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Running (wo) man


How was your weekend? I had chocolate again on Friday night but I made up for it by going for a run Saturday morning. I did 4 miles – yes – 4 MILES!

So I did an hour altogether.

I ran a loop 4 times, and then drove round it to check it was a mile each time. It took me 7 minutes to do half a loop and I stopped and walked for half a minute or so to have some water. It was good – not that hard, I find it never is the first time, not looking forward to my next run. Sat night I woke up every time I rolled over in bed it hurt so much. Legs still hurt a bit today too.

I felt so good though! I did pretty well for the rest of the weekend, but did eat a couple of roast potatoes for dinner last night. We had dinner at his mums and I didn’t want to tell them I eat low carb as couldn’t be bothered to explain and then get the rolled eyes from them. I was planning to not eat them but couldn’t resist.  I did give James my yorkshire pudding though yay!

Not sure when I can go for a run next, James won’t put my treadmill back together until I get rid of some stuff 😦 blackmail or what!!

I do have a lot of stuff though. 😦

It will have to be Friday night after work, I don’t think I could go tonight as still in pain. Unless I just did 2 miles? We’ll see. Maybe if it’s not dark when I get home.

My weight’s not at its best, it’s also TOTM. This mornings weight was 153.6 lbs.

I think I’ve persuaded James that we need to book our wedding when we are off in a few weeks time.  He is worried about paying out for a wedding when his hours have been cut, but I just said – We are always going to be skint bla bla bla. We are doing it on a budget anyway – I said if he does lose his job we will cut out the food and just have a ceremony and a party in the eve with cake. Simple!

Kinda forgot about eating oat bran over the weekend. Must include it tonight somehow.

Sunday we started my new (sad) tradish! Papers and coffee. We bought a paper each but I ended up flicking through it and just reading the two magazines that came with it.   I watch enough news, I don’t want to depress my weekend too.

This weekend went far too quickly- don’t you think? I toasted my almond muffins yesterday and they were a lot nicer! So glad I tried it. I had that this morning for breakfast too with pate. YUM!

Food today: spinach and tomato omelette with a bit of cheese, celery with light cream cheese and a yoghurt.

Didn’t end up juicing yesterday so I am going to do it tonight and have a smaller dinner, maybe a salad. Bought a giant bunch of fresh parsley from the farm shop, can’t wait to use it!

Anyway, that’s all my news for today

Have a good day!

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