It’s me again! So, more disaster. I was good all day and at college, then I got home and had dinner (late at 9.20 pm) and then I ate moooore chocolate.

Well, the chocolate stores are pretty much empty now thank goodness!

I feel horrible, I weigh loads and it’s all my own fault. (If you are wondering why there was chocolate in the house in the first place, I am selling some easter hampers online)

So today, I have decided to get back on dukan completely (apart from the fat free thing) and I am going to reduce my dairy as I do eat way too  much cheese lately.

This morning I had a galette for breakfast, for lunch I have some sausages and then a small yoghurt for later. That’s it. It’s a PP day, no veg, no NOTHIN!


Poor me lol. I know you don’t have to go hungry on dukan but I just don’t have that much easy eating meat in the house. We are on such a small budget lately. Plus  today I want to suffer a little.

So it looks like I’ll be back on the eggs! Yum! I do love eggs again at the moment so I don’t mind. Shall I do two PP days? We’ll see. I have loads of veg to eat so will need to do a few PV days to eat it all.

Well, (for the millionth time) that’s the new plan!!

Have a great day all!

  1. March 13, 2013 at 9:00 am

    dont let the veggies go to waste, so have a PV day or two. or cook veggies and freeze and use later maybe? And then maybe follow up with a few PP days?
    thanks for all your posts and your honesty. to comment on yesterday post, yes its terrible how we punish our bodies with the food we put into our mouths. and all the foods that taste so good are so bad for us!
    I have hit a bit of ‘slump’ and its taking all my strength not to go on a complete carb – sugar binge. I have suffered a ‘carb hangover’ before and it was terrible.
    hang in there Shannon, good thing is that you are back on the wagon and are wanting to Dukan again.

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