magnum pi


Meet MMM: massive magnum mistake number 2


Oops. There is one left and I will have to force feed it to James.

I’m not sure why I am sabotaging myself, but I am.

Stop. It. Shannon.

Apart from that I’ve been good. This morning I had a dukan pancake for breakfast with no sweetener, just plain. For lunch I have 2 almond and flaxseed muffins with some ham and 3 mini fromage frais yoghurts. I also have some peanuts and almonds if I need a little snack.

The battery on my scales said ‘Lo’ so I couldn’t weigh myself. Grrr so annoying. I’m sure it’s about the same anyway.

Last night we had turkey and broccoli and some tinned carrots. Ugh the carrots were gross. When we ate them last year we really liked them, obviously we hadn’t eaten real ones for a while.

Shopping night again. Feels like only this week we went shopping!

I didn’t go to college last night, I just couldn’t face it this time.

We are going to see our bank about borrowing a bit of money on our mortgage so we can finish doing up our house. It won’t cost much more a month (according to their website) so it will be worth it. Our kitchen is pretty gross and we need new windows and a new boiler etc. I rang them up to get an appointment for a Saturday, and the guy was really surprised that they had one this week! He said it must be a good omen as they are normally booked up for months on Saturdays! YAY!
Pretty excited! I hope we can borrow the money!

Apart from that, I have my nephews birthday party on Sunday (stay away from the cakes!) (maybe I’ll eat before hand so I’m stuffed when I get there!) and just general cleaning and reading and watching Dawson’s Creek.

Yup, I’ve started watching it on Netflix.  A bit sad I know, I used to watch it years ago but never saw it from the beginning.

 Has anyone noticed some video adverts appearing at the bottom of their/my blog? Never saw them before. But they are nothing to do with me!

Have a good day all 🙂 


  1. April 29, 2013 at 9:31 pm

    those look pretty dangerous Shannon 😦

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