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Check out the newest entry to my new (er) blog

going down!

April 22, 2013 3 comments

Good morning! I made it through the weekend without any bad stuff!! Yay!

My weight slowly crept down all weekend and this morning was finally 153.0 lbs, 69.3 kilos and 10.13 stones! Yippe I am back in the 60’s (kilos) and the 10’s (stones).Now to get into the 140’s (pounds).

My run on Friday was only for 30 minutes which wasnt enough for me really but my sister didn’t want to do anymore.

I had planned to go for a run Sat morning and when I got up (at 8.30 am – miracle) James suggested going out for breakfast, so I scrapped the run and had a yummy fry up instead. We went to a pub for brekkie, it’s really good value, a small breakfast with 1 of everything is only £2.49 and a large with two of everything £3.99. So we got one of each and swapped some items. He got my bread, hash brown etc and I got an extra egg and sausage.


Sunday we went to the farm shop for some bits and then to lunch at my sisters. I ended up having a row with my other sister, she is so negative about everything and rants and raves all the time about the state of the world and depresses herself about it. It’s not what I want to hear 24/7.  We started to talk about my hen night and she moaned it would cost £400, which is not true at all. I reminded her that she suggested going abroad and she said ‘yeah I would prefer to go abroad’ so it wasn’t about the money at all but that she didn’t want to do what we’d already planned. ( A country house and a day at the horse races)

Then she just got nasty and said that I ‘bombard everyone with emails about health and I’m hardly the picture of health myself’. It was so uncalled for and also SO untrue. I hardly ever email about stuff, she hounds us constantly with ‘nestle this, starbucks that, dont buy this, spend a million pounds on this product because they are sooo good’

She basically won’t entertain anyone elses opinion about ANYTHING and she is always right. The thing is, she is way heavier than me, eats soooo much and also eats rubbish so I do not know where her catty remark came from.

So I’m not speaking to her for a long time.  I know it’s a bit mean talking about her on my blog, but I am so angry and sick to death of having to tip toe around her constantly. She always seems up for a fight with me and I had just had enough.

So that’s the end of that. She is no longer invited to my hen party…..

Foodwise I was good. I did have a few kidney beans Saturday night as I made a chilli sans the rice. But apart from that all was Dukan.

Today I have 2 boiled eggs for breakfast, leftover turkey breast from dinner last night, a bit of cheese, almond muffins and 2 baby yoghurts.

I renewed my astham tablet prescription and when I took my first one Sat night, I noticed the colour of the tablet was blue instead of beige and the moment I swallowed it, my throat started to tighten and close. I was finding it difficult to swallow but apart from that it was ok (well apart from the panic that my throat was closing up!). I am not happy with these though. I tried to google it and just found some information about montelukast being ‘generic’ so other companies now make them. There must be something in these that are not agreeing with me. I took another one last night and the same thing happened – in an instant.

I will be ringing my doctor this morning!!

Well, have a good day all, I hope you all did well with your goals over the weekend too.



March 28, 2013 Leave a comment

Good morning, how is everyone?

Today at work me and my colleague have organised a raffle for Easter, with the proceeds going towards cancer research for our ‘Race for Life’ in July.


Raffle prizes

As usual everyone moans that they never win anything, mainly because they DON’T buy a bloody raffle ticket. Also barely anyone helped or brought anything in, it’s always left to me, which I know will happen – and since I organised it and invented it – I have to do!!! LOL

So, not a lot of prizes but were have also ‘conned’ (hee hee) a couple of half days off out of the company, so I hope I win one of those.


Hot choc package

I also made a hot chocolate prize, with an easter mug, hot chocolate, marshmallows and a magazine.

Nice eh?



This is what I’ve eaten so far today, not very good. Chocolate xmas trees with peanut butter in the middle, and a coffee with squirty cream. Yes I am still obsessed.

I have checked that no one is allergic to peanuts though!

Hmmm, not too good on the food front.

For lunch I have chicken leftover from last night, a yoghurt and some celery with cream cheese. 

Yesterday I did indeed eat the whole coconut yoghurt which had 20g of sugar per 150g (total of 450g of yoghurt)


I need to get out of this rut and stop being self destructive.

I will take my almond flour and oat bran to my parents house and try to keep away from the baguette.

Have a great day everyone!!!! Hello Spring!



And it’s Monday again

February 25, 2013 1 comment


How fast did the weekend go? It was like a blur and I feel like I haven’t had any time off.

I was trying to study all day yesterday (exam on Tuesday) and I studied a little Sat night too.

Saturday morning I went to the farm shop for the first time. Wow was it cheap!

For £7 I got: 2 cauliflowers, 1 broccoli, shallots, red onions, brown onions, a lemon, some apples, some new potatoes, 6 extra large eggs, spring onions and 2 more things I can’t remember now. I thought it was good value for money anyway. Cauliflowers were 2 for a £1, whereas they are £1.30 for 1 in the supermarket.

I also like that it is all fresh and local.

Just need to get through all the cauli now lol. Maybe some cauli rice.

On Saturday I made broccoli cheese with sausage, very yummy!

Sunday we had chicken and some of the new potatoes roasted. Also amazing!

I didn’t do great this weekend – 2 easter eggs later……. I don’t know why I can’t be good sometimes.

At least there was no wheat and the only carbs I had was the potatoes and there weren’t many.

OH I just remembered the farm purchases- and a courgette…. what was the last thing? Who knows.

I realized I hardly drank any water this weekend and am really thirsty now.


I am desperate to make a bit more money so I have made up some hampers and have put them on ebay.  I want to eventually start an online hamper business and hope it goes well so I can work from home when I (one day) have a baby.

Ebay and paypal take such a big cut, some of the hampers I’ve seen on there are quite expensive, and mine are not too badly priced in comparison. ( I hope!)

I love these little suitcases – they are so cute!

I also eventually want to source local products and original products .

I’m dreaming about my spare room being an office with reels of ribbon and cellophane….ahh the dream!

Hope you all had a better weekend!


It’s snowing!

January 16, 2013 5 comments

Good morning, after saying yesterday that I was going to do attack for a few days, I made a salad for lunch without even thinking!!

Silly billy.

It’s only a few leaves and a tomato, so I will just make sure I don’t have any veg etc tonight.

I was soooo hungry all day yesterday. After my paella for lunch, I then had what was left for dinner before I went to college and when I got home I had some (wheat free) crispbreads with cheese, then some wheat free vanilla wafers and a yoghurt. I don’t think I was actually hungry, more psychological. Hmmm.

At least I didn’t crack and eat wheat or sugar, so …well actually I’m sure the wheat free crap is full of sugar but it was the best of the bad choices.

I drank about 3 litres of water yesterday so it wasn’t thirst disguised.

It means I must just try harder.

This morning I have 2 boiled eggs, salad for lunch, some wheat free ‘oaty bakes’ crackers, yoghurt for later and 2 small salami sticks.


I need to crack on with some meat preparation for the next few days. With college tonight though I’m not sure I’ll have time.

When I got to college last night everyone laughed as I walked in (nicely not meanly) and someone said ‘thats a nice welcome, but we’ve elected you as class rep’.

Great. I’m not sure what that entails…but hey, they know I can complain well if we need to!! haha!!

This was what I saw this morning, it was predicted heavy snowfall overnight, but luckily it didn’t.


Snowy car (the little one across the road)

Here’s my fridge sign hee hee


And here are those spice racks looking pretty on my fridge


That’s all my news really, my weight was down 2 lbs this morning which I know I should be happy about, I am, but when you put it on the day before it almost seems like it doesn’t count!

On dukan I think you get used to having a loss almost every day, it’s funny really because I used to diet and lose nothing and think it was normal, that it takes about a month to make a difference.

I know I’ve said it before, but I love dukan for the reason that you lose weight straight away – keeping you motivated to carry on. (well in theory anyway lol)

Have a good one, hope you are all warm where you are and having a good day!!

P.S Anyone from the UK, Sainsburys have got a good selection of wheat free things if you want some in your cupboard for those times when you might eat something else…….

And again…

November 28, 2012 1 comment


My weight is the same again. Strange, that’s three days in a row of 10.10, 68.0 & 150.0. Well on the bright side, it hasn’t gone up, though I did think it would go down. I have been good so far this week (ahem – apart from the left over mince pies I made). I feel like I’m in ketosis as my mouth tastes like crap!

I’m currently reading the second book of the Millennium series, ‘The girl who played with fire’. They are SOOOo good I can hardly put them down. Anyone else read them?

 This morning I couldn’t think of anything to make for lunch and so settled on 1.5 tablespoons of oat bran porridge for breakfast and 1.5 for lunch. Also took some slices of turkey and a bit of low fat cheese. I looked at the ingredients on the turkey and it has caramelised sugar syrup in it!! Why!!! Will have to check ingredients a little closer from now on.

I used extra fine oat bran today and it makes the best porridge! Smooth and turns into a larger quantity aswell. Yummy!

Later I have some yoghurt if I need it. Tuesday is definately my most tired day and have college again tonight. But then its thursday, then friday then yay!! Weekend again!

Can you believe I’m going to Paris next weekend? It has come around so fast. Very excited.

 It’s my niece Coco’s 2nd birthday this weekend so there will be cake and I must start mentally preparing to say no! Perhaps I will make some dukan muffins so I don’t feel left out.

A few of us love the film ‘Elf’ so we’ve decided to have an elf night with snacks and drinks.  Hmmm, will have to think about that one. I could just have none of the snacks, or make something dukan for everyone to share.

At college, our Business Tax exam is in 3 weeks and we are all nervous as feel like we have not had enough time to learn everything. We still haven’t even covered all the topics yet so we will hardly have any time to revise.  Ooh that just reminded me, I need to leave early from work today so I can catch an extra lesson at college…. yikes better go and remind my boss!!

Well, in that case, I’d better get on with my work…….

See  ya!

Running, running, running…

August 21, 2012 5 comments

Good morning!

I went for a 35 minute run last night, it was really lovely. I found a spiral path  I’d never seen before and it took me all the way down to the beach! I ran along the pathway there to some steps then back up along the esplanade back home. It was hard work and I had to stop a lot but I feel really good today!

Now I need to psych myself up for tonight’s run! I must make time to do some weights too.

Somehow, the scales are being kind (though I do feel a lot less bloated) but I weigh 10.7, 66.7 & 147.0. So I’ve miraculously lost 2lbs overnight!! Awesome!

I ended up scrapping the two extra days of attack as I had a turkey salad last night and a little yoghurt with oatbran mixed in.

Today I have: 2 boiled eggs, some sliced low-fat sausage, L: left over turkey and some yellow pepper, Yoghurt and another emergency boiled egg!

I don’t know how I’ve managed to lose those 2 lbs, I hope the trend continues!!

Well, I don’t have any work to do, but I must organise a charity raffle for work next week. I was nominated as the ‘Charity Champion’ at work as I’m always organizing stuff. It’s for Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity so it is a good cause.

I’m going to ask people to bring in unwanted gifts or things that are almost new. I doubt I’ll get any actual cash to buy things. I’m bringing in some champagne and some books.

Well, I shan’t bore you with the rest of my day haha!

Have a great day everyone!

Day 53

March 22, 2012 9 comments

Now that I’m out of the abyss (drama) …. I did weigh myself this morning and it was up a bit again so won’t bother posting my weight today. I will have a look at the end of the week and compare it to last weeks weight.

Last night I made a loaf of bread, I used my usual recipe but only put 8 tablespoons of oat bran, wheat bran and skimmed milk powder instead of 10 each. It was a lot more liquidy than normal once I’d mixed all the ingredients together.

It came out pretty well though! More moist than the usual thick heavy bread I’ve been making of late, and a lot lighter and it also rose (?) more in the oven.

Here’s the evidence and the recipe:

Mmm Bread….

8 tbspn oat bran, 8 tbspn wheat bran, 8 tbspn skim milk powder, 1 teaspoon baking powder, 1 teaspoon of salt, 1 tbspn plain yog fat-free, 4 tbspn of fromage frais or philidelphia light, 16g of dried yeast, 3 medium eggs and 4- 5 tablespoons of warm water. (original recipe also says 4 tbspn wheat germ but I’ve never put it in)

Use 2 bowls. In the first bowl mix the yeast, water and fromage frais/philidelphia cream cheese and give a good whisk.

Mix all the other ingredients together in a larger bowl.

Add the yeast mixture to the other ingredients and whisk well.

Pour mixture into a loaf tin and cook in a hot oven (200 degrees celsius) for 10 minutes. Reduce temperature to 180 degrees and cook for a further 20 minutes.

As my yeast says to add water to make it ‘work’ I just use this water and use about 7 or 8 tablespoons worth as don’t want to put too little yeast in it. I also put a few drops of oil in the tin and wipe it around the tin with kitchen towel.

This is what I’ll be eating today: bread, 3 cherry tomatoes, sliced red pepper, red onion and in that little pot is a tin of tuna mixed with a spoonful of plain fat-free yoghurt and pepper. That’s two boiled eggs you see in the bag, which have been consumed already!! (Well it is 11.17!!)

Yum looking forward to lunch! Am having a run tonight so hopefully burn some cals!!

Ah – I also forgot to mention a blog I LOVE in my nominations. You might say Im biased as its my brother Jeremiah’s blog, but once you read it you’ll see why I love it.

Its entertaining, true and hilarious! Its a blog about his travelling; his goal was to go to 100 countries before he was 30, and he did it!!

Do have a peruse if you have time:

Have a lovely day.

Day 45 Cruising some more

March 15, 2012 9 comments

Good morning.

Weight this morning: 11.5, 72.2 & 159.2 pretty much the same as yesterday. At least it’s not going up!

Today I have 2 boiled eggs for breakfast, a tuna salad for lunch (tin of tuna, half a bag of salad, sprinkling of low-fat grated cheese and some sliced red onion) fat-free greek yoghurt with some splenda and oat bran for snack, and piece of my dukan chocolate cake for later. (which I’ll have to microwave and eat with yoghurt)

It will be a Protein Vegetable day today. It’s really foggy here right now and its bright!

Only 5 out of 15 people turned up to the lesson at college last night, the rest of the naughty people we revising! The college has not organised this course well at all but we knew that from the start when they told us college starts at 5pm. For an evening course. So as you can imagine I am late for this lesson every week as do not finish work until 5pm and I am 9 miles away.

Rant rant rant….lol

I bought a cupcake decorating kit yesterday (online from kgbdeals) it was £49.99 down to £14.99 and includes a cupcake stand too. Is this wishful thinking, since I can’t eat or decorate real cupcakes for at least another 6 months? Although I did see that you can buy Dukan chocolate spread on the dukan website. Did anyone notice that they advertise it as pouring over a sugar ring donut?

Like we can eat those…….

I’m so tired lately, but have a week off at easter and am going to Brussels for a few days with my fiance James so looking forward to that. I lived there from the age of 8-13 so will be strange to experience it all as an adult.

See, you learn new things about me everyday haha! I also have 3 brothers and 4 sisters and the family is getting bigger and bigger with all the babies! I now have 1 nephew and 6 nieces!  Love it! Am also hoping to go and visit my parents soon, they live in France.

Well, enough of the geography lesson, have a lovely day or night or whatever time you read this!

Oh update update: I just remembered the first blog I started reading when I began researching the Dukan diet. It was very informative and had links to everything you need when you first begin.

It motivated me to start so thanks Marshall!

If you are a new Dukaner, I would recommend reading it from the beginning.

Day 44 Pre exam day

March 14, 2012 4 comments

Hello! Yes, I have another exam tomorrow. Cramming in all the studying I can (in-between blogging,reading blogs and… oh working of course)

Just enjoying a nice cup of tea and ate my 2 boiled eggs for breakfast. I weigh a pound less than yesterday, so total weight loss is still around the stone mark. 159 lbs, 11.5 or 72 point something kilos.

I see some kind of pattern emerging. I lose weight, then on Monday I put on a few pounds, then by Thursday I have lost them, then lose a pound or so more and by Monday I’ve put a few back on again. I don’t mind so much I guess, as long as the scales are lower in the end!

Right, this weekend I am going to try to be reallllly active and get myself moving. No drinking, no sausages and heaven help me, no cake at my niece Anna’s 1st birthday party. Will make some vanilla muffins on Friday….

Have a great day everyone and thanks for reading my blog!!

Update 13.05: For lunch I had 2 chicken breasts. They were coated in garlic breadcrumbs so I had to scrape them all off lol. Was cheaper than buying fresh chicken breasts. Its so annoying that everything ‘chicken’ in the freezers at supermarkets are breaded or covered in something. Grrr.

But tasted good with a couple of slices of my oat bran bread. I’ve run out of bread now so may have to bake some tonight after college or maybe I’ll take a day off bread and have porridge tomorrow. We’ll see!!

Update over!