Good morning.

Its misty. Very misty here today.

Has anyone noticed wordpress isn’t working great lately? I can’t ‘like’ anything at the moment and  I don’t get any notifications anymore. Strange.

Last night I went out for dinner with people from work as our old manager came back from travelling. I had chicken with bacon and cheese, salad and chips. I also had a glass of wine. And a jug of water.

It wasn’t a bad choice compared to other things on the menu. My weight has been the same the last 3 days, 154.2. I’ve been good this week apart from a couple of little things so I really thought it would have gone down. I haven’t had any chocolate (have I?).

Going food shopping tonight. I may leave out the fruit for a while as I suppose it is sugar. I will limit myself to one serving on the weekends for now until I get to a better weight.

I’ve been messaging my little sister this week with no reply, then found out someone stole her phone last weekend. Meanies. She is coming over this weekend but we are not going out. Really in the mood for a drink, but I may just have a glass of wine or something Saturday night if we watch a film or whatever. I don’t want a hangover or a ‘stuff my face’ day after drinking.

I will also need to go for my first run of the year on Sunday (if this damn fog clears).  I always think aliens are getting ready for an attack and using mist/fog to hide it. We shall see lol.

Yesterday my eye was quite sore, I rubbed it a lot at work and then suddenly a lump appeared next to my eye. It was so weird. It went after about 4 hours.

It looked like a wart and I said ‘I’m turning into a witch’ especially after I put some witch doctor gel on it.



Anyway, have a good day. Today I had a yoghurt for breakfast, I have some almond muffins with pate for lunch and 2 eggs to scramble for later.

Have a great weekend 🙂


  1. March 8, 2013 at 9:28 pm

    WordPress has definitely been wonky the last few days! I’ve been able to ‘like’ things, but only after waiting for several minutes.

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