fat burner

Good morning, I feel a bit more awake today. College was alright, only one more night to go this week. The majority of the class failed the exam so I don’t feel so bad now hee hee!

My weight this morning was 154.8 lbs, I thought it might have been lower as I didn’t have any dinner when I got home, although I did get a ‘mocha’ from the coffee machine at college. Here was the view from the canteen window in Broadstairs Kent.


Well, last week I made an oat bran pizza for dinner and I took some images for a step by step guide for any newbies, or anyone who hasn’t tried it yet!

So, Step 1) Ingredients:  2 tablespoons of oat bran, 2-3 tablespoons of cream cheese/fromage frais, 1 teaspoon of baking powder, 1 tablespoon of cornflour, 2 eggs. You could also add spices or herbs to the ‘batter’ if you wanted to. Dukan calls for fat free or low fat dairy of course.


Step 2)

Mix all the ingredients together, I do the dry first, then add the cream cheese and then the eggs.  This would feed two as its very filling, you can make 2 small ones or 1 large one. Pour half or all the batter into a frying pan, (lightly oiled and then wiped away) and let it start to cook.


Step 3) Once the top is no longer liquidy, flip over on to the other side. I usually only cook it for about 2-3 mins on the reverse, and then FLIP IT BACK. The batter will form bubbles on the top as it cooks.


Step 4) Once you’ve flipped it back, add some tomato paste, or fresh tomatoes, or whatever you want to use for the base sauce.


Step 5) I rub the paste in with the back of  a spoon


Step 6) Then I add my pizza toppings, this time it was cheese, ham and then more cheese on top.


Step 7) Turn OFF the hob and turn ON the grill. Pop under grill until cheese is melted.


Step 8) Dinner is ready, you’ve got your oat bran intake, and hopefully it will convert you never to want real/bad pizza again (yea that really worked for me haha!!)


Dinner is served. James and I both love these pizzas.

Damn, I wish I had some for lunch……

So, there is my first cooking tutortial. Hope you enjoyed it. I have never made the cauliflower crust pizza so I would need some convincing, as this one is already so amazing.

I was still aching from my Sunday run yesterday, but am going again on Friday after work, and then maybe on Sat/Sun for another one.  I’m so close to being back in the 60 kilos range, I can’t wait! Oh the dream of being in the 50’s……

I hear people talking about diets and eating no fat etc and I want to tell them what I know, but people give you funny looks and don’t listen. I used to be one of those people, I was all for the ‘low fat- fat free’. Oh how we have been conned.

Everyone is different so sometimes slimming world works for people (oh those lucky people who can eat pasta everyday and still lose weight) but it didn’t work for me. Now that I (kind of) understand about burning fat, and leptin response and how your body becomes insulin resistant so you can’t actually burn your fat stores, I know ‘diets’ can’t work for me.

OK, I know I’m doing dukan which is a diet, but it’s the healthiest and it works for me and it’s also going to be more or less my lifestyle for now. So to me it’s not essentially a diet, its more of a ‘for life’ thing.

Have a good day everyone, my meals today are: 2 almond and flaxseed muffins for breakfast with low fat cream cheese, a 2 egg omelette with salami and cheese, 3 petit filous type baby yoghurts.




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