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bean there done that


Happy to say my weight has gone down a little again. 156lbs, 70.8kgs & 11.2.

We went food shopping last night before we had dinner but I made sure I didn’t buy anything I shouldnt have. No ‘wheat free’ cookies, even though they were on special offer.

I did buy some bean burgers from the freezer section, which I had for dinner. I didn’t check the carb content though, they were 25g of carbs per burger and I had two.

Hmm maybe this was my impulse buy without realising!

Oh well. They did have some wheat flour in them. Have I convinced myself it’s ok to have wheat every now and again? I think so. Am I going to end up on a binge? I hope not.

It’s weird how your mind works. Once minute I know exactly what I am doing and then the next I’ve decided something else.

So, last night, it took FOREVER for my bean burgers to cook, so I ate 4 mini yoghurts while I waited. Not the best plan, but better than really bad stuff. They were ‘baby fromage frais’ yogs, 55g each. They have 6.8g of carbs per one, so a total of 27.2g. I don’t normally count carbs, but I just looked it up on the supermarket website.

The reason I chose these yoghurts is, incidentally, they had less carbs/sugar etc compared to a regular ‘fat free’ yoghurt. Plus they come in little pots so I hope ( in future) I will eat less.

I am going a little bit fat free while I try to lose a bit more weight.

This morning I’ve had 2 coffees, a bit of vanilla fat free yoghurt (the adult kind) and some water.

Do you ever get the sudden feeling come over you that makes you think  ‘im going to poo myself?’

(haha gross!) We’ll I got that feeling this morning at work. I think it may have been the spicy (did I not mention they were spicy?) bean burgers and coffee combo. Ugh still feel a little yucky. No more coffee – water only please!

For lunch I have 2 chicken breasts (apparently 100% chicken breast) you know the type, from the frozen section, which I cooked last night.

I have some salad at home but I just haven’t got round to washing it.

I don’t have any drinking plans this weekend, so I am hoping to be good this whole weekend. I must also go for a run.

Wish me luck!

I wanted to buy a Quiche, and couldn’t believe the first ingredient was wheat flour!!?? I thought it was more of an ‘all egg’ food, but I was wrong!

I may make my own Quiche a la dukan!

There was another episode of ‘Secret Eaters’ on last night. The guy had a gastric band and basically ate too much all the time and then would throw up. They also said they never ate chocolate (he was a chocolatiere) and the minute the crew left, they both ate a chocolate haha!!

As usual their portion sizes were way too big, and it reminded me of when I first met James and he came over to dinner when I lived with my sister. We used to eat a giant portion of rice, thinking it was ok and ‘healthy’. James used to balk at our portion sizes and eat less than half while we could scoff the lot and eat more stuff later.

Crazy Carbarama heaven. LOL

Let’s all watch what we eat this weekend, we can do it together!


  1. Sharifa
    April 12, 2013 at 11:55 am

    You are such a delightful person! I love reading ur blog. Yes, I have had the “spf” (sudden poo feeling)!!!!! When you gotta go you gotta go, no more black bean burgers…..tee hee, hugs!

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