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September 20, 2013 Leave a comment

Good morning! It’s Friday yipee!!!!

So, two posts in two days! wow. Ok I said I would tell you my weight today.

Haven’t weighed myself for a good 2-3 weeks, and have put on 4lbs in the last month. Booo. This might be normal I guess. Overall I have gained 20lbs so far, AAAAAARRRGGHHHH.

OK, so my weight today is, incidentally, the same as when I started the Dukan journey, oh about 2  years ago. Ironic? I weigh 12 stone 6 lbs……. arrgh.  Vile 😦

But I am preggers so at least I have a reason for it!

My weight was 12.2 for ages and I thought I’d stabilised my weight for a while, but I did read that the baby really starts to gain weight and get bigger in the next few weeks,

That is still no excuse for my ‘eat whatever I want’ though.

Last night I made a chilli (sans the rice) with kidney beans and garlic bread. Today I have left over chilli for lunch and I ate a cinnamon swirl for breakfast. Oopsie.

They were on sale and I just couldn’t help myself!

So there you have it, I am a wheat addicted eejit! We did decide yesterday that we need to get back into eating more veg. I hate buying it and then throwing it away though. I suggested to have an early Sunday dinner at lunch time and then for dinner we should cook whatever we have left in the fridge that is going off soon. Yesterday I had to throw away a cauliflower, a cucumber and dammit some chicken thighs that I didn’t realize had a short use by date. I put everything in the fridge left to right by use by date. That won’t last long haha!!

Anyway, that’s all I have to say for today. I will catch up on your blogs this weekend, I’ve had trouble looking at the blogger ones on my work pc and commenting.

Have a great weekend everyone!! x 🙂  

Aaaahh (sigh of relief – not scream)

November 29, 2012 2 comments

Good morning! Sigh of relief, weight is finally down a pound.

I didn’t eat too much yesterday though, porridge twice, some sausage, a bit of cheese and turkey, tea coffee water, and some almonds. When I got home from college I couldn’t be bothered to have any dinner and there was nothing easy to eat so I just didn’t eat.

Today, I have a 2 egg omelette with ham and (low fat) cheese for lunch, porridge for brekkie and some sausage for a snack along with leftover yoghurt.  It’s so easy to eat a whole big tub of yoghurt, I have to stop myself half way through. Especially low fat or fat free, it doesn’t fill you up as much as full fat.

A dinner I made on Monday, a chicken breast which I squished out with a rolling pin, put a raw sausage in the middle with some low fat cheese, then rolled up, put on a sprinkle of cajun spices and put in the oven. It was delicious.

It’s pretty cold today and my work fleece has shrunk a little on the arms, so these are keeping me toasty!! They go all the way up to the elbows.

Been quite sneezy today and yesterday, I hope it’s not a cold on its way. Will make sure dinner tonight includes a lot of vegetables.

Not going out again this weekend, I REALLY need to study and also want the weight loss. Did have two invites to go out, but said no. People are going to start thinking I’m pregnant! (I’m not)

‘Elf Night’ isn’t until mid December now, cannot wait!!!

I’ve been thinking about Christmas. I planned to let myself have two days off but now I’m thinking that I will have two days off but not have any wheat. So chocolate and sweets –  yes, wheat – no.

So that means I can have a few roast potatoes too and I will try not to go overboard on the chocolate. I really hope I don’t throw this out the window the second I walk through my parents front door!! It is a chocolicious house and my mum is always offering treats. At least if I allow myself some things, I won’t go insane and eat a whole baguette and a tin of heroes.

It is such a mental battle sometimes, so if I say I can have what I want, then I won’t feel like I’m depriving myself and go off on a binge. Hopefully.

I might buy some gluten free crackers ( I know I know) so I can have a little cheese and biscuits. How very British. Or French? I dunno.

I have my car MOT in December so need to buy a few little bits to spruce it up a bit. Luckily the guys at work will check my car over for me before I take it,so fingers crossed it wont cost me much.

So that’s all my news for today!!

Have a good one!! 🙂

November 22, 2012 1 comment

Morning, good morning.

So, last night was fun, we bought an xbox kinect and put up the Christmas tree!

I am obsessed with Christmas I think…..

I need to buy some more lights this weekend as for some reason only half the tree got covered!

This is the dinner I made last night, chicken breast with mushrooms onion and leafy greens. I cooked it in coconut oil and sprinkled a little cajun spices on it – WOW it was soooo delicious.

I have a little left over for today, along with some dukan bread and some chicken slices. For breakfast I had a 2 egg omelette with ham and cheese.

This is my niece Bella, I think she is also doing Movember, but with chocolate:

Aah, she looks so tired and hot!! How cute is she?

So college was cancelled last night and alas I did not revise. But I will tonight, I have a mock exam paper I have printed off so will defo do it.

Last night when I went to bed I took a half full packet of huh herm, honey roast peanuts. Why!! I was going to bed to read for a bit oops.

Weight today was down about 200g which probably weighs less than a wee.  As long as I am good and have no alcohol I may be ok this weekend.

Maybe I’ll do a bit of baking and make some dukan muffins, the dukan bread is starting to make me gag a little lol. Or maybe I could make the dukan bread that you put in the oven… we’ll see.

When is Thanksgiving? Any excuse for a roast dinner.haha

So, have a good day everyone!


Day 297

November 21, 2012 Leave a comment

Good morning everyone!!

You will be pleased to hear that I was good yesterday. I went to college, well I forced myself to go after trying to talk myself out of it all day. …anyway, and when I got home James had made me 2 homemade burgers! He didn’t make any bread or chips to accompany mine so I was glad about that.

Today I had 2 scrambled eggs with a bit of ham for breakfast, for lunch I have some dukan bread with chicken slices, low fat yoghurt and a left over burger.

That should be enough.

College has been cancelled tonight (YESSSS!!) so I might put the Christmas tree up!!  It is bad though that they cancelled our lesson tonight as our exam is in 4 weeks and I don’t know half of it yet! So I must MUST force myself to do some revision after work, even for an hour.

I will put a reminder in my phone….DONE

So that’s all really…weight is back to 151, 10.11 & 68.5. Frustrating when you put weight back on isn’t it?

If I could just get to 138-139lbs then I wouldn’t mind gaining a few lbs on that and being that weight for a while.

I suppose you could call it a mini goal: lose 10 lbs.

I have no plans this weekend – so I will NOT DRINK or eat rubbish.

James wants to buy a kinect for the xbox so maybe I can do a bit of exercise on that…haha!

So long 😉



Day 296

November 20, 2012 1 comment

Good morning!

Twilight was really good! I took a pepsi max (all aspartamed out now) and I had some dark chocolate which I had melted into a round thing with peanut butter in the middle. Not the healthiest – or worst- thing I could have eaten, but seriously yummy! So I didn’t buy or eat any other treats.

In a bit of a bad mood as some people at work are really effing me off today…..

Apart from that, all is well. Weight is down a little.

Today I ate: 2 egg omelette with cheese and ham for breakfast, then some leftover chicken, mushroom and onion which I made last night using coconut oil. It tasted sooo good!

I also had some gluten free crackers with a bit of hummus… I know its bad!! Is it a goodish bad?  These are the little things I need to cut out.

I also made 3 days worth of dukan bread so had some of that with some chicken too.

I must keep on being prepared and have foods ready to eat that I can eat, or think of easy meals to make so I don’t end up really hungry and grab the first thing I see.

Its only Tuesday… how depressing! I don’t have any plans this weekend so I am going to sort out all my insurances, car, home and mortgage etc as they all run out at some point this month!

Our rip off 2 year fixed deal also ends so I am looking forward to dropping our payments and going onto the low variable rate.

Yay, I am really sad and love talking about  mortgages and mortgage rates….haha!!

I drive an old banger so I am going to look for the cheapest car insurance I can find.  It is very reliable though, I’ve had it three years and its year 1993 so maybe I’ll throw it a 20th birthday party next year lol.

I’ve just started reading ‘The girl with the dragon tattoo’. My sister lent it to me and said I had to read it.

Am thinking of starting a blog about my pet peeves so I can rant!

I did start my wedding blog, but haven’t had much time to update it.

If you wanted to take a sneaky peak:

(that’s a mouthful!)

Having just re read my post today, its all a bit random! Enjoy!

yay its friday

November 16, 2012 1 comment

Good morning!

I was a little disappointed again this morning with my weight but it was down slightly from yesterday so it is moving in the right direction.

Feel sooo tired!! Sipping lemon and hot water again, psychologically I feel good haha! I always get up out of bed at the last possible second and I think I pay for it in the morning as I’m in a rush and feel like I haven’t woken up properly.

I drove to work way to fast (7 minutes) and got here just in time. I must make my lunch in the evening as that’s usually what takes ages.

Yesterday, food wise, the only bad thing I had was a mocha and some coconut yoghurt. And a piece of dark chocolate. Arrrgh. When you eat these little things it doesn’t seem like you’re cheating until you add them all up! Oh and some almonds….yikes.

Last night I made dukan pizza, it is sooo good. We shared half each and were stuffed! I can’t believe I used to make us one each.

Todays food is: oatbran made into porridge with a bit of cinnamon, a bowl of tomatoes, cucumber, chicken and cheese, 2 scrambled eggs and some plain almonds for later if I get hungry.

Well tonight is my Girls Christmas do..only 4 out of 9 can make it though now doh! Haha oh well. I will be having a salad and a few drinks and then must get home before midnight so I don’t spend tomorrow feeling awful.

Brrr cold and tired, I wish I was in bed!!

Have a great day, I wish I was on the other side of the world in the warmth…..

Low Low Low low

June 1, 2012 5 comments

A new low this morning, 149.6, 67.8 and still 10.10.

That’s .02 oz lower than a week or so ago when I dipped into the 149s.  yay!!

Did another work out last night, that’s the 3rd this week! That’s amazing for me! I know I should be doing this everyday or at least walking for 30 minutes, oops!

I’ve kind of jumped to week 5 of the C25K. I walked for 5 minutes, then was gonna run for 17 (upping it a minute every time I work out) but then decided to go for the full 20, and I did it! It was tough. I was sweating like a pig, trying to breathe, boiling hot and of course purple in the face. I don’t think my purple work out face is ever going to disappear! (obv only when Im working out, my face isn’t always purple lol)

I kept checking the time on the treadmill, but kept it on the distance setting. Watching the seconds pass is too agonising. It felt great afterwards!! 20 minutes is going to have to be my limit for now, I need to get comfortable with it before I can go past it.

So, all in all things are good!! Only today left at work then a week off!! Its my birthday Sunday and my brother Jeremiah is coming down today from Norway! We are the same age for 3 days until his birthday on June 6th. Twins for 3 days a year!!

I also ate 2 of 3 dukan biscuits yesterday, definately over my oat bran allowance for the day. They were ok, a bit hard and cardboardy. They are coconut flavour.  All I had for dinner was some chicken. Bought a fresh chicken from Tesco and ate some of that.

For lunch I have (yup you guessed it) chicken, cucumber, red pepper, low fat cheese, one oat bran muffin bread thingy, a bit of sausage for later. Breakfast is oat bran clusters (35 g – 5 g over hee hee)

Looks a bit like a cat litter tray haha!!

So that’s it! Have a great weekend everyone!!


May 21, 2012 4 comments

Good morning all! I’ve twisted my neck somehow and its killing me! Oh well, I’m also taking a half day so going home in just over an hour – yipeeee!!!

Well, I did alright this weekend. Did an hour on the treadmill Saturday morning, running and walking, then I ran for 10 minutes straight. Then I did some hard core house work for 4 hours. Was sooo tired!!

Made a big breakfast with scrambled eggs, sausages, mushrooms, oatbran bread for me and tiger bread for James (lucky bleeeep).

Saturday night we headed down to the beach to watch Grease with picnic basket, blankets, rugs and wine. I brought some cut up sausage too to keep me going. It had been a nice warm day and stayed quite warm until the wind picked up about 8.30. The screen they used didn’t have very good sound and there were no speakers apart from the ones on the screen so didn’t hear much. A lot of people left due to the sound and probably because it got quite cold too. We ended up moving closer to the screen to get shelter from the people around us! Luckily it was nice and warm under the blanket. I drank a bottle of wine and then we carried on and went to the pub too. Felt very sick yesterday, worst hangover for a long time. I had no plans though so stayed in bed and watched telly.

So apart from the excessive alcohol consumption, I did ok on the diet. Did not weigh myself this morning, but will do tomorrow. Naughty me!

Actually, I did drink a can of coke. I felt so ill that when James brought me that back from the shop I had to drink it.  Didn’t eat much yesterday, a bit of chicken with low fat creme fraiche.

I baked some bread the other day and used ground almonds instead of wheat bran. I know its high in fat but I wanted to cut out wheat and couldn’t think of anything else to replace it! The bread came out really nice though, a lot lighter in colour and not so stodgy. I only put it one and a half tablespoons of it in.

I made a batch of vanilla muffins using stevia and made 5 of them chocolate. You were right Anna , stevia does not work!! Even the vanilla ones were a bit bitter, I will add more in future. Wont be making the chocolate ones again with stevia though, they were very bitter. Yuk!

Right, well gotta get my work done before midday!! See ya all tomorrow!! I look forward to being told off for a) not weighing myself and b) drinking too much!!

May 17, 2012 4 comments

Morning all!

68.4, 10.11 & 150 point somet. I think this is the lowest I have weighed so far!

I always weigh myself before I get in the shower then have to chant the numbers in my head lol, this is why I usually forget the pounds & ounces conversion.

I am feeling hungry today. Last night I made a mustard and yoghurt mix and coated some diced chicken in it. Fried off some onions, mushrooms and lazy garlic too.  Ate that with some steamed asparagus and a bit of broccoli.

That’s all my leftover bits used! I hate throwing things away so glad I could make a meal out of all of it.

I just realized, Im only 4 lbs away from my ‘Birthday goal weight’ of 10.7. Not really that much? If I just don’t cheat or drink and do some exercise I bet I can do it! Unfortunately (lol) a town 5 mins away called Broadstairs is airing Grease on an outdoor cinema on the beach and its free!! Woohoo! Going to that on Saturday night and will bring a bit of wine or something with me I’m sure. Am planning to stick to it food wise though! Really looking forward to it. Will be bringing a blanket etc as is still quite cold.

Having a run tonight, the first one this week after my failed efforts to get up early! I wonder if my allergy tablets make me really tired? My mum mentioned it as she said she finds it really hard to get up too.

So far today I have had one tablespoon of oatbran porridge, a chunk of low fat cheese this morning while I was making my lunch (gulp) and a dukan choc muffin.

For lunch I have left over chicken from yesterday, a few slices of ham, a bit of cheese, and I also brought two eggs incase I need them later. Will have to scramble them in the microwave. I wonder if I’m ready to eat boiled eggs again? Maybe if they were still warm and in a salad.

Need to go food shopping tonight, have run out of dukan bread too so need to make another batch. May also try some of the rolls or buns I’ve seen recipes for. Will get onto it!!

Enjoy your day!


Day 58

March 27, 2012 1 comment


Dinner last night was chicken with garlic, mushrooms, onions and a fried egg. Sounds weird, tasted good!  Was still starving so ate some more chicken and then had a cup of tea with 2 of my mini muffins. (While James ate a flake easter egg – hope he gets really fat lol)

Had a run/walk too, did two miles.  Feels good!! College tonight so doubt I’ll get any exercise done but there’s no college Wednesday this week so can go for a run!! Also did some weights. I bought a gyroball, it’s really aches your arms! (it’s a plastic things with a moving ball inside that tones your arms)

I have another exam on Thursday and that’s the last one for a while, phew! Can’t wait to get it over with. Will be doing some revision when I can squeeze it in today.

Weight wise, I’m up from last week, but I did expect that after having a drink and also ‘code red’ is here at the moment. (Which is why I was so MOOODY yesterday hahah!!)

So have a great day and see you all tomorrow!