Race ya

Another day has come. Whatever that means, sounds a bit doom & gloom. Not as sunny today but its not freezing anymore – phew. 🙂

Last night before college I made an omelette with mushrooms, spinach tomato & cheese. It was soooo yummy. All the ingredients apart from the cheese were from the farm shop, the spinach especially was delicious.

It filled me up all night and I didn’t need to have anything when I got home.

Today I had strawberrys and yoghurt for breakfast(not very dukan), I have another omelette for lunch made fresh this morning, some almonds for later and the rest of the yoghurt.

My stomach felt a little flatter this morning but the weight is still around 154 lbs. Bit annoying but lets hope it goes DOWN DOWN!!!

When I really wanted chocolate the other night I had to keep thinking – do I want to be fit & thin this summer, yes or no?? YES I do. I hope that keeps me on the straight and narrow.

I have signed up for Race for Life, a 5km race in July raising money for cancer.  I raised ÂŁ50  already just yesterday. Amazing. This means I need to start running again to get my fitness up. I know 5km isn’t that far but when you haven’t run for ages its hard. I haven’t done race for life for about 4 years or so, so it will be nice to run for a cause.

If you want to sponsor me, click on this link here thanks!!

That’s all I have today! Have a good one.

PS. For any new readers if you wants to start low carb or find lots of info check out Lyndas blog, its full of helpful information and links.

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