Dream phone

Hello how is everyone doing today?

My colleague has a weeks holiday so I don’t have  a lot of time to blog this week.

Over the weekend, I went to my nephews birthday party. I did eat a cupcake. Woops. We also took him for breakfast, but the place we wanted to go was shut for some reason and we didnt want to spend a fortune, so ended up taking him to Mcdonalds (silly us) and buying him a moshie monster magazine.

It was quite warm over the weekend, which was nice. We have also inherited a fish tank and some fish. My friend was sick of it and the upkeep so gave it to us for free. When we picked it up one of her kids was crying her eyes out – poor thing. ‘But she doesnt know any of their names’ she sobbed. Bless.



Cool eh? It’s called a Fruval edge tank.

When shopping for my nephews birthday present  last week in Smyths toy shop, I came across this and remembered I always wanted one HAHA.


If it hadnt been so expensive I may have even bought it. 😉

I got Zach, my nephew, a 3DS game called err what was it called? Some undercover chase thing. He went crazy when he saw it bless him as it was exactly what he wanted.

Not much news today, see you all tomorrow! 🙂

P.S This morning I had a dukan pancake cooked in butter with some strawberries. It was SOOOO delicious………….kinda low carb, kinda dukan.

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