the sleepover

Hello, I didn’t post yesterday as I was sooo tired. This weekend went by in a flash and I wanted to be asleep for the whole thing.

It started Friday night, my friend came over for a few drinks when my sister called to say her son was ill and needed to take him to hospital. Poor little thing, he suffers from asthma and lately has been quite ill with it.

So, about 10pm my friend and I go to my sisters to carry on chatting (the other kids are asleep upstairs). I only drink a bottle of wine but feel pretty plodded.

My friend leaves and I watch a film and eventually fall asleep on the sofa. Then I hear ‘Shannon what are you doing here’ I wake up to see Nina (4) and Bella (2)  grinning at me. I assume it’s morning and when I look at my phone see it’s only 3.30 am! So, they are going to be at the hospital longer than we thought. I borrow a pair of pjs and snuggle up in bed with the girls. They dutifully wake me up at 7.45 am. We have breakfast and I play mummy for a few hours.

My sister’s husband (who works away on the ferry) gets off and takes over at the hospital so she comes home.  I go home about 10-11 am and have the nicest shower. I’m totally knackered but luckily don’t feel ill from the wine.

I’m laying on sofa thinking about a snooze when my sister calls and asks if I could watch them again for a few hours while she sleeps as had no sleep. (My nephew has now been prescribed the same tablets as me, how crazy!)

So off I go again, snuggling with them on sofa and watching cartoons.

Sunday I wake up n feel like crap all day. Probably a delayed hangover. lol.

Anyway, I wont mention the chinese takeaway Saturday or the dominos pizza Sunday. Heaven help me! Patchy eczema on my neck the next day and feel like crap.

Monday I decided I wasn’t going to eat all day at work, I made a ‘juice’ of 1 large carrot, 1 tomato and half a cucumber, and this is the only thing I eat all day. For dinner last night I had cauliflower rice with sausage, mushrooms and broccoli.  Very yummy.

It felt good not to be obsessed with food all day and not eat. My weight is horrific at the moment so I may try to do this once a week.

Right I really need to get my water down me today, I’ve only had about 800ml.

SO, that was my weekend – and yay only 2.5 days left until the Easter bank holiday and then I also have all of next week off. I am going to France to visit my parents on Thursday night for a few days so looking forward to that. Must try to be good tho!

I obviously didn’t get any running in last weekend, I may try to go on Wednesday night as there is no college. Yay!

Have a good one!


PS. Heres an article I read about something called the ‘Overnight diet’. hmmm, we’ll see. Go Dukan!

  1. March 26, 2013 at 7:12 pm

    Hi Shann!
    Nice to read you here 🙂 I see you are taking serious the “dunkan challenge” and I´m glad to read your stories, they are quite inspiring.

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