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Thursday ….

Good morning,

Yesterday I ate too many carbs. When I got home from college I had some cheese and 4 crispbreads crackers (wheat & gluten free) with some humus.

Lately I don’t seem to get full or satisfied and am craving chocolate and other stuff. I’ve done well for not eating bread or wheat products but if I keep this up it will get to a point where I think ‘sod it’ and indulge.

I’ve had lots of chocolate around due to the hampers that I made and need to keep it out of my mind or just be stronger and not eat it!

I have also been eating ‘nakd’ bars which have 17g of carbs approximately.

I need to have some willpower basically and get out of this rut. Today is going to be that day! Oh  but I have crispbread and hummus for lunch with salad CRAP!! Oh dear how ridiculous.

I am being lazy lately and not preparing my lunch or any food – so after today I will prepare more and have lots of dukan friendly foods readily available.


My fiance and all his company are going down to a 4 day week as they do not have enough work coming in. This isn’t good for our finances, so I said we should just buy the bare minimum food. He pays for most of the food shopping and we do spend around £50-£90 a week.

Food is so expensive now, but I decided we should have a budget of £15 in Aldi ( a cheaper supermarket) and £15 in Tesco (for the bits we don’t buy in Aldi). I am writing a list now and am looking online for things that we do buy to see if they are on offer. At least we won’t buy chocolate, I can kiss my ‘wheat free goods’ goodbye (thats a good thing) and maybe I will have to reduce how much cheese I am eating. (also a good thing??)

I will pay for whatever we buy at the farm shop when we go again this weekend.

We will just have to eat a lot more veg, especially now we can get it so cheap. And eggs of course!

Have a good day everyone 🙂


  1. March 3, 2013 at 7:11 am

    Chocolate cravings are my worst! I have found what helps me with similar problems you face is expand my dukan knowledge. Try out the chocolate truffle recipe that is dukan friendly, it’s my ultimate favorite (the recipe is on my blog 🙂 ) I have just been given the Dukan cookbook as a gift so will share some great craving indulgent recipes I try out. Convenience is my biggest challenge as its quite a mission to prepare all your food before hand all the time, but it’s worth it in the end. That total feeling of lack and can never get full because of the cravings…well one thing helped with that for me, I made a huge bowl of yummyness that you can totally stuff your face with and solve the problem, hope it works for you 🙂
    Fat free plain yogurt, fat free smooth cottage cheese, teaspoon of raw cocoa powder, some stevia or xylitol, and a scoop of my brothers body builder iso-whey protein powder.
    The cocoa helps the craving and the whey protein helps make you feel super full!

    • March 4, 2013 at 11:16 am

      I just managed a chocolate free weekend! yay! I made those choc balls before, I will have to make them again. thanks for the comment 🙂

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