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Monday again?

Hello everyone,

How was your weekend? Mine went way too quickly.

We bought some new doors for our kitchen and hallway and a carpenter round yesterday to fit them. Yay! Will really feel the difference  in winter as we had no downstairs interior doors last winter as James had ripped them all out.

The house is coming along finally. We decided to take out a little loan and just get the whole house done. We are waiting for some quotes to come in for double glazing, as our whole house needs new windows.

Then we will get a new kitchen, new front door, new carpets and do all the bedrooms. I’m so excited, we’ve lived in a semi dump for 2.5 years and it feels good to know it’s almost over!

I will take some pics to show you what we have done and some before/after pics of the garden. James has done such an amazing job on the garden it really is a transformation.

Didn’t do much this weekend, but my little sister was in a car crash. She was hit by a van and oh my goodness is she lucky, only a bruised foot and banged head. We are so thankful she is ok.  She is still shook up about it, bless her. Together with my other sister, we have ordered her a bunch of flowers and some chocolates as surprise – she should get them tomorrow.  (She had better not chose today to start reading my blog lol)

My weight is still the same, around 155-156 lbs.  I have been eating some rice krispies, which are quite high in carbs I guess but it’s the only thing I can face at the moment. My appetite has gone awol.

Keep it up everyone – hope you all had a great weekend and kept to your diets/lifestyles.

Write again soon 🙂

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