Friday yayday


Seems I didn’t get round to posting yesterday! I had my hair cut after work and its sooo much nicer now. It was way too long and shapeless. A girl in my accounts course is a hairdresser so she came round and did it for me for a £10er.

It’s also pay day today – yay! But then booo as it’s all gone by 9am lol. Just kidding it’s not that bad this month.

I’ve decided that the only way we can get married this year is if I don’t pay off my credit cards, it may sound stupid but it’s not. I’m gonna pay the minimum balance until the wedding and then do a 0% balance transfer and then pay it off next year. Then save the money I would have used to pay the card off for the wedding.

Otherwise it just won’t happen. I will still have the debt for another year but it is interest free so it’s not tooooo bad.

Normally I’m very ‘Get rif of debt blablabla’ but I’m putting my love future before my money future. Lol.

So, the other day I went to see the asthma nurse, and she actually called me back the next day and said they are going to give me montelukast (singulair) for a month to see how I get on.

I can’t belive its taken them (and me admittedly) to do something. The thing is, I had no idea that when you exercise, if you have your asthma under control you’re not supposed to have an asthma attack every time you go running.

I simply thought that it was just tough and that was what happened.

This is great news! I also read that it helps allergies too so I’m REALLY excited about that as I do get bad hayfever etc.

On the (possible) bad side I read some reviews that said it gave them depression and suicidal tendencies – but lets just hope I don’t get this.

I’ve asked James to let me know if my mood changes. He said there won’t be any difference if I do get it – haha. Meanie.

I really hate admitting failures but we went food shopping last night before dinner and it was later than normal as I had my hair cut. I bought M&Ms and wheat free (sugar laden) biscuits. Grrrrr.

On the plus side I have been having my dukan galette for breakfast the last few days. My weight is still around the 153-154.

Having a drink tonight so I must be prepared for my hangover tomorrow. I am going to have a ‘veggie juice’ when I get up tomorrow. And of course, I am going to take it easy tonight. ( the most sensible option)

So, have a great weekend, enjoy and be good (says I the biggest cheater!)


  1. March 22, 2013 at 12:23 pm

    Oh bless you Shannon, no you are not supposed to have an asthma attack every time you run!!! I have been on Singular for probably 10 years and I think it’s great. Now I can run whenever I want and asthma only gets bothered in really hot or really cold weather. And I have not noticed being overly depressed or anything. I think it will help your asthma and running a lot!

    • March 22, 2013 at 1:39 pm

      I know, I just thought I had to live with it! doh silly me! thanks, I hope it works for me too.

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