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chewsday is here

Good morning. How is everyone? I am so tired today. I could hardly get out of bed and feel like everything is going in slow motion.

Drinking some tea, maybe that will wake me up.

Luckily my kindle was still here at work this morning, phew!!

I’ve realised I have not eaten many vegetables lately. On Sunday I had broccoli and some carrots, (parsnips and potatoes don’t count really) but thats about it!  Bad me!

On Friday night I had some baked beans, and was surprised to see it was only 10g of carbs per 100g, I thought it would have been way more than that. Does anyone know why we cant eat beans on dukan? (or can we- and I am very mistaken??) Also carrots are only 4g per 100gs, thats not much??

YAWN! Sorry, I am sooo tired…..

I went to bed earlier and was asleep before 10pm for once.  College starts again tonight, so not looking forward to it. And I didn’t do my homework – LOL.

Wow, these last 2 weeks have gone pretty quick, it is so nice not having to go to college in the evening. You have no idea how much I cannot wait to finish this course. It’s so draining. And now I wish I was studying nutrition instead haha.

It’s so hard to get a job in accounts too, as everyone wants you to have experience. So I’m a bit stuck at the moment. At least I got a small pay rise this year from work, it’s not much, barely equates to £30 a month not including tax. But its better than nothing.

Todays food: 2 boiled eggs for breakfast, 2 dukan galletes made thin into a wrap with sausage inside, some baby yoghurts and some cheese.

Todays weight: 155.25 lbs, 70.1 kgs, 11.1 stones. So it’s still going down, yipee!

The most I’ve weighed this year is 72 kilos, and that was only a couple of weeks ago after my week off. I started off the year at 68.5 kilos and my lowest weight last year was in August (again before a week off in September) of 65.7 kilos. Seems to be a pattern emerging. I guess I need to be better on holiday if I don’t want to unravel all my hard work. If I can just stay away from the reallly bad carbs like bread etc and beer (if I go away somewhere) then I probably won’t do too badly.

I really need to get this under control. I can do it, and it’s not that hard. Sometimes it’s difficult coz you feel like there is literally ‘nothing to eat’ but you can always think of something. Eggs are your best friend, basically!

Well, that’s all I have for today, have a good one!! 🙂


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