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Secret Eaters

Hello hello!

To start, this title isn’t about me (much!). Once you start cataloguing everything you eat, you can’t really be a secret eater anymore, unless you forget to write it all down. Or lie to yourself.

There’s a programme on Channel 4 called ‘Secret Eaters’ in the UK.  People who don’t understand why they can’t lose weight have cameras installed in their house to record everything they eat. But they also have some investigators following them around to catch them while they are out. This part they don’t know about until later.

It’s pretty good in that it shows people the amounts they are eating without realising. And also the secret bingeing they do when they think no one is looking.

Having watched the previous series, you wouldn’t believe how many people are convinced that they actually under eat.

The sad thing is, they are told to eat a ‘healthy’ diet, which we all know is full of carbs. They will of course lose weight from this as they won’t be eating as much, and will be making better choices. But in the long term, they will probably stagnate after a losing a couple of stone and won’t be able to work out why they can’t shift the extra pounds.

I just want to tell them – cut down your carbs! Having cereal for breakfast, then a sandwich for lunch, then pasta for dinner – all carbs basically.

And I’m not totally against carbs as such, because if you eat vegetables like carrots and peas you will be getting your fill.

Well, I hope this helps some people anyway!

Back to me:

Yesterday I went to buy a whole chicken, which I cooked. My oven is annoying me though, it seems to take AGES to cook stuff. So 3 hours later (for a 1hr 45 min chicken) I could finally eat. I’m surprised I didn’t crack as we didn’t eat until 8.30pm. I had a coffee and some water while I was waiting and that filled me up a little.

 I also made cauliflower rice. YUM!
So – I was good allll day and night!

cauli rice with chicken for lunch today…


At about 9.30 I felt like I wanted to eat something else (false hunger defo)and almost got a yoghurt from the fridge but then remembered I need to take my asthma pill on an empty stomach – yay!

My weight today has gone back to 11.3, 157.4lbs and 71.4kg or there abouts.

Oh well I am going back in the right direction.

I’ve figured it must be warming up slightly as I haven’t moaned about how cold it is for ages!! HAHA!

It is still quite chilly, but this weekend is supposed to be nice.

We are going food shopping tonight – I might suggest we have dinner first so we don’t get tempted to buy rubbish. I really must be strong now!

That’s all for now! Have a good day.

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