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the weekend is nigh

Good afternoon, finally it is Friday!

I am going for a run after work, I hope to do at least 3 miles, it depends how much energy I have.

Last night we went food shopping and I managed to resist all the ‘gluten free’ breads and rolls that were on sale. It was hard, but I couldn’t cave. I also didn’t buy anything I didn’t need, so no nuts either. So now I have no food lol. Only kidding.

I must buy some eggs tomorrow from the farm shop and I might buy a couple more turkey breast joints from Tesco as they are half price, £2.50 for 640g. How cheap is that??

For dinner I grated a whole cauliflower and ate half of it as cauliflower rice with butter, sausage, spring onion and a bit of spinach. I had the rest for lunch today. Cauliflowers aren’t too carby are they?

Yummy! I also had some cucumber, cheese and salami, a dukan galette for breakfast and I have 1 mini fromage frais yoghurt.

No plans for the weekend (wow how exciting my life is at the moment) so I might so some research on stuff for the wedding and a little revision for my failed exam.

Maybe a bit of beautifying as well…..

Before I know it, it will be summer. Although it’s Spring, we have had a rotten long winter but the temperature is slowly rising. No way could I wear shorts if there was a heat wave anytime soon. I don’t even want to wear  t shirt without hiding my arms under a cardigan. I must remember to do my weights to get my arms toned.

Thank goodness my weight is going down, I don’t know how I let it creep up like that again, as I have been weighing myself more or less daily. I really mustn’t let it rise ever again.

Todays weight was like 4 oz above yesterdays weight, I feel quite fat and a bit ‘heavy’.  I hope it’s just my period on its way or something.

Well the run tonight will sort that out!

Have a great weekend – lets all make good choices and be happy!


  1. April 19, 2013 at 1:29 pm

    have a great run Shannon!

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