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September 19, 2013 4 comments

Hi everyone!

I haven’t blogged for AGES! Ihave no excuse either, I’m just being lazy.

I have not weighed myself for a few weeks, I have kind of forgotten about it. This is probably bad news as I should be taking extra care with my weight at the moment.

I am now 26 weeks pregnant, only (ONLY!)  14 weeks to go.  So 14 weeks until Christmas! Yay I love Christmas!

Food wise, I have not been eating particularly well, ‘normal’ food as some would call it. I have indulged in sweets, chocolate and bread and pasta.

Poo. I did buy some gluten free bread the other day tho!

lately, I cant be bothered to cook, or it might just be this week I’m feeling lazy.

My sister had her baby last Thursday, Alice, who weighed 9 lbs! She is massive and fills her 0-3 months sleepsuit already. My other sister is due in about 6 weeks, she lives in Qatar so I hope the healthcare is good over there! I’m sure it is. 

 College has started again and they have changed the nights to Wednesdays and Thursdays, 17.30-20.30. Dont’ even get me started on the times haha!! At least I get there late and then we finish early, it was horrible finishing at 9pm last term.

So glad this is my last year of AAT. I have one module, one project and 2 re takes to do. I may try to get it all done by December so I can relax and never think about college again once I’ve had the baby.

Health wise I feel fine, my back isn’t as weak feeling (was hard to get up and first few steps was walking like an old lady) andI don’t have pains when I turn over in bed anymore. I don’t feel sick too often either. This is my second trimester though and its supposed to be the best of all three. Will be entering my 3rd soon so I’m sure the gripes will start all over again lol! Ahh the joys of being up the duff!!

Work is draining, but I am being rather lazy lately haah!!

I found out I won’t be doing my job when I come back after maternity leave which is annoying. It means I wont be able to do what I want lol. But you never know whats going to happen. Its over a year away. I am the best at my job so maybe they will want me to do it but we shall see.

 House wise – we still have to finish the kitchen and soon we will get our spare rooms plastered so we can get cracking on those.

Things take sooo long! James is great though and has done so much.

Well thats all I have for now, I’ll weigh myself and let you know tomorrow – make you all feel better about yourselves lol.

Have a good day!!!



full fat!

August 23, 2013 Leave a comment

Good afternoon,

How is everyone today?
Day three of healthy eating – it’s still going well! Although it is Friday, a bank holiday weekend and then I have the rest of the week off. At least I can’t drink and then stuff my face after lol! Yesterdays food ended up being: B: 2 scrambled eggs cooked in butter with cheese S: Tangerine L: Leftover beef brisket, broccoli & carrot, and then greek yoghurt and blueberries S: grapes and cucumber and raisins D: Gammon, avocado and potato salad with carrots and more broccoli. So a pretty good day. I am loving avocado at the moment. Mmmmm. I felt like ‘something else’ for about an hour last night, but then forgot about it and then didn’t want anything. Phew! This morning I gave a guy at work a lift in to work and he gave me two packets of maltesers. Bless. I will have to give them away! I have not had any fizzy drinks either. Strangely I have been mega thirsty – so I spend most of my day in the toilet lol. All I’ve had is water or squash when I get home. I have bought squash that doesn’t have aspartame in it, but it did have other sweeteners, I can’t remember what they were though. Ugh, sooo busy at work right now! Some people are doing flexi hours and working til 6 (normal hours 8-5) and my colleague is off today so I am doing 8-6. I will get paid an hours overtime but humph! 😦 lol grumpy face I am so full right now. I am loving a greek yoghurt I found in Asda (supermarket in UK) its sooo good! Dover-20130823-00753 And this is my new lunch box! Cute eh? I’ve eaten most of it as you can see though haha!! Dover-20130823-00752 My ankles are getting puffy – did I mention this yesterday? 😦 Doing some ankle exercises right now! My scales said I’d gained a lb when I weighed myself this morning, but Im sure it will come off. I am definately not on a diet – just eating healthy and lots of fats for the baby! I should naturally lose a little weight, but if I just stay this weight for the rest of my pregnancy I would be ok with that. Tomorrow I am going to Pregnancy Yoga in Broadstairs with my 2 sisters who are also pregnant. Then we are going somewhere for lunch. I think this may be a hard meal to choose what to have. We havent decided where we are going yet so I can google the menu yet lol, but I will just have to choose the best I can. Maybe a salad. Soooo, have a great weekend, hope you are all doing well. I have not been able to comment on many blogs as my computer is saying ‘no’. Stupid work PC is always changing things…… Have a good one! 🙂

calories carbs and fat

April 18, 2013 2 comments

Good morning all.

How is everyone?

Last night I had a shower before going to college and caught sight of how fat my legs looked. Now, don’t get me wrong, I know I am not Obese obese, but I am still overweight and a little unhealthy.

Whenever I lose a little weight I feel spritely and so much better and kind of feel like ‘I’ve done it – I’m there’. This is just a false sense of security though. This is what causes me to eat bad again and put on weight ‘oh its only 2 slices of bread, oh its only 1 slice of cake, everyone should have cake sometimes’. Right?

Wrong. I could do this if I didn’t then go onto a carb binge, but I know I can’t help myself and the hunger takes at least a week to dissipate once I’ve stopped.

So, I need to take my body more seriously, I need to get this extra 10 kilos or so off. I know I can keep it off as I can stay the same weight.

Last summer I felt pretty good, I weighed 145 lbs, 65 kilos approximately, and I wore shorts and felt great. I was still over my ideal weight but hell I felt better.

I was probably still fat, and maybe still looked awful, I don’t know. I do know that I need to take this seriously, I need to be healthy not just look great. (but looking great is obvs my motivation – VAIN!)haha.

It annoys me when people say ‘You’re not fat, you look fine as you are’. They might mean well, and if I was 8-9 stone I could understand, but I am overweight, let’s not pretend. If I wanted to stay this size, then fine, but I don’t.

Why am I ranting? Who knows lol, I think I need to sometimes tell myself this stuff to keep me on the straight and narrow.

When I read articles about being low carb it all looks so easy to do, but when I look in my fridge when I’m hungry I never see anything easy to eat, except cheese. I may have to prepare ’emergency snacks’ for times like this. Grab and go foods for when I ‘need something NOW’.

I absolutely need to increase my vegetables intake. As I said the other day, I’ve barely eaten enough these last few weeks. Naughty me. Food shopping again tonight. Mantra mantra mantra – don’t buy any wheat free goodies…….

What a struggle lol. I am so lucky that this is my hardest thing in life right now.

Today I have: an oat bran pancake -yummy, almond muffins for lunch and 3 baby yogs. (this morning I made the almond muffins and put 2 tablespoons of cream cheese in the mix by accident, they still cooked okish, but made a right mess – we’ll see how they taste later)

I have also been eating some dry roasted peanuts the last few days and am unsure if this has flared my skin a little on my face, as there are quite a few blotches.

Earlier, the office manager went round with a bag of mini chocolate bars for everyone to have, I declined. Normally I take one for James or whatever, but knowing I’ve got a chocolate bar in my draw burning a hole in my thoughts isn’t the best idea. Take away temptation, take it away!!

Everyone probably thinks I’m a right awkward cow! Oh well. Most of the girls in the office are very slim and one of them eats non stop and doesn’t put an ounce on (though she does take drugs sometimes), another girl is so thin she looks ill but is convinced we are the same size. All she eats is biscuits – seriously. She hardly ever eats lunch (like 3 times a year) and on Mondays always talks about the pizza and sweets she ate over the weekend. Hmmm. She did used to have bulimia, I think she still has some serious issues about food, but there is no telling her she is too thin or trying to give advise. She is a slave to calories, but then strangely eats so much rubbish!!

I am still trying to eat lowish fat to follow dukan, but am still eating full fat stuff too.  (like squirty cream, yep still obsesed with it!) As long as I keep losing weight I am happy with this.

So, my weight this morning was 154.4 lbs, 70.1 kilos & 11.1 stone. Hurry up!!

No plans this weekend so probably no drinking or bad eating phew! I will go for a run tomorrow after work and then maybe Sunday too.

Well, sorry about looong post…have a great day people!!!


In Flames

March 27, 2013 1 comment

Good morning!

It’s almost the Easter holidays, I cannot wait!! I am fretting a little though about what I am going to eat as I can feel the ‘I Don’t Care’ attitude coming along.

I don’t know why, its like I am giving up and pretending I am not doing it. I was good yesterday, if you don’t count the gluten free bread I ate @ 13g a slice. (of carbs) then I asked James if he wanted anything from the kitchen and he asked for some of his marble cake from the fridge. So I got myself a piece, and another. I am such a loser! I keep re doing my ‘true weight’ on the dukan website, and I should have been at my goal weight again by April.
I seem to be good all week, then I eat one wrong thing and that snowballs me into a catastrophic week of eating rubbish.

Going to France  (this weekend) is going to be hard, all that damn baguette and treats.

I swear, I can feel the inflammation in my body building up. I feel fat again in all my clothes, even though I haven’t really put any major weight on.

OK – MUST BE GOOD. I need to psych myself up BIG TIME for this weekend and next week.

Right, today I had some gluten free bread for breakfast – another MUST: I must stop buying that crap.

For lunch I have celery with cream cheese and then I have some coconut yoghurt for later which no doubt is full of added sugar.

On one side I am lucky, I don’t have diabetes or celiac disease, I’m not massively obese. But on the other, if I carry on I could end up obese, unhappy and diabetic. No Sir I don’t want that! I remember how I used to cry all the time coz I looked so fat. I haven’t cried in over a year because of that.

Going back to the inflammation thing, my little finger hurts and so does my ankle, for no reason at all. Could it be the wheat I had in the cake, or the carbs in the gluten free bread?

Must start singing ‘Wheat’s poisen’ to myself again!

Ow what is up with my little finger, it hurts while I’m typing!!

I suppose I’ve gotten into the mindset that I’ve ‘been good’ and what harm will one little thing do?? LOTS OF HARM is the answer.

I need to get out of this rut and stop being ridiculous! yaaaa!!

The above was my ‘Introduction’ (remember writing essays at school?)

Summary: I’ve been very bad

Conclusion: Stop being a dick and eat right!

So, you see I do know what to do, I just send a message to my brain to ignore what I am doing, but then my stupid (or clever) brain will remind me later that I’ve eaten a load of crap.

Wow what a rant! Sorry!! Give me some tips to stop cheating constantly. I need to go cold turkey and suffer, I swear that will be the only thing that will work. (and I know I needn’t suffer on Dukan, but sometimes I need a little self flagellation)

In conclusion again: Err, stop eating stuff you don’t want to eat and keep preaching to people not to eat!!

On the plus side, my little finger has stopped hurting. LOL!!!

Have a great day!!

Shh wispa

March 20, 2013 Leave a comment


After my hard work I bought and ate a Wispa duo ( a chocolate bar) after college. I don’t know why I just needed something else.
Ate a giant chunk of cheese too.

WHY!!! Coz im hormonal that’s why!!

Oh well, as long as I don’t do it every day. I feel exhausted. With a capital X! I am so tired, I could hardly concentrate at college last night and all day I’ve been tired. Weird. Maybe I am not eating enough?? Might need more veg or something, or it could be just my body needing extra sleep.

If only the summer would hurry up!

Last night at college, a chinese girl brought in some ‘banana cake’. It was so strange, but yummy. It was made out of rice flour and was white little rolls with a pink middle. 


Banana cake, strange but true.

Today I made an oat bran galette for breakfast and had a omellete for lunch with salami and spinach.

This morning I had an appointment with an asthma nurse. My first one ever  – bad or what since I’ve had it from birth 31 years ago!! I hope to be given something good, I can’t come off the meds though. Boo.


Well, it’s almost the end of the work day here, thank goodness!

Off to college though – I honestly don’t have the strength – but I will go. Lol, I do sound pathetic!

See ya tomorrow!


March 13, 2013 1 comment


It’s me again! So, more disaster. I was good all day and at college, then I got home and had dinner (late at 9.20 pm) and then I ate moooore chocolate.

Well, the chocolate stores are pretty much empty now thank goodness!

I feel horrible, I weigh loads and it’s all my own fault. (If you are wondering why there was chocolate in the house in the first place, I am selling some easter hampers online)

So today, I have decided to get back on dukan completely (apart from the fat free thing) and I am going to reduce my dairy as I do eat way too  much cheese lately.

This morning I had a galette for breakfast, for lunch I have some sausages and then a small yoghurt for later. That’s it. It’s a PP day, no veg, no NOTHIN!


Poor me lol. I know you don’t have to go hungry on dukan but I just don’t have that much easy eating meat in the house. We are on such a small budget lately. Plus  today I want to suffer a little.

So it looks like I’ll be back on the eggs! Yum! I do love eggs again at the moment so I don’t mind. Shall I do two PP days? We’ll see. I have loads of veg to eat so will need to do a few PV days to eat it all.

Well, (for the millionth time) that’s the new plan!!

Have a great day all!

Winge Wednesday (!)

February 27, 2013 Leave a comment


No post yesterday – I was stressing about the exam. I have absolutely failed it this time, I couldn’t do hardly any of it. I don’t know why either, I could always do it in class and seem to have developed amnesia in this subject. I made up most of the answers for section 1 and you have to get 70% in each section so I have failed.

I know – get a grip I’m not dying – but still. 😦

On the way home from college I did the sensible thing and bought a packet of cigarettes, a bag of peanut m&ms and a bar of cadburys caramel and then ate most of it when I got home and smoked 1 cigarette.


We don’t find out the results for 6 weeks as some of it is hand marked, so I am going to study for a few hours every weekend until I can get my head around it. I should be happy really, some people have failed every single exam and had to re do them all, so failing one isn’t too bad. (YES IT IS BOOO)

So, enough about that. Weight. Up.

Obviously. I ate easter eggs galore over the last few days too so need a good wack around the head! I realised I am 9 lbs heavier than I was at my lowest last year. That’s quite a lot eh. Mini Goal 10.12 this week, so 2 lbs to lose to achieve it (or maybe 3…)

Lots of water and veg coming up!!

I hadn’t really thought or noticed before but chocolate gives me wind – big time. It must be all the sugar fermenting. Groooosssss!!

So this is whats been happening and wow I am such a winger.

Roll on Friday night so I can relax to the max! (without chocolate!)



Easter egg monster??

February 22, 2013 Leave a comment

Hello, this is turning more into a confessional diary than a diet blog!

Well, I keep saying one thing leads to another and last night instead of having any dinner I had an easter egg instead.

I was feeling quite down after work when we went shopping so got a caramel easter egg and ate the lot, 2 caramel eggs and one chocolate egg shell.

This is all stemming from eating wheat free bread all week – I know it!

So, today I had 2 boiled eggs for breakfast, I have some almond muffins for lunch and some cheese and salami for later. And a yoghurt. Damn I forgot the berries!

I will be good this weekend and hope I can meet my mini goal of 10 stone 12 (I’m back up to 11 stone now) by Sunday.

Some of the people who’s blogs I have been reading lately are really suffering, either with their allergies or partners or both. I feel for them and it makes me realize how lucky I am at the moment that my skin is ok apart from the odd blemish and that I’m not totally obese.

I should stop complaining so much

The evenings are starting to get lighter and it is nice to be driving home while it’s just about still light! Roll on summer. It’s been a very cold year here, it’s actually snowing again in some places and may snow here later. It’s nearly March- insane or what!

I didn’t give anything up for lent, but I’ve been alcohol free most of the year. Something must be wrong with me – lol! I’ve only had one night of drinking so far which is very unusual for me. My problem with losing weight last year was that I would go out, have some drinks and put on some alcohol weight.( and maybe eat some stuff I shouldnt) but this year I’m not really drinking but I am still eating the wrong  things a few times a week which is holding me back.

A few people have been blogging lately that you don’t have to exercise to lose weight, and I agree. But when I do exercise I feel like I don’t want to be bad and ruin it. So I think this does kind of keep me on the straight and narrow.

I really can’t be bothered to do any work today. It’s Friday and I’m looking forward to just going home!

Have a great day, an even better weekend and BE GOOD!


Moanday & Bluesday

December 4, 2012 2 comments

Hello, hello. I didn’t blog yesterday, it was pretty busy at work. (Plus I’m a fat failure.)

I thought I did ok at the weekend, I didn’t go out, didn’t drink any alcohol.

But instead, chocolate happened. I’ve eaten a bit of chocolate here and there before and been ok. So I’ve been fooling myself into thinking.

I was presented with many different chocolates this weekend. Someone gave us a giant box of Milk Tray (english make of chocs) so ate some of those. Then Saturday night at my sisters to watch a film and have dinner, a tin of Heroes appeared and I  ate 14 of them. (they are miniatures of caramel, twirl, dairy milk etc) I also had a bit of mash at dinner.

I even went to my nieces 2nd birthday party and took a couple of dukan oat bran muffins with me. No cake – nada.

So why did I crack later on? And, it seems, to punish myself, last night I made home made mince pies again. And ate half of them. It might have been ok if it wasn’t for the almost 100% sugar/fruit content.

My weight is crap – I should be skinny by now and I’m still at about June’s weight. I haven’t done any exercise since September (how time flies).

Wow, this is a one big moany post, sorry!!

Apart from that my meals are always low carb/dukan.  And I’m going to Paris on Friday, and I’m excited but I wanted to be thinner a) to look better and b) so I could have a treat.

How annoyed am I at myself? Very.

It proves that I’m not going to be good at Christmas as the second someone offers me chocolate, I eat it.

The only good thing is, that I haven’t had any wheat.

On Sunday while I was waiting for dinner to cook I felt really sick and I think it was from the sugar crash. I felt so hungry but sick at the same time.

I really need to work harder at not eating chocolate. I do really well at work, I never touch anything I can’t have – or don’t want-  but I think that’s more because I’ve gone on about my diet so much that I can’t fail infront of them now lol.

So, the question remains, why am I failing myself??

Hmmm, corny yet inspirational? haha!

There are my failings – I must do better. I will go buy some flaxseed/linseed on recommendation from Sandi and make my diet lower carb, coz oat bran is quite high carb when you look at the figures.

And that’s it for today!

Have a good one, and please scare me off chocolate if you can, thanks!

New Leaf wednesday

October 24, 2012 3 comments

Good morning!!

Right, I’ve decided – NO MORE WHEAT OR TREATS.

Yesterday at college I had a chocolate bar, just because I could, and then had some baguette when I got home with a turkey steak covered in breadcrumbs.

I had stomach ache and trapped wind some of the night and my arms legs and face were a bit itchy. I really have got to stop – it’s a slippery slope that just continues unless I stop.

I know I do this every week, but last night I felt fat and crap and I want to lose this weight. I asked James not to get any more crap and to not offer me bread or chocolate.

I thought about a mini attack but I’ve got loads of veg in the fridge. I’ve been eating potatoes a lot lately too, so will need to cut those out – at least until I get to my goal weight.

So, that’s my new leaf, lets hope I stick to it!!

Feels better already just knowing I’m trying to do better. Must get prepared and make some oat bran ‘treats’ for the hard times and maybe bake a loaf of bread or something.

Looking forward to half term (ie no college) next week – but I must reserve some time to study…

See ya!;)