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Wake up to a brand new day

Good afternoon everyone!

Yes its a new day haha!! no confessions to make so far!
Well, my skin has been itchy the last few days, a combination of eating cookies pizza and running out of my allergy tablets.

Suppose it serves me right.

I was going to not eat all day until dinner time, but ended up making scrambled eggs for breakfast and almond muffins with pate for lunch. So not a lot of food, but enough to keep me going. Drinking lots of water as well to flush the rubbish out.

I am going to buy a chicken on the way home and make a roast chicken with some  (low carb) veg. I WILL DO IT!!

I am so stupid for getting that pizza. Let me explain why: I do mystery shopping every now and again and this job at Dominos popped up. Then it was in my head and I HAD to have it. At first I planned to get one gluten free pizza and one normal one, but then I thought, what’s the point? It’s still loads of carbs.

Unfortunately it didn’t taste all that great (didn’t stop me polishing it off though!) and I pretty much wished I hadn’t done it.

ESPECIALLY when I could  have had a guilt free oat bran pizza.


I don’t feel like discussing my weight today, but you can probably guess what it is haha!! I’m always the first to tell you when it’s good – but I can’t bring myself to admit it today.

Well, that’s all for now!

Let’s make good decisions today! I need more willpower – plus I know if I can be good for a week I will feel better and won’t be craving anymore!


PS. Thanks for all your support!

PPS. I am obsessed with googling wedding stuff. Lately I have been looking at ‘diy wedding invitations’

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