So, how is everyone? Yesterday was a success! All I had all day was coffee, water, galette, sausages then a 2 egg omelette with a bit of cheese. At college I had a yoghurt and a coffee (I didn’t get the ususal mocha – sob!)

When I got home I brushed my teeth straight away so I wouldn’t be tempted to eat anything else.

It feels good to be on dukan again, I need to lose this extra weight.

I was down a lb almost this morning so that was good  news. My eczema has flared up a little though. It’s strange that it’s happening now since its been winter for ages. My face had a few blotches around my mouth and eye and my neck and  a few patches on my arms. I was naughty and put the strong cream on it, so it should be gone in a few days.

A girl at college mentioned that her friend got married in her own garden and had tepees. I love that idea and was googling all day lol. I can’t seem to find anything in this area though which is a shame, and I think a marquee would be way too much price wise. There are some cheap ones on ebay but you never know with that. The downside is 1) what if weather was awful – I’d be buggered. 2) need to lose 2 stone ASAP.

I am really dreaming of a summer wedding now, how nice would it be? I can see myself in my garden on a boiling day, gazebos or a marquee or something, everyone laughing and having a great time. We could still do the hogroast, and we could buy all the alcohol. We could have a smallish (as small as you can get with 7 siblings on my side, 3 on his and 15 kids between them!)  family feast, and then go on to the evening venue later.

Dreams eh.

I’ll see what happens in the next month, I would be up for getting married in August or something! hee hee

That’s all for today! So far I’ve had a PP day, so will stick to it for dinner too then have a PV day tomorrow and the rest of the weekend.

Have a great day! 🙂

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