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And it’s Monday again


How fast did the weekend go? It was like a blur and I feel like I haven’t had any time off.

I was trying to study all day yesterday (exam on Tuesday) and I studied a little Sat night too.

Saturday morning I went to the farm shop for the first time. Wow was it cheap!

For £7 I got: 2 cauliflowers, 1 broccoli, shallots, red onions, brown onions, a lemon, some apples, some new potatoes, 6 extra large eggs, spring onions and 2 more things I can’t remember now. I thought it was good value for money anyway. Cauliflowers were 2 for a £1, whereas they are £1.30 for 1 in the supermarket.

I also like that it is all fresh and local.

Just need to get through all the cauli now lol. Maybe some cauli rice.

On Saturday I made broccoli cheese with sausage, very yummy!

Sunday we had chicken and some of the new potatoes roasted. Also amazing!

I didn’t do great this weekend – 2 easter eggs later……. I don’t know why I can’t be good sometimes.

At least there was no wheat and the only carbs I had was the potatoes and there weren’t many.

OH I just remembered the farm purchases- and a courgette…. what was the last thing? Who knows.

I realized I hardly drank any water this weekend and am really thirsty now.


I am desperate to make a bit more money so I have made up some hampers and have put them on ebay.  I want to eventually start an online hamper business and hope it goes well so I can work from home when I (one day) have a baby.

Ebay and paypal take such a big cut, some of the hampers I’ve seen on there are quite expensive, and mine are not too badly priced in comparison. ( I hope!)

I love these little suitcases – they are so cute!

I also eventually want to source local products and original products .

I’m dreaming about my spare room being an office with reels of ribbon and cellophane….ahh the dream!

Hope you all had a better weekend!


  1. February 26, 2013 at 3:09 pm

    Carrots!! that was the last thing haha!!

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