La la la

Good morning.

So, I managed to go a day without eating a magnum. When we went shopping I almost bought more and James said ‘but there’s one left at home’ to which I responded ‘yeah but that’s your one’

How weird haha! I realized how strange my thinking was so didn’t buy any more in the end. Even though they were half price and delicious. Sob.

Last night we had cauliflower rice with sausage, shallots, and spinach. Yum>leftovers for today’s lunch with some baby leaf salad. For breakfast I have two boiled eggs and some yoghurts for later.  That’s it today, no more snacky snacks all day. Though I do have nuts if I get hungry.

Sometimes I worry that I am not eating enough carbs from vegetables, as I am probably not eating enough veg in the evenings. I don’t generally have veg during the day and then with college etc where I don’t always have dinner in the evening. Hmmm, what do you think?

I should prepare some vegetables to munch on during the day and ensure I get some more into my diet.??

It was a lovely warm day here yesterday which I didn’t get to enjoy as was stuck indoors all day, but that’s the way life is when you work full time. At least it’s not horrible anymore. Today it is raining and only about 12 degrees C or so but it beats being Zero degrees!!

I think our long winter is over! yipeeeee!!!!!

My boss just shouted at me because I forgot to do something yesterday. She said it’s an audit fail. AND? When are they going to realize that we don’t care if we pass the audit as we get no praise anyway?? They usually buy us pizza or donuts – woopee doo.

Which I don’t eat. So I get nada. The top managers get a bonus so of course they care. 😦 hmph! Show me the money or a real incentive – then we might give a cr*p!

Rant over with. I am normally 100% with my job anyway so it annoys me when I forget one little thing and they go crazy, plus it’s not just my job anyway but she aimed all her anger at me. Whatevs.


So, how is everyone doing? Exercise? Eating well? My weight was up a little (somehow the scales have come back to life) but hey ho. Surely 2 magnums don’t equal 1lb? My body hates me.


Well, have a good day all and a great weekend 🙂



  1. April 26, 2013 at 2:05 pm

    Good post for Friday. I am right now fighting with myself to not bake a cake… but it´s hard. I don´t know who is going to win my craves or my laziness.

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