Oat bran pizza


Last night I was dying for a cigarette and some chocolate. I kept looking in the cupboard at the easter eggs and then walking away. I settled for a hot chocolate and a few puffs on an electric cigarette. It was tough.

I also ended up eating a whole bag of sugar free marshmallows which was probably about 60g of carbs. So which is worse, actual sugar or carb sugar – or is it the same? Maybe I would have been better off having a real marshmallow and enjoying it more?

Well I am very lucky if this is my worst dilemma at the moment!

Anyway, we had dukan oat bran pizzas for dinner with some grated carrot. I woke up late this morning but had time to make oat bran wraps (dukan galette recipe to make 2 wraps) I had 3 strawberries with yoghurt for breakfast and for a snack I have some almonds and celery with cream cheese in it.

It’s still sunny here and is supposed to be like this all week. I need summer! It makes me think of when I was in Australia – ahh I would love to go back without my controlling ex (who I went with).

Oh well, I have a house instead lol! Roll on retirement (but without the being old bit!)  Roll on having a baby – haha!!

Have a great day everyone, I’m sure this post will help anyone starting out on dukan NOT!!


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