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September 20, 2013 Leave a comment

Good morning! It’s Friday yipee!!!!

So, two posts in two days! wow. Ok I said I would tell you my weight today.

Haven’t weighed myself for a good 2-3 weeks, and have put on 4lbs in the last month. Booo. This might be normal I guess. Overall I have gained 20lbs so far, AAAAAARRRGGHHHH.

OK, so my weight today is, incidentally, the same as when I started the Dukan journey, oh about 2  years ago. Ironic? I weigh 12 stone 6 lbs……. arrgh.  Vile 😦

But I am preggers so at least I have a reason for it!

My weight was 12.2 for ages and I thought I’d stabilised my weight for a while, but I did read that the baby really starts to gain weight and get bigger in the next few weeks,

That is still no excuse for my ‘eat whatever I want’ though.

Last night I made a chilli (sans the rice) with kidney beans and garlic bread. Today I have left over chilli for lunch and I ate a cinnamon swirl for breakfast. Oopsie.

They were on sale and I just couldn’t help myself!

So there you have it, I am a wheat addicted eejit! We did decide yesterday that we need to get back into eating more veg. I hate buying it and then throwing it away though. I suggested to have an early Sunday dinner at lunch time and then for dinner we should cook whatever we have left in the fridge that is going off soon. Yesterday I had to throw away a cauliflower, a cucumber and dammit some chicken thighs that I didn’t realize had a short use by date. I put everything in the fridge left to right by use by date. That won’t last long haha!!

Anyway, that’s all I have to say for today. I will catch up on your blogs this weekend, I’ve had trouble looking at the blogger ones on my work pc and commenting.

Have a great weekend everyone!! x 🙂  

Confessions… (sound ominous? haha!)

April 9, 2013 3 comments


Ok, I’ll admit how fat I am: Yesterday I weighed 11.5, 71.9kg, 158.6 lbs.

Today I weigh: 11.3, 71.4kg & 157.4 lbs. So at least it’s going down. We all like to know the nitty gritty don’t we?

This is still good news in the whole scheme of things, but it also means I have gained about a stone since last year. Bugger. Not good and I’m not happy with it.

I did ok yesterday until I decided to pop to the shop to get some snacks for today. I couldn’t find anything I wanted, only packets of meat (sandwich fillers) that contain sugar etc so I don’t want to munch on them. Then I saw a packet of cookies from £1.00 down to 55p. I’m a sucker for a bargain and I could already taste the soft cookie….

2 and a half cookies later…..

So that was my only bad. At about 10pm I really fancied something else, but I resisted. (for once) I have to keep reminding myself that I can’t eat after 8pm as I have some new tablets that you are supposed to take at night on an empty stomach. (my asthma tablets – singulair)

You’d think with the upcoming wedding etc I’d be stronger.

Well, last night I watched a few videos and listened to some radio links, some from Dr Pompa about insulin resistance (thanks Lynda) and some from the wellness guys about grains. I want to try to listen to a few things like this a week until I get it in my head to stop eating grains and sugar, at least 95% of the time.

I really want to read and listen to more about insulin resistance and this is definitely why I can’t lose weight the normal way (or weigh haha!)

So I must remind myself, NO GRAINS, NO WHEAT, NO SUGAR. Then my body can repair itself and start to burn the fat stores.

Hope some of this help!


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Friday yayday

March 22, 2013 2 comments


Seems I didn’t get round to posting yesterday! I had my hair cut after work and its sooo much nicer now. It was way too long and shapeless. A girl in my accounts course is a hairdresser so she came round and did it for me for a £10er.

It’s also pay day today – yay! But then booo as it’s all gone by 9am lol. Just kidding it’s not that bad this month.

I’ve decided that the only way we can get married this year is if I don’t pay off my credit cards, it may sound stupid but it’s not. I’m gonna pay the minimum balance until the wedding and then do a 0% balance transfer and then pay it off next year. Then save the money I would have used to pay the card off for the wedding.

Otherwise it just won’t happen. I will still have the debt for another year but it is interest free so it’s not tooooo bad.

Normally I’m very ‘Get rif of debt blablabla’ but I’m putting my love future before my money future. Lol.

So, the other day I went to see the asthma nurse, and she actually called me back the next day and said they are going to give me montelukast (singulair) for a month to see how I get on.

I can’t belive its taken them (and me admittedly) to do something. The thing is, I had no idea that when you exercise, if you have your asthma under control you’re not supposed to have an asthma attack every time you go running.

I simply thought that it was just tough and that was what happened.

This is great news! I also read that it helps allergies too so I’m REALLY excited about that as I do get bad hayfever etc.

On the (possible) bad side I read some reviews that said it gave them depression and suicidal tendencies – but lets just hope I don’t get this.

I’ve asked James to let me know if my mood changes. He said there won’t be any difference if I do get it – haha. Meanie.

I really hate admitting failures but we went food shopping last night before dinner and it was later than normal as I had my hair cut. I bought M&Ms and wheat free (sugar laden) biscuits. Grrrrr.

On the plus side I have been having my dukan galette for breakfast the last few days. My weight is still around the 153-154.

Having a drink tonight so I must be prepared for my hangover tomorrow. I am going to have a ‘veggie juice’ when I get up tomorrow. And of course, I am going to take it easy tonight. ( the most sensible option)

So, have a great weekend, enjoy and be good (says I the biggest cheater!)


Friday already!

June 15, 2012 6 comments

Yipee it’s almost the weekend!

So, yesterday I had a genius idea! The savoury dukan bread I have been making, I cut it in the middle and turned it into a pitta bread pocket!! yay!

Yummy with ham and cheese.

Had that for lunch again today. I’ve realized that I’ve been on mostly PP days with added cucumber and cherry tomatoes.

I think I need to eat some proper veg this weekend!

Last night I made ‘Sylvia’s soft buns’  for the first time. They came out pretty well. I’m not 100% on them. They were good but they are a bit light. I had the left over ones today for breakfast with scrambled egg and ham and made it into a little sandwich. I toasted it for a minute beforehand. I enjoyed this one, so may make them again.

Soft buns

This was dinner of soft buns, cherry toms, spring onion, yellow pepper and chicken nuggets. (there are some chicken nugget pieces in my roll already!)

I’m debating on going for low-fat or just normal fat instead of fat free. Those of you who are with the ‘food revolution’ know that fat is actually good for you and doesn’t infact, make you fat.

Even though I know this, I’m still scared incase I stop losing weight or even put on weight. I guess I can do it for a week and see what happens.

So, will go shopping tonight and find the yoghurt with the lowest carbs & sugar and forget fat content. Same with cheese.

One thing that is hard is having to make everything from scratch. It’s great in one way because you know exactly what’s in it but it takes so much time. Damn convenience food for making us forget how to make real food!

It’s worth the extra effort. I’ve actually never felt better. I have not been ill for ages, my allergies aren’t too bad (I still take an antihistamine every day). Usually I would be ill at least once a month with a cold etc, even in summer.

I also still take vitamin C, vitamin B6 to banish the evil Shannon that appears once a month and also multi vitamin with iron.

It would be nice to be able to buy something ‘real’ in the supermarket, that’s fresh and ‘convenient’ too but that won’t give you crazy cravings, a blood spike and crash, or make you ill and fat. Basically, I need a Paleo – Dukan – Primal store to open. Padupri. Not a bad name haha!! Sounds french too!  Your welcome Dr Dukan!!


Well, I actually made myself chuckle there, not being too big headed!

So, my weight: 10.10, 67.9 & 149.6.

Have a great weekend!

Found this blog via a comment on Lynda’s blog:

Pretty interesting reading, especially the ‘Success Story’ part. Really shows you how what we’ve been told is ruining people’s lives and their health.




Day 121 woah!

May 29, 2012 9 comments

Good afternoon! Today my weight is 10.10, 150.4lbs and 68.6kg. (at least I think it was 68.6…) It’s not going up above 10.10 for a while which is great, but obviously I want it to go down 3 lbs by Sunday!

This morning I had cereal for the first time in 4 months or so! I bought the Dukan Oat bran crisp red berry cereal which is either your oat bran allowance for the day or as your tolerated item.  I weighed out 30 g which was not a lot at all. It does taste good though! I had a little in some natural yoghurt last night too.

And compared to other cereal its only got 89 calories per 30 g (before milk). I know Im not counting calories (THANK GOODNESS) but it’s nice to see how low they are anyway.

I also tried an oat bran bar, hazelnut and chocolate when I got home. Yes, you guessed it, my Dukan parcel came!! They are ridiculously small, but I was actually full until 8 when I had dinner.

(or maybe I have a GIANT hand haha)

I ate the bar, had a 30 minute workout on the treadmill then a bit of raking in the garden.

James made turkey burgers, onion, red onion, mushrooms and a bit of low fat cheese and also a big dollop of low fat creme fraiche. So pretty much a PP dinner.

Today I have had: oat bran cereal with milk

cheese, cucumber, red onion (yes my breath stinks now) and two left over turkey burgers. Also 2 oat bran bread muffins. I also have the oat bran bar for later. I reckon I could make them. They cost £3.85 for 6 miniscule bars.

Anyway, yesterday at work, I was tapping away on my keyboard at work (actually working and not writing blogs heehehe) when my right side (face)cheek area started to pulsate and twitch a bit. I couldn’t believe it! I haven’t touched aspartame for weeks, I thought to myself as I chewed my chewing gum. My sugar free chewing gum. My aspartame filled sugar free chewing gum. DAMMIT!!! Yup, silly me.

Does that mean I’m gonna have to have normal chewing gum? I wonder how much sugar is in it etc. I do really think that the aspartame was the cause of the twitch. How strange. As my friend Amy said the other day, she’d rather be fat than die of cancer. (from aspartame)

SOOOO, that was my discovery. I ran 15 whole minutes on the treadmill without stopping. Not amazing, but my best yet this year!!

Also, I fit into a pair of work trousers that I once tried on a year ago and they were the typical ‘ I can get them on, but the zip top is a good 10cm apart’ like a big V. They now fit and I am wearing them (bit tight now I’ve eaten though gulp!)

Enjoy your avo!!