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caught in a trap

Good morning everyone! How are you all?

I think I have reached that point already where I think ‘Hey I’ve lost quite a bit of weight, that means I can have a Magnum’.

Yup I had a chocolate Magnum (ice cream) yesterday. It was delicious.

BUT, it reminded me to stop being ridiculous!! No more.

I started coughing a bit and I thought about my body wanting to fight it and instead if I keep eating sugar my body will be ‘inflamed’ and my body won’t be able to fix me quickly.

Has anyone noticed how healthy I’ve been this last year and a half? I’ve barely been ill. I used to get a cold at least once a month. I used to catch everything going and had so much time off work that I had a disciplinary and didn’t get paid for my time off. It also resulted in me not getting a payrise last year as it was based on the last rolling year which admittedly had been bad.

Anyway I must remember this and not fall into the trap of eating rubbish.

Todays food is: cucumber slices, fromage frais yoghurts x 3 (55g each- basically a spoonful lol) 2 dukan galette style wraps with some sausage, a bit of cheese and ham and some almonds if I need them.

Todays weight: 153.4, 69.6, 10.13. Up an ounce of two but stable.

Yesterday I had leftover chilli from last week that I had frozen, for lunch and dinner so probably had too many carbs from the kidney beans.

Not much to report today. I did have a verbal fight with one of my colleagues though. Some of the guys we work with are seriously vile, smelly, unfaithful, thieving pigs. Part of my job is to find their mistakes and make them retake images of the cars, and I made a joke about how his re-image was worse that the first and he started saying ‘thats enough of your attitude’ so I flipped out and called him a stinky pr*ck that we all hate and f off. Ooops. Haha.

He is such a horrible conniving person and really makes me sick at the best of times, so I was just so sick of his derogatory attitude. He is also mentally unstable. Sometimes when he can’t cope a woman comes to our work place and has to try to calm him down, so I’m not doing myself any favours if he decides to kill us all. He also steals money from his girlfriend who I heard is in a care home as she is vulnerable. Basically a complete vile person.

Ugh shudder. I will just keep my head down if I can as I don’t want to be his victim when he really can’t cope. Proper psycho.

Well that’s enough talk about him anyway.

It’s my nephew’s 7th birthday this weekend, I cannot believe it. They grow up so fast! I need to go buy him a DS game that he wants and I’m going to take him out for a breakfast on Sunday as a little ‘grown up’ treat. Another excuse for a fry  up sans the bread and hash browns for me.

Have a great day!!:)

  1. April 24, 2013 at 4:27 pm

    It’s amazing how our bodies tell us NO… glad you’re listening… so happy about your continued weight loss… now if my body would listen!!!

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