Good morning, how is everyone?

Today at work me and my colleague have organised a raffle for Easter, with the proceeds going towards cancer research for our ‘Race for Life’ in July.


Raffle prizes

As usual everyone moans that they never win anything, mainly because they DON’T buy a bloody raffle ticket. Also barely anyone helped or brought anything in, it’s always left to me, which I know will happen – and since I organised it and invented it – I have to do!!! LOL

So, not a lot of prizes but were have also ‘conned’ (hee hee) a couple of half days off out of the company, so I hope I win one of those.


Hot choc package

I also made a hot chocolate prize, with an easter mug, hot chocolate, marshmallows and a magazine.

Nice eh?



This is what I’ve eaten so far today, not very good. Chocolate xmas trees with peanut butter in the middle, and a coffee with squirty cream. Yes I am still obsessed.

I have checked that no one is allergic to peanuts though!

Hmmm, not too good on the food front.

For lunch I have chicken leftover from last night, a yoghurt and some celery with cream cheese. 

Yesterday I did indeed eat the whole coconut yoghurt which had 20g of sugar per 150g (total of 450g of yoghurt)


I need to get out of this rut and stop being self destructive.

I will take my almond flour and oat bran to my parents house and try to keep away from the baguette.

Have a great day everyone!!!! Hello Spring!



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