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day 16 & weekend away

September 22, 2015 Leave a comment


I’ve been so busy this weekend I haven’t had any time to write! I went up to near Manchester on Saturday morning for 1 night with my sister and mum, as my poor gran fell and broke her hip. She is recovering now, but we thought we should go see her.

We stayed for one night at the Best Western Plus Manor house hotel. It was lovely! we got a twin room (well they split the bed into a twin) and I got a roll away bed, which wasn’t tooooo bad – but I did wake up every time I had to turn over – squeak squeak!!

My sister and I had flipped for who would get the crappy bed, but I had already decided I would have it since she drove 5 hours each way lol!!

SOooooo, food you ask. What did I have and how did I do?

Well, I did very well thank you very much. As best as could be expected and maybe a little better.

On the way up I had a cup of black coffee, a banana apple and some nuts. When we got to hotel we decided to have lunch. I had a portion of seasonal veg with no butter(broccoli, cauli, potatoes, carrots) and a portion of hand cut chips. Yes, they were cooked in rapeseed oil…..not anything else I could have eaten.

Dinner at the hotel included a 5 course set menu. I had melon with berries to start (defo sugar in the berries), tomato and basil soup (it had no dairy apparently,  but did taste sugary, so more added sugar) then I had pork fillet but had to forgo the brandy sauce (sob) and vegetables, again with no butter. I couldn’t have the roll with the soup, or any dessert.

Ah dessert. They wheeled around a trolley full of friggin delicious desserts, but I’d come this far, I hadn’t had any wine (gagging!) so I chose a bakewell tart to take back to the room for my mum. (she is very fussy with food and didn’t want any dinner) then I had a black coffee. I did sooooo well, considering!!!

The next day, I got plenty of breakfast (the croissants, pain au chocolat, toast and muffins all screamed at me ‘take me take me we’re free’) so I had fried eggs, sauté potatoes, bacon and sausage. Hmm actually I just realised there was probably wheat in the sausage – damn.

On the way home I had a black coffee and an apple and banana.

Now today, I couldn’t resist and I weighed myself. I’ve been feeling so good and so less bloated and my stomach, although not flat, is no way the bloated fat cow I used to be.

I WISH I HADNT!!!  Although I have lost a few pounds, it am nowhere near where I felt like I was. It was really disappointing, and basically I have only lost the extra pounds I put on after my sisters wedding a month ago. So as bloody usual – back to SQUARE 1!!

SO – don’t weigh yourself is the moral of this story.

I do have a dilemma coming up. I’m going to my friends wedding on Saturday. Its all day. I want to drink,

I’m not sure what the food is, I am sure I can be good, apart from any added sugar or wheat in the meal – I can avoid actual wheat and dairy etc. And cake. But I don’t think I can not drink. Is that awful lol?? I don’t want to get plastered obviously as I want to continue on Sunday and not be so hung over that I eat a pizza.

Does anyone have any tips or advice for me??

thanks, blog soon

Shannon xx


food wagon

August 22, 2013 Leave a comment

Good morning!
You will be pleased to hear that I have finally kicked myself up the bum and am eating healthy again!
It’s only been two days and I have lost 2 pounds.
Yesterdays menu was:
B: 2 scrambled eggs cooked in butter with cheese on top
S: raisins
L: 2 southern fried baked chicken breasts (prob a bit of wheat in the coating) with salad
S:raisins and almonds
D:beef brisket, carrot and broccoli.

I had no snacks after dinner but I was really thirsty and had 2 glasses of lemon squash and some water.

Todays menu: (so far)
B: 2 scrambled eggs cooked in butter with cheese on top

Well its only 9.01 am haha!!

I can feel the baby kicking a lot now, which is quite nice as its reassuring.

I am still so happy with our kitchen! Every night after work we have been cleaning away for a couple of hours and re arranging things. Tuesday night I spent about 2 hours cleaning the fridge while James cleaned the fish tank.
I was getting a bit stressed as couldnt get the shelves back in the fridge so did a crazy high pitched throat scream haha!! Hormones!!

My skin was pretty clear this morning – unsure if its the change in diet or what. I usually have a few red blotches but they weren’t there today yipee!
Yesterday my skin was driving me mad, it was itchy all over. My ankles have got a few mozzie bites so they were the worst part.
When I got home last night after cleaning etc, I noticed my ankles were really puffy, so I sat on sofa with them elevated.
Looking at them this morning, they were very swollen last night.
Comes with being overweight, pregnant and in the summer at the end of the day.
Hopefully I can rectify it a little by eating better.

I googled some recipes yesterday and came across a website called PaleOMG. It’s pretty funny and has some good recipes too.

SO thats all my news, a tad boring but at least you can all congratulate me for getting back on the good food wagon! (FINALLY!)

Have a good one 🙂

the weekend is nigh

April 19, 2013 1 comment

Good afternoon, finally it is Friday!

I am going for a run after work, I hope to do at least 3 miles, it depends how much energy I have.

Last night we went food shopping and I managed to resist all the ‘gluten free’ breads and rolls that were on sale. It was hard, but I couldn’t cave. I also didn’t buy anything I didn’t need, so no nuts either. So now I have no food lol. Only kidding.

I must buy some eggs tomorrow from the farm shop and I might buy a couple more turkey breast joints from Tesco as they are half price, £2.50 for 640g. How cheap is that??

For dinner I grated a whole cauliflower and ate half of it as cauliflower rice with butter, sausage, spring onion and a bit of spinach. I had the rest for lunch today. Cauliflowers aren’t too carby are they?

Yummy! I also had some cucumber, cheese and salami, a dukan galette for breakfast and I have 1 mini fromage frais yoghurt.

No plans for the weekend (wow how exciting my life is at the moment) so I might so some research on stuff for the wedding and a little revision for my failed exam.

Maybe a bit of beautifying as well…..

Before I know it, it will be summer. Although it’s Spring, we have had a rotten long winter but the temperature is slowly rising. No way could I wear shorts if there was a heat wave anytime soon. I don’t even want to wear  t shirt without hiding my arms under a cardigan. I must remember to do my weights to get my arms toned.

Thank goodness my weight is going down, I don’t know how I let it creep up like that again, as I have been weighing myself more or less daily. I really mustn’t let it rise ever again.

Todays weight was like 4 oz above yesterdays weight, I feel quite fat and a bit ‘heavy’.  I hope it’s just my period on its way or something.

Well the run tonight will sort that out!

Have a great weekend – lets all make good choices and be happy!


calories carbs and fat

April 18, 2013 2 comments

Good morning all.

How is everyone?

Last night I had a shower before going to college and caught sight of how fat my legs looked. Now, don’t get me wrong, I know I am not Obese obese, but I am still overweight and a little unhealthy.

Whenever I lose a little weight I feel spritely and so much better and kind of feel like ‘I’ve done it – I’m there’. This is just a false sense of security though. This is what causes me to eat bad again and put on weight ‘oh its only 2 slices of bread, oh its only 1 slice of cake, everyone should have cake sometimes’. Right?

Wrong. I could do this if I didn’t then go onto a carb binge, but I know I can’t help myself and the hunger takes at least a week to dissipate once I’ve stopped.

So, I need to take my body more seriously, I need to get this extra 10 kilos or so off. I know I can keep it off as I can stay the same weight.

Last summer I felt pretty good, I weighed 145 lbs, 65 kilos approximately, and I wore shorts and felt great. I was still over my ideal weight but hell I felt better.

I was probably still fat, and maybe still looked awful, I don’t know. I do know that I need to take this seriously, I need to be healthy not just look great. (but looking great is obvs my motivation – VAIN!)haha.

It annoys me when people say ‘You’re not fat, you look fine as you are’. They might mean well, and if I was 8-9 stone I could understand, but I am overweight, let’s not pretend. If I wanted to stay this size, then fine, but I don’t.

Why am I ranting? Who knows lol, I think I need to sometimes tell myself this stuff to keep me on the straight and narrow.

When I read articles about being low carb it all looks so easy to do, but when I look in my fridge when I’m hungry I never see anything easy to eat, except cheese. I may have to prepare ’emergency snacks’ for times like this. Grab and go foods for when I ‘need something NOW’.

I absolutely need to increase my vegetables intake. As I said the other day, I’ve barely eaten enough these last few weeks. Naughty me. Food shopping again tonight. Mantra mantra mantra – don’t buy any wheat free goodies…….

What a struggle lol. I am so lucky that this is my hardest thing in life right now.

Today I have: an oat bran pancake -yummy, almond muffins for lunch and 3 baby yogs. (this morning I made the almond muffins and put 2 tablespoons of cream cheese in the mix by accident, they still cooked okish, but made a right mess – we’ll see how they taste later)

I have also been eating some dry roasted peanuts the last few days and am unsure if this has flared my skin a little on my face, as there are quite a few blotches.

Earlier, the office manager went round with a bag of mini chocolate bars for everyone to have, I declined. Normally I take one for James or whatever, but knowing I’ve got a chocolate bar in my draw burning a hole in my thoughts isn’t the best idea. Take away temptation, take it away!!

Everyone probably thinks I’m a right awkward cow! Oh well. Most of the girls in the office are very slim and one of them eats non stop and doesn’t put an ounce on (though she does take drugs sometimes), another girl is so thin she looks ill but is convinced we are the same size. All she eats is biscuits – seriously. She hardly ever eats lunch (like 3 times a year) and on Mondays always talks about the pizza and sweets she ate over the weekend. Hmmm. She did used to have bulimia, I think she still has some serious issues about food, but there is no telling her she is too thin or trying to give advise. She is a slave to calories, but then strangely eats so much rubbish!!

I am still trying to eat lowish fat to follow dukan, but am still eating full fat stuff too.  (like squirty cream, yep still obsesed with it!) As long as I keep losing weight I am happy with this.

So, my weight this morning was 154.4 lbs, 70.1 kilos & 11.1 stone. Hurry up!!

No plans this weekend so probably no drinking or bad eating phew! I will go for a run tomorrow after work and then maybe Sunday too.

Well, sorry about looong post…have a great day people!!!


October 10, 2012 1 comment


I had a bit of a crap day yesterday, work was manic due to other people’s stupidity and then I had to go to college too.

I did well food wise until I got home. James had made a nice veggie soup, with a roll and bought me some maltesers. I ate at least half the box. Oops.

So I didn’t quite crack the wheat free-sugar free thing yesterday.

I hope today isn’t going to be a replay of yesterday – I really felt like quitting work.

Is it really only Wednesday? Baa!!!

I hope it’s a nice day on Thursday as I want to get out to go for a run. I haven’t been since I went on holiday. The nights are drawing in though and its getting dark SOOO early I can’t believe it! We had a couple of coal fires at home (soo cosy!) over the weekend.

Today my weight was down about a lb, but it had jumped up the day before so I’m at 150 lbs now.

Have a good day everyone – make good choices!!


5 days til my week o-off!!!

May 28, 2012 6 comments

Good morning! Only one week of work until my week off, 2 day bank holiday in UK and my birthday on Sunday! I’ll be 31 😦 James keeps reminding me he is still in his 20’s. He’s 29 soon to be 30 as I keep reminding him. 🙂

So, I had a pretty good weekend diet wise. Only had half a glass of wine on Saturday night, and that was only because I didn’t like it!! HAHA! I’m glad it turned out that way as may have been hung over Sunday and then might not have made it to the beach!

Was beautiful and warm Sunday and we went to the beach at 11am. It was practically empty, I couldn’t believe it! Got a little sunburn on my nose and forehead and on my feet.  Will wear more suncream next time!

Sunday morning I weighed in at: 149.7, 10.10 & 67.9. It’s gone back up this morning to 151 somehow, but now I know I can get into the 140’s lbs I wanna try n get there quickly and stay there. I had a work out on Saturday, but not Sunday, but I did run around and play catch with my nieces and nephew so got some exercise in.

I didn’t eat much at all yesterday, some cucumber, cheese and ham on the beach and then had a fry up later that afternoon, sausages, bacon and an egg. Then didn’t eat anything else, I wasn’t hungry! Must have been the heat, was about 27 degrees.

Mini attack over with, it was tough! You do forget what you can eat on attack.

I bought a new lunch box, it’s very cute:

Can’t fit much in it, but I love it!! Made some bread yesterday and decided to put the mixture in my muffin cases. The main reason is, when I got half way through my oat bran/almond bread, the middle was so wet and gross I ended up throwing it away. Not sure why that happened. Maybe I put too much fromage frais in it or something.

The little ones seem to have turned out good though, and at least I know I can have two a day!

Well that’s all for now folks 🙂

P.S only 3lbs away from my Mini Goal Birthday weight of 10.7!!!

2 oz

May 24, 2012 3 comments

Hello! Iweigh two ounces less than yesterday. Was hoping for a bigger loss, but it’s certainly better than a gain.

Yesterday I ate: 2 slices of oat bran/almond bread with lighter cream cheese

Chicken slices for lunch with a bit of low fat hard cheese, lots of water, tea!I also ate an entire Mattesons sausage, about 225 grams. It’s 95 percent pork and fat and carbs were low so hope its ok.

After work I went to college and didn’t feel hungry so didn’t have anything. I did find a diet coke in my bag that I hadn’t drunk a few weeks ago, so put that in the fridge for James and filled up my water bottle.

After college I made 2 fried eggs and a slice of ham. Yummy!

Felt like a good attack day. Today I have the same toast with light cream cheese for breakfast, some chicken and ham slices for lunch, 2 eggs to scramble, and a quarter of a sausage (rather than the whole 225g!)  and if I get really desperate, there is some cottage cheese in the fridge that I haven’t opened yet.

I have been looking at the dukan shop website and they are doing a £1 delivery at the moment to the UK. I think I am going to order some oat bran bars, oat bran biscuits and oat bran cereal. I just really hope this isn’t moving into dangerous territory. I am going to only eat them when I maybe would eat something bad, like a real biscuit or some chocolate. And they will be a handy snack to have on the go when you need to eat and didn’t prepare enough food.

I forgot to mention the other day, I watched this programme on TV called My Big Fat Fetish. I only watched a bit of it but it was really sick. Male feeders fattening up their gf/wives because it gives them both sexual gratification. Some of them sell videos etc to their fans and do it as a job. Why would you risk your health and life by weighing 600 lbs or more? It’s not normal. Some of them can barely move and I just know they cannot be happy with their lives, not matter what they are saying to the camera.  This is just my opinion, but I really disagree with it. Do what you want with your life, but I honestly think a lot of it is bullying and pressure from the feeder. The women often admit they only want to please their bf/husbands. Plus, eating that much for sexual gratification – I’m sorry but a relationship is not ONLY about sex and if your entire life is revolved around gaining weight for that – there is something wrong.

Anyway, I don’t want to offend anyone. Be healthy and happy.

Enjoy your day, it 27 degrees in the UK – AMAZING!!!! But I am stuck at work – not so amazing. HAHA!!