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Good morning!

How is everyone lately?

So as you know, I’ve been able to eat too healthily lately, but today for the first time in months, I fancy vegetables. Like maybe carrot sticks and dippy things like that. With hummus.

All this week I have been having a sandwich with cream cheese for breakfast as we had run out of milk and since we have ripped out the kitchen ceiling ready for the electrician, I can’t bear (bare??) to be in there or eat anything that’s lying around.

I have been waking up really hungry and so eat my sandwich when I get to work (sneakily at my desk lol) and I tell you what, it so does not fill you up! I am still hungry afterwards for at least 30 minutes and want more sarnies.

Wheat does not fill you up.

Today I also have a cream cheese sandwich for lunch, a bit rubbish I know. I also have a banana and a packet of oreos. (just 2 biscuits inside – what was I thinking? I need more haha!)  Oh and a coconut activia yoghurt.

Seriously starving right now. My poor body and all this wheat and carbs.

At least its popped into my head to eat something nicer and healthier. I may also buy some rice crackers or something like that and see how I get on with those.

I can’t eat nectarines or peaches anymore. Every time I do I get a reaction and my lips swell up and tingle, normally this is only a slight reaction but now it actually really stings and hurts and last about 2 hours before going down. I used a knife the other day too so the juice wouldn’t touch my lips but it still happened. Dammit.

My weight is still the same, it went down a lb yesterday but is back up again today. I so do not want to put excess weight on. I have my fingers crossed that I turn into one of those people that get really skinny after having a baby.

(Err not sure what happened there but it just published my post  – I’m not finished yet!!)

Or maybe I am finished. Its disrupted my flow now!

Oh well have a great day everyone!!! 🙂

  1. June 20, 2013 at 3:19 pm

    I’m on Day 4 Dukan attack and down 6 pounds 🙂
    There is an awesome Pregnant and Paleo group on Facebook if you’re interested…
    I’m actually nearly done creating a nutrition program for pregnant women that is based around the principles of high protein, moderate carb and fats. I can’t wait to start teaching it!

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