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and its nearly toosday already


Very late post for me but better late than never! I was too busy at work to write today, so shock-horror – I’m writing in my own time.

Did you think that maybe I didn’t post because I was bad at the weekend? Or that I couldn’t face owing up to all the bad things I did? Well for once, I was just busy.

This weekend went so fast I’m not sure there even was a weekend, but I WAS GOOD. The WHOLE weekend.! Now let me cast my mind back…. I must have had something this weekend….ok I had a teeeny glass of wine on Sunday, less than 100ml.

I indulged in a couple of very very small roast potatoes and a few slivers of parsnips but no pudding. ( I cooked a roast chicken dinner)

SO, in my books, I did very well!!

I also went for a run on Sunday morning, I had aimed to do 4 miles, but stopped at 3 in the end. It was a killer.

My weight has gone down to 11.1, 155.8 & 70.4. yay. Cant weight (haha) to get back into the 60’s in Kilos. Or the 10’s in Stones. Feels much more do able when I get there.

Today I had a dukan pancake for breakfast, an omelet for lunch and 2 mini 55g yoghurts and a chunk of cheese. I just ate 2 sausages and some bacon for dinner.

Really couldn’t be bothered to cook.

My sister and I are trying to organize my hen night for September. We are planning to go away for 3 nights to a country cottage somewhere and then go to the horse races for the day, possibly in Newbury. Has anyone ever been? Can we bring our own food and drink like you can at Ascot? Let me know.

Should be fun, and hopefully  will only cost around £85 each if 7 of us go. Plus food and drinks etc, so maybe £150 at most. Will be so much fun though!

I hope you were all good this weekend.

I left my kindle at work —aaaaargghhh!! I feel pretty lost without it. I also hope no one steals it, because seriously I work with a bunch of thieves who wouldn’t think twice about it. B*st*rds! Well, we shall see in the morning. I phoned my boss to see if she was still there, but she had already gone home, but she said she will go get it in the morning just incase someone does decide to pinch it before I get to work.

What on earth am I going to do with myself tonight? I guess I will have to read a real book.

Goodnight all (well, not actual goodnight, its only 7.30 pm here!!!)

  1. November 2, 2013 at 2:21 pm

    Hello! I love your pizza recipe. I will prepare for my lunch. Hugs from Brazil !!

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