Long time no see!

Hi there, I know I haven’t blogged for a while. I had a week off, we went to visit my parents in Boulogne and then I tried to stay out of James way while he did stuff around the house.

I no longer feel sick from my pregnancy, but am still struggling to eat well.

Cooking is kinda back on, but it’s mostly oven stuff and boiled tinned veggies. Not the greatest. I’m praying the kitchen will be in in 3 weeks max. Cannot wait!

on the weight front, I have put on a few pounds. Looking at my diary from a few months ago I have gained 9 lbs. Grrr. I know I am pregnant but hell – that’s a lot! I don’t really feel fatter except for my bump, but still!

I read the average weight gain in 30lbs, so if I only (only!!) put on 10lbs per trimester, then I’m on target. But the baby grows a lot – and quickly later, so I am going to have to be better on the eating front.

I haven’t done any exercise really, the other day I was in a rush and walked to town and back, man was it knackering!

Race For Life is this Sunday ( a charity 5km run/jog/walk) which I am participating in, but I will be walking it  now, not running. Mainly as I am taking as little asthma medication as possible and running will literally kill me plus with the pains I get just turning over in bed, running is NOT a good idea for me.

I bought some oat granola the other day which I have been enjoying, then I realised that the second ingredient is sugar. What a joke!!

Once I’ve finished it, I will buy some oats, raisins almonds etc and make my own. Way healthier!

My previous posts talked about how I got allergic reactions to peaches and nectarines, so I have bought some mandarins and apples. Yum! No reactions so far!

Last night in the UK there was a programme on BBC1 called Britain’s favourite supermarket foods. It was very interesting as it was testing how we see food and what makes us eat more etc. The presenter did a test on biscuits, and found that we eat more when there is more choice and less if there is only say, 1 type of biscuit.  This is also why, even when stuffed on a main course you can still fit in pudding as your brain knows its a different food so can manage to want it.

The presenter was also given a challenge with almonds. She was told that even though they are very high in fat, (yup, people are still afraid) that you can actually lose weight eating them. She was given enough for a month and was told to eat 3 portions a day, which equated to 500 kcals.  The presenter was quite scared as did not want to put on weight.  After the month, she had only gained 1lb, whereas you would expect to gain 4lbs if you counted the extra fat and calories.

It was very interesting anyway, I just wish people would do experiments to show that fat doesn’t make you fat. I do believe though, that low fat can help you lose weight, but if you eat right with high fat, you can also lose weight as you will be less hungry.

La la la la la – that’s my words of wisdom for the day!!

Back to pregnancy…… (yes its going to crop up a lot!) I should be getting my 20 week scan through the post soon and fingers crossed we will find out the gender of the baby!! I am so excited! Then I can really start shopping hee hee…..

So only 2.5 weeks and I will be half way through my pregnancy! How crazy is that!

I am really looking forward to not working for 9 months and if everything works out with my childcare plans, then I can return to work part time. I would rather not return for at least a year but financially it is not possible. 😦

Oh well, life goes on! At least (at the moment) work are going to be flexible and let me return part time, 2 and a half days a week.  One of my sisters and my mother in law are going to watch the baby 1 day each, and then I’ll either have to pay nursery fees for the half day, or see if his mum will do 1.5 days.

Hopefully everything will work out!

In the UK you get statutory maternity pay, which isn’t a whole lot, £136 a week. It defo better than nothing though! I know in some countries you get nothing. But it would be nice for my multi million pound company to give me a little pay after working there for 6 years AND I’ll be going back after.

So, that’s my news and moans for the day!! Have a great one!

We are having a heat wave so its pretty hot here YAY!!!! 🙂



  1. July 19, 2013 at 1:51 pm

    I’m so happy so see an update! Sounds like things are going marvelously! There is a fabulous group on Facebook – Paleo Pregnancy and they eat a pretty clean diet with lots of support and recipes and ideas… Check it out https://www.facebook.com/groups/238660036198127/
    Have a good 5K… I hope your weather is holding out for a decent summer!

    • July 22, 2013 at 8:30 am

      Thanks Sandi, the 5k was alright, I walked it in 53 minutes! Feeling pretty tired today though! 🙂

      • July 22, 2013 at 2:26 pm

        I bet you are! Great exercise though 🙂

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