Shh wispa


After my hard work I bought and ate a Wispa duo ( a chocolate bar) after college. I don’t know why I just needed something else.
Ate a giant chunk of cheese too.

WHY!!! Coz im hormonal that’s why!!

Oh well, as long as I don’t do it every day. I feel exhausted. With a capital X! I am so tired, I could hardly concentrate at college last night and all day I’ve been tired. Weird. Maybe I am not eating enough?? Might need more veg or something, or it could be just my body needing extra sleep.

If only the summer would hurry up!

Last night at college, a chinese girl brought in some ‘banana cake’. It was so strange, but yummy. It was made out of rice flour and was white little rolls with a pink middle. 


Banana cake, strange but true.

Today I made an oat bran galette for breakfast and had a omellete for lunch with salami and spinach.

This morning I had an appointment with an asthma nurse. My first one ever  – bad or what since I’ve had it from birth 31 years ago!! I hope to be given something good, I can’t come off the meds though. Boo.


Well, it’s almost the end of the work day here, thank goodness!

Off to college though – I honestly don’t have the strength – but I will go. Lol, I do sound pathetic!

See ya tomorrow!

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