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Here’s the baby!

January 18, 2014 8 comments

Hello everyone!  Long time no post.
So, I finally had my baby on January 7th, a little boy weighing 8 lb 4 oz. I went into hospital Sunday morning to be induced and then after hours  and hours of labour and 3 hours of pure pushing, I had to have an emergency caeserian as his head wouldn’t turn n he basically wasn’t coming out the natural way. Ouch!
He’s now 11 days old and I love him so much.
We called him Henry James. 
The weight is still dropping off and I am down to 11.9 stones,  73.9 kilos. I cant even remember what my lowest weight was last year- but I would like to weigh 10.5 stone by the summer.
I have not been eating particularly healthy but am trying to get some fruit and veg in every day and I am drinking a lot of fluids.
I will be starting dukan/ hflc again soon, I want to slowly give up the rubbish so it’s not such a shock to my body- im breastfeeding and feel quite weak sometimes so dont want to punish myself too soon!
I haven’t checked your blogs much and I cant promise I’ll blog regularly- but I’ll do my best!   I have missed blogging and reading blogs and I’ve just been reading my old posts.   It’s great as there’s so many things u don’t remember- so it’s nice to have an online diary.

Take care all and blog soon


He’s the cutest!


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going down!

April 22, 2013 3 comments

Good morning! I made it through the weekend without any bad stuff!! Yay!

My weight slowly crept down all weekend and this morning was finally 153.0 lbs, 69.3 kilos and 10.13 stones! Yippe I am back in the 60’s (kilos) and the 10’s (stones).Now to get into the 140’s (pounds).

My run on Friday was only for 30 minutes which wasnt enough for me really but my sister didn’t want to do anymore.

I had planned to go for a run Sat morning and when I got up (at 8.30 am – miracle) James suggested going out for breakfast, so I scrapped the run and had a yummy fry up instead. We went to a pub for brekkie, it’s really good value, a small breakfast with 1 of everything is only £2.49 and a large with two of everything £3.99. So we got one of each and swapped some items. He got my bread, hash brown etc and I got an extra egg and sausage.


Sunday we went to the farm shop for some bits and then to lunch at my sisters. I ended up having a row with my other sister, she is so negative about everything and rants and raves all the time about the state of the world and depresses herself about it. It’s not what I want to hear 24/7.  We started to talk about my hen night and she moaned it would cost £400, which is not true at all. I reminded her that she suggested going abroad and she said ‘yeah I would prefer to go abroad’ so it wasn’t about the money at all but that she didn’t want to do what we’d already planned. ( A country house and a day at the horse races)

Then she just got nasty and said that I ‘bombard everyone with emails about health and I’m hardly the picture of health myself’. It was so uncalled for and also SO untrue. I hardly ever email about stuff, she hounds us constantly with ‘nestle this, starbucks that, dont buy this, spend a million pounds on this product because they are sooo good’

She basically won’t entertain anyone elses opinion about ANYTHING and she is always right. The thing is, she is way heavier than me, eats soooo much and also eats rubbish so I do not know where her catty remark came from.

So I’m not speaking to her for a long time.  I know it’s a bit mean talking about her on my blog, but I am so angry and sick to death of having to tip toe around her constantly. She always seems up for a fight with me and I had just had enough.

So that’s the end of that. She is no longer invited to my hen party…..

Foodwise I was good. I did have a few kidney beans Saturday night as I made a chilli sans the rice. But apart from that all was Dukan.

Today I have 2 boiled eggs for breakfast, leftover turkey breast from dinner last night, a bit of cheese, almond muffins and 2 baby yoghurts.

I renewed my astham tablet prescription and when I took my first one Sat night, I noticed the colour of the tablet was blue instead of beige and the moment I swallowed it, my throat started to tighten and close. I was finding it difficult to swallow but apart from that it was ok (well apart from the panic that my throat was closing up!). I am not happy with these though. I tried to google it and just found some information about montelukast being ‘generic’ so other companies now make them. There must be something in these that are not agreeing with me. I took another one last night and the same thing happened – in an instant.

I will be ringing my doctor this morning!!

Well, have a good day all, I hope you all did well with your goals over the weekend too.


chewsday is here

April 16, 2013 Leave a comment

Good morning. How is everyone? I am so tired today. I could hardly get out of bed and feel like everything is going in slow motion.

Drinking some tea, maybe that will wake me up.

Luckily my kindle was still here at work this morning, phew!!

I’ve realised I have not eaten many vegetables lately. On Sunday I had broccoli and some carrots, (parsnips and potatoes don’t count really) but thats about it!  Bad me!

On Friday night I had some baked beans, and was surprised to see it was only 10g of carbs per 100g, I thought it would have been way more than that. Does anyone know why we cant eat beans on dukan? (or can we- and I am very mistaken??) Also carrots are only 4g per 100gs, thats not much??

YAWN! Sorry, I am sooo tired…..

I went to bed earlier and was asleep before 10pm for once.  College starts again tonight, so not looking forward to it. And I didn’t do my homework – LOL.

Wow, these last 2 weeks have gone pretty quick, it is so nice not having to go to college in the evening. You have no idea how much I cannot wait to finish this course. It’s so draining. And now I wish I was studying nutrition instead haha.

It’s so hard to get a job in accounts too, as everyone wants you to have experience. So I’m a bit stuck at the moment. At least I got a small pay rise this year from work, it’s not much, barely equates to £30 a month not including tax. But its better than nothing.

Todays food: 2 boiled eggs for breakfast, 2 dukan galletes made thin into a wrap with sausage inside, some baby yoghurts and some cheese.

Todays weight: 155.25 lbs, 70.1 kgs, 11.1 stones. So it’s still going down, yipee!

The most I’ve weighed this year is 72 kilos, and that was only a couple of weeks ago after my week off. I started off the year at 68.5 kilos and my lowest weight last year was in August (again before a week off in September) of 65.7 kilos. Seems to be a pattern emerging. I guess I need to be better on holiday if I don’t want to unravel all my hard work. If I can just stay away from the reallly bad carbs like bread etc and beer (if I go away somewhere) then I probably won’t do too badly.

I really need to get this under control. I can do it, and it’s not that hard. Sometimes it’s difficult coz you feel like there is literally ‘nothing to eat’ but you can always think of something. Eggs are your best friend, basically!

Well, that’s all I have for today, have a good one!! 🙂


Montag morning in Janvier

January 14, 2013 2 comments

Yeah I’m just showing off in two languages haha!

Good morning, it’s snowed overnight here in Ramsgate but it just seemed to settle directly on top of people’s cars and not on the road.

I had a good weekend – I’ve stuck to my ‘no drinking January’ and I haven’t smoked yet. I did eat wheat though. Darn!!! Yesterday I refrained….. then I had a mince pie. Sugar sugar sugar…….(literally)

So, I need to remind myself why I don’t want to eat wheat err, because its poison, makes me fat and overeat, flares up my eczema, gives me wind and stomach ache etc etc.

I read an article from Lynda’s blog that I am keeping in my favourites folder to re read every now and again, it was about how bad wheat is for you and that they reckon 80% of people won’t be eating wheat in the next 20 years.

I hope its true because then it will be easier to eat and buy wheat free!

I made cauliflower rice again last night, mmm it’s so good. This time I cooked it with butter instead of coconut oil and I didn’t add egg either.


Cauli rice

I shredded the cauliflower and then cooked it in the saucepan with some butter. Was delicious!!

I’ve made a plan for the house for the next few weekends ( I may as well take advantage of no hangovers and get some work done!) and am planning to paint the ceiling in the dining room and sort out one of the spare rooms this weekend. Then we might insulate the wall in the spare room and plasterboard it ready for plastering.

I love having a plan!

We are having the living room plastered soon and were thinking about knocking the fireplace surround off as its vile, a horrid knobbly yellow brick from the 70’s. I wonder what lovely Victorian one they ripped out 😦

So, it was either rip it out and buy new one, or paint it and buy a new one later.

We decided last night to paint it black, so I will see what that turns out like. I will take some pictures to show you.

This morning I had 2 boiled eggs, for lunch I have salad and chicken and then there is some yoghurt for a snack and some sausage if I get desperate.

Feels like I am still on Dukan and I suppose I am apart from a bit of full fat yoghurt and butter and cheese. I haven’t had much oat bran or flaxseed the last few weeks so I may need to up that intake.

Drinking lots of water, at least 2 litres a day. Went for a fast walk yesterday with my sister Abi, hubby Simon and niece Coco. Was freezing but nice along the seafront.

There you are, my life on a page lol.

Have a good day! 🙂


December 5, 2012 5 comments

Hi, hello.

I made some cauliflower ‘rice’ the other night, it was brilliant! I put an egg in there too and make egg fried ‘rice’ in coconut oil. Amazing!

Even James ate it and he hates cauliflower.

We bought a ‘tefal fresh express’ which slices and grates stuff! Love it!


Tefal fresh Express

At the moment I’m thinking about going low carb and leaving dukan and oat bran behind. I need to read a bit more into it and get my head around the ‘you don’t need carbs’ thinking.  Even though I know you don’t need them or that much of them, it’s been drilled in for a long time that you do.

Stupid government and food RDA’s.

My weight had gone up a bit more this morning bah humbug!

For breakfast I had: oat bran porridge & some low fat yog.

Lunch: ham and cheese omelette, a bit of cheese.

Snacks: some sausage and a bit of fat free vanilla yoghurt. (incidentally has 18.1g sugar from the 18.9g carbs per 150g – aarghhh!) I looked online at their natural yoghurt, this only has 6g of sugar per 150g serving. It’s insane that we have been brainwashed about fat.

Anyway…..this morning I saw a rainbow, it was lovely. The sky had a vintage look to it, a pinky grey and looked like it would snow. It did then snow for a couple of hours but it didn’t lay and it rained after.

Freezing!!! I am layered up though with a vest, work issue t -shirt, long sleeve top and work issue fleece. Brrr. (Obvs not walking around half naked, also have a skirt and tights and shoes on. And knickers. And bra – incase you wondered)

Some people walk around the office with just their t-shirt (as above not just a t-shirt haha) I don’t know how they do it!

I wonder if eating more fat will make me warmer. I’m always cold though so we’ll see.

I must comment that my eczema has barely flared up at all this season. Usually my face would be very red and blotchy but I only have a little bit of redness.  I haven’t been very ill either, normally I had a cold once a month. Seriously. I woke up in the night (last night) sneezing and had to blow my nose a few times and thought I would wake up all bunged up and ill, but alas I am fine! Yippee!!

I feel like dukan does work, but maybe once you discover a cleaner low carbier way of eating, it doesn’t work so well. Or maybe I cheat so much it doesn’t work so well….

So, I will do my paleo low carb investigation and let you know what I’m up to!

I’m disappointed that after forfeiting two weekends of not drinking, I didn’t lose any weight and actually put on a few pounds ( thanks to chocolate, peanuts and home made friggin mince pies – all my own fault) but I’m going to Paris on Friday so I really can’t complain.

Yay!! have a good one!


November 5, 2012 1 comment

Hi everyone!

I didn’t have time to blog yesterday, it was so busy at work.

  – Now its Monday – didn’t get much time on Saturday either to finish this post!

haha! Hope you all had a good weekend. Yesterday dukan went out the window. I was hung over and so ate a sandwich,some coco pops and then a roast dinner with some starchy veg. Very bad.

Very bad.

Am paying for it today with a crappy weight gain. I really want to lose this extra stone! I hate that you can be good for 23 hour and 57 minutes and then ruin everything with 3 minutes of badness. (Or in my case, 24 hours of badness yesterday.)

Because I do this every week – yeah I know!- I think this is just like a normal routine for me. I need to break the bad habits. But I have a party to go to this weekend so I’m pretty sure it wont be this week.

I also need to get my treadmill back together and get on the exercise. Its dark here now at about 4.30 – 5 pm. Booo winter is here.

We are doing some fireworks tonight at the end of the garden, my sister, hubby n kids are coming along. We have some giant sparklers too. I’m making jacket potatoes for everyone (no comment) too.

Hope you have all been good this weekend!! I will read your blogs when I get a minute, have a good day!!




So far so good.

September 12, 2012 3 comments

Good avo!

So, I’m being good and its Wednesday. Last night after college I had a couple of meat balls with onion and mushroom and tomato passata. Funny that James made me a totally dukan meal without even realising it.

I was down another 1lb this morning. To think I could probably weigh around 9 stone if I didn’t keep sabotaging myself…….

Anyway, I really wish I could go for a run tonight but with only like 25 minutes spare when I get home before having to go off to college it’s not really feasible. Last night I did 5 minutes of weights when I got in LOL. Better than nout!

I feel the energy and the need to go do exercise. Its definately too late and dark at 9pm though.

Today I have eaten: pancake for breakfast, leftover meatballs and 2 boiled eggs for lunch and lots of water. Already half way through my 2nd 1.5 litre bottle. Someone at work said they think I’m a freak  and im taking it too seriously. Err hello? I think they are just too scared to admit that they are all fat and unhealthy.

I want to be healthy.  I want to be as good as I can. Sure some people can eat crap 24/7 and look great but that’s certainly not me.

Anyhooo… let them think what they want. I don’t talk about it that much at work anymore so it’s not like when it was all new and my boss (who’s left now) was interested so I used to tell her all about it.

I does surprise me that most of the diabetics at work eat carbs for every meal though.

I know I can maintain my weight when I am good, eat full fat stuff, have the odd bad thing and a little drink. Cannot wait to get to my goal weight.

Summer is over, it was freezing when I got in my car this morning.

Here’s a little picture of me from when we had the raffle at work a couple of weeks ago.



I look pretty slim in this one, great camera lol.

No, I didn’t eat any of the cakes.


August 31, 2012 1 comment


Today we are holding a raffle at work for a charity we support, Rainbow Children’s Trust. As the ‘Charity Champion’ I have organized it all, brought in some prizes etc. Everyone has been lazy and selfish and hardly anyone brought any prizes in and then most of the people complained that the prizes were crap! (which they were since no one bothered to bring anything!!!)

Sooo, we now have some good prizes including sat navs and a free half day off work, champagne ( from me) etc! I’ve now sold  nearly the entire book of raffle tickets and there is currently £105 in the pot. Our manager made some cakes – 105 cupcakes to be exact (amazing!) so we are selling those 3 for a £1. No I won’t be eating any don’t worry!

The best part of all of this is the receptacle I made to hold the raffle tickets. If I say so myself it’s rather genius!!

Raffle box – I used a paper box and the cardboard from an empty kitchen roll. So you put all the raffle tickets in the top, close it and then use the handle to mix them all up and turn it!!

raffle box


my rainbow bag

Yup I’m a sado!! haha!

No chips yesterday you’ll be glad to hear. Today I had some yoghurt for breakfast, I have a small salad with 3 sausages for lunch and some more yoghurt later.

Today I weighed 10.6. yay!

have a great weekend everyone! 🙂

Running, running, running…

August 21, 2012 5 comments

Good morning!

I went for a 35 minute run last night, it was really lovely. I found a spiral path  I’d never seen before and it took me all the way down to the beach! I ran along the pathway there to some steps then back up along the esplanade back home. It was hard work and I had to stop a lot but I feel really good today!

Now I need to psych myself up for tonight’s run! I must make time to do some weights too.

Somehow, the scales are being kind (though I do feel a lot less bloated) but I weigh 10.7, 66.7 & 147.0. So I’ve miraculously lost 2lbs overnight!! Awesome!

I ended up scrapping the two extra days of attack as I had a turkey salad last night and a little yoghurt with oatbran mixed in.

Today I have: 2 boiled eggs, some sliced low-fat sausage, L: left over turkey and some yellow pepper, Yoghurt and another emergency boiled egg!

I don’t know how I’ve managed to lose those 2 lbs, I hope the trend continues!!

Well, I don’t have any work to do, but I must organise a charity raffle for work next week. I was nominated as the ‘Charity Champion’ at work as I’m always organizing stuff. It’s for Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity so it is a good cause.

I’m going to ask people to bring in unwanted gifts or things that are almost new. I doubt I’ll get any actual cash to buy things. I’m bringing in some champagne and some books.

Well, I shan’t bore you with the rest of my day haha!

Have a great day everyone!

Day 204

August 20, 2012 7 comments

I can’t believe I’ve been doing this for 204 days already! It’s insane.

I seriously can’t get through a weekend without cheating at least once, I don’t know why!!  I had a bottle of wine on Friday night and on Sunday I cracked and had some peanut m&m’s and some red laces.

Apart from that I was good. I’m gonna do two days of attack, today and Tuesday. I admit though I haven’t been having my oat bran the last few days, I totally forgot.

Today I have brought one tablespoon with me to have with yoghurt.  Disappointed with myself again, weighing 10.9 148.8, 67.5.

As usual I keep losing and putting on the same few lbs.

It’s only 5 weeks until my holiday and I want to lose at least 5 lbs.  I would love to lose 9 lbs but doubt that’s going to happen.

SO, operation work out is in place! I went for 2 runs last week, one walk and did weights twice.

I’m gonna have to push myself big time. Go for a run every night and do weights aswell. My arms are sooo gross! I caught a glimpse of them in the mirror on Friday night and they looked all dimpled and cellulity. 😦

It is TOTM and very bloated and fat right now, so hopefully that will drop a lb or so when it’s finished.

Man is it hot here at the moment. It was 28 degrees over the weekend which was awesome but yesterday it was boiling but cloudy and sooo humid n hot so not enjoyable.

So, sorry to disappoint you all with my weakness, I WILL DO BETTER!

 I hope you all have a good week! 🙂