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Winge Wednesday (!)


No post yesterday – I was stressing about the exam. I have absolutely failed it this time, I couldn’t do hardly any of it. I don’t know why either, I could always do it in class and seem to have developed amnesia in this subject. I made up most of the answers for section 1 and you have to get 70% in each section so I have failed.

I know – get a grip I’m not dying – but still. 😦

On the way home from college I did the sensible thing and bought a packet of cigarettes, a bag of peanut m&ms and a bar of cadburys caramel and then ate most of it when I got home and smoked 1 cigarette.


We don’t find out the results for 6 weeks as some of it is hand marked, so I am going to study for a few hours every weekend until I can get my head around it. I should be happy really, some people have failed every single exam and had to re do them all, so failing one isn’t too bad. (YES IT IS BOOO)

So, enough about that. Weight. Up.

Obviously. I ate easter eggs galore over the last few days too so need a good wack around the head! I realised I am 9 lbs heavier than I was at my lowest last year. That’s quite a lot eh. Mini Goal 10.12 this week, so 2 lbs to lose to achieve it (or maybe 3…)

Lots of water and veg coming up!!

I hadn’t really thought or noticed before but chocolate gives me wind – big time. It must be all the sugar fermenting. Groooosssss!!

So this is whats been happening and wow I am such a winger.

Roll on Friday night so I can relax to the max! (without chocolate!)



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