went to the doctors yesterday for some hayfever relief. I haven’t taken anything for 3 months but it is seriously killing me now, non stop sneezing, tickly nose and blowing my nose constantly. I had had enough. He prescribed me a nasal spray so I hope that it is ok to take whilst pregnant.

I couldn’t find my lunch bag today, James must have tidied it away somewhere so all I have is a yoghurt and some grapes. Hope I don’t get hungry!

Yesterday was a disaster food wise. I went to the shop to get a salad and some soft tissues and came out with sweets, pain au chocolate and croissants and a chicken and mash pie. Let’s not think about it…………….

NEVER shop hungry. We will go food shopping tonight and I am determined to buy some decent real food.

I actually fancy scrambled eggs and bacon. This can only be a good thing. (lol if someone who believes low fat read that sentance!)

My head is SO itchy at the moment. I tear it apart every night and its quite sore now.  I meant to ask the doctor about it but forgot, plus he was quite cute so if I had remembered I might have been too embarrassed to show him my scabby head.

I was using Selsun, but they stopped selling it, T gel just stinks and doesn’t really help. Does anyone else get this and can recommend something I can use?

The great thing in the UK when you are pregnant is that you get free prescriptions. So glad as it used to cost me £8 per type of item getting inhalers etc.

You also get free dental care – dentist here I come!!!

So there are some perks to this then, apart from the baby at the end of course!

I have one more week of work and then we have a week off. I cannot wait! We are going to France for a few days to see my parents and when we come back, James is exchanging our boiler for the new one he has installed. Yup at the moment we have 2 boilers on the wall hahah!!!

With the new windows and boiler, hopefully our heating bills in winter will drop. Plus with our coal fire, it should really hold the heat in now.

So that’s all I’ve got for today – hope you are all well. Some of you need to start blogging again, I barely have much to read now!!  😉

Onwards we go towards eating well.




June 26, 2013 2 comments

Good Morning!

How is everyone doing?

This week I have been trying to eat less wheat, so have rice crackers for lunch with hummus and cream cheese, carrot sticks, oat crisp cereal for breakfast.

Dinners haven’t been as great due to the refurb going on in the kitchen. I can only cook stuff that goes straight in the oven, which means pizza, garlic bread or jacket potatoes etc.

 Last night we had jackets with tuna. Yumsy.

I did eat some coco pops this morning and I feel a bit crappy. Maybe I was gonna feel rubbish anyway.

I have put on a couple of pounds – and I’ve not weighed in at all this week. Big mistake for me!! Not looking forward to seeing the number on the scales.

So far this week we have had our bedroom windows replaced and the front room bay window. We did have lovely sash windows but it was so cold in winter so we needed double glazing.


Old view


New view


The garden then (and thats after clearing some of it!)


The garden now

I was trying to take a picture of the fox in the garden but my phone wouldn’t zoom.  You can just about see if in between the two trees.

So, there you have it. The house is coming along, still a lot to do but we have a week off soon so we (well James) can get cracking!!!

Exam on Thursday, I’ve been studying hard for weeks but I still don’t know it all. Final exam next Tuesday and then I am free for the summer. Cannot wait!

Have a great day everyone! 🙂


June 14, 2013 Leave a comment

Good morning.

I just started the day with a pancake and sausage breakfast from McDonalds.

I know, I know. I’m finding it really hard to resist all the goodies everyone at work has now.

I’m still struggling to eat vegetables, I had some peas yesterday with potatoes and tuna mayonnaise.  Bit of a starchy meal, but better than a wheat based one.

I felt a bit icky all day yesterday, probably not helped by the angel slices (serious slices of heaven and I must stop buying them) and nutri grain bars.

Fruit has made a come back for me, I am really enjoying peaches and nectarines, bananas and I have some grapes with me today. I know it is sugar, but at least I am eating it and not drinking it. I don’t want to eat too much fruit, but with not being able to force myself to eat veg, I know I need some vitamins etc from somewhere!

Since I stopped dukan a couple of months ago I am struggling to remember meals that I used to enjoy, sans the wheat and carbs.  Lately I have been indulging in bread and for example today, I could not think of anything for lunch so I brought some crumpets and butter.  Yikes!

Eggs are not appealing to me at all, but I think that if I ate it, I’d probably enjoy it. I seem to be funny with most foods at the moment (apart from the sweet ones!) but once I eat them I’m fine.

Must force self to eat veg! This is my weekend goal!!

Any tips??!

Have a great weekend everyone!


June 6, 2013 2 comments

Good morning!

I have been away from blog writing land for a while as you may have noticed.

I will come back next week properly. It’s been quite nice to have a break from blogging, but I have also missed it.

One thing I can confirm, is when you don’t write down what you eat – or worry about disappointing people who read your blog  and so DONT want to write, you really stop accounting for what you eat!

Dukan has been out of the window a little (ok a lot!) and I’ve struggled to do low carb.  Eating carbs has made me a bit ill – but then feeling ill makes we want to comfort eat – Catch 22. (or catch laziness in my case)

I will cut down my carbs soon, one day at a time.

My allergies have been really bad the last few weeks and I probably had a couple of colds in between too. Sometimes it’s hard to distinguish between the two – any of you fellow sufferers know this!

I had a few days off work last week as I felt pretty awful, and then I had Monday off as it was my birthday! Yay!

Now I am 32 (gulp). My brother has turned 33 today – we are the same age for 3 days every year and we had a pact that we wouldn’t beat each other up on those days haha!! Sibling love ….. My sister took me out for breakfast which was nice and then I basically just spent the day round her house with the kids sitting in the garden. James was going to take me out for dinner but my hayfever was so bad that evening all I wanted to do was go to bed. (misery guts haha!!) …

So we are going out for dinner on Friday instead, it will be more enjoyable as it’s the beginning of the weekend.

Apart from that, we are getting the whole house done up! We decided to extend our loan and just get it over with. It won’t cost us much more a month so it’s easily affordable and I cannot wait to have a new kitchen!

We’ve had a couple of doors installed, one in the kitchen and one in the hallway (the old ones were ripped out last winter) and our new windows will be installed in a few weeks time.  James has also installed a new boiler (he’s a plumber – so handy!!! 🙂 ) so once we’ve done some of the kitchen he’ll disconnect the old one and connect the new one.  This winter is going to be so cosy yipeeee!! I feel lucky that we can do this, as we’ve been there 2.5 years and still haven’t done a quarter of the house, we just made it livable.

I doubt we will go on any holidays this year as we will be so busy with the house, but we can always go visit my parents in France for a break.

Well, it’s good to blog again. I’ll tell you my weight on Monday – its not that bad!

Speak to you soon 🙂

Monday again?

May 20, 2013 Leave a comment

Hello everyone,

How was your weekend? Mine went way too quickly.

We bought some new doors for our kitchen and hallway and a carpenter round yesterday to fit them. Yay! Will really feel the difference  in winter as we had no downstairs interior doors last winter as James had ripped them all out.

The house is coming along finally. We decided to take out a little loan and just get the whole house done. We are waiting for some quotes to come in for double glazing, as our whole house needs new windows.

Then we will get a new kitchen, new front door, new carpets and do all the bedrooms. I’m so excited, we’ve lived in a semi dump for 2.5 years and it feels good to know it’s almost over!

I will take some pics to show you what we have done and some before/after pics of the garden. James has done such an amazing job on the garden it really is a transformation.

Didn’t do much this weekend, but my little sister was in a car crash. She was hit by a van and oh my goodness is she lucky, only a bruised foot and banged head. We are so thankful she is ok.  She is still shook up about it, bless her. Together with my other sister, we have ordered her a bunch of flowers and some chocolates as surprise – she should get them tomorrow.  (She had better not chose today to start reading my blog lol)

My weight is still the same, around 155-156 lbs.  I have been eating some rice krispies, which are quite high in carbs I guess but it’s the only thing I can face at the moment. My appetite has gone awol.

Keep it up everyone – hope you all had a great weekend and kept to your diets/lifestyles.

Write again soon 🙂

I am still around

May 15, 2013 2 comments

Hi everyone, sorry I haven’t blogged for a while.

I haven’t been feeling very well and the diet is kinda out the window.

My weight is stabilized at the moment and I am not stuffing my face, but I’m not doing dukan or low carb either. But I am also not eating loads of carbs.

I hadn’t been to college for a few weeks either, and I had to go back last night. It wasn’t so bad, but over half the class was missing – looks like we all hate it!!

Since I failed the last exam, I need to resit it in 2 weeks and I don’t know if I should or not, as I haven’t even started studying yet. If I don’t resit it now though, I will have two other exams coming up and will have to juggle all three.

Guess I’d better put my study hat on this weekend then…..

A lot of people haven’t blogged for a while – maybe it’s that time of year or something! I have still been checking everyone’s blogs daily so Hi Everyone!!

I hope everyone is well – I will blog again soon 🙂

PS. I went to London last weekend for the day – was good fun. I went up with my sister Faith and her husband and 3 kids, we stayed at my sister Stanzi’s (and her bf’s) house in Bracknell and then got the train on Saturday to London to meet up with my brother Jude and his gf.

Here’s a few pics of our day out


My nephew enjoying his babycino in Pizza express


Scary dino at the Natural history museum – my little niece screamed her head off ‘Noooo mummy noooo’ poor thing


View from The London Eye


View from the river cruise


My brother and niece pulling faces on the river cruise.

It was a good day!

may may may

May 3, 2013 1 comment

Good morning everyone.

I feel a little better today, my nose has stopped dripping, but my throat is sore and I feel a little chesty on the asthma front.

Luckily I asked if I could have a half day at work today as I knew I wouldn’t be able to get through another whole day.

Yesterday at work, I was feeling awful, blowing my nose, sneezing and just felt terrible. A guy at work who, for no reason I know of, hates me and is always making comments and saying I have an attitude, was rude to me again.

I was sitting at my desk minding my own business when he said to me ‘ Have you got a tissue’ so I said ‘Yes, why?’ and he replied ‘ Blow your nose then’.

Urgh he is soooo rude, I am ILL and have been blowing my nose all effing day!!Of course I am a bit sniffly.

Anyway, my blood was boiling and when he went away a few minutes later I burst into tears and could not stop crying for about 20 minutes. Pretty embarrassing lol but I just couldn’t stop!! I don’t know what his problem is, he is so mean. I complained to my manager, in between trying to take deep breaths and crying. No one knows why he is so rude, I think he just has a major attitude. My manager says to just ignore him and think of the karma that’s coming to him. (He recently split with his wife – probably because he’s SUCH an arsehole)

Anyway, enough about him.

I voted yesterday, I think it was local elections, I wasn’t really paying attention but I thought I should vote anyway. Then we went shopping. It was the worst shop ever. We bought a trolley full of crap as I felt so awful I didn’t fancy anything. I bought (but didn’t actually eat) biscuits, rolo yoghurts, muffins etc. I did eat a few fruitellas.  James is going to have a great weekend eating all this!

I ended up having a tuna sandwich for dinner as really couldn’t face anything else and then went to bed. So dukan and low carb are treating me badly at the moment (or is it the other way around haha) but my weight is still stable so I’m thanking my lucky stars for that.

As I have a half day, all I brought with me was a natural yoghurt and some strawberries.

Well, have a good day everyone, hope you don’t get bullied by your colleagues and have a great weekend!

Yay – I just remembered its Bank Holiday weekend here in the UK – No work til Tuesday! Yeeeee haaaaaa 🙂