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Easter egg monster??

Hello, this is turning more into a confessional diary than a diet blog!

Well, I keep saying one thing leads to another and last night instead of having any dinner I had an easter egg instead.

I was feeling quite down after work when we went shopping so got a caramel easter egg and ate the lot, 2 caramel eggs and one chocolate egg shell.

This is all stemming from eating wheat free bread all week – I know it!

So, today I had 2 boiled eggs for breakfast, I have some almond muffins for lunch and some cheese and salami for later. And a yoghurt. Damn I forgot the berries!

I will be good this weekend and hope I can meet my mini goal of 10 stone 12 (I’m back up to 11 stone now) by Sunday.

Some of the people who’s blogs I have been reading lately are really suffering, either with their allergies or partners or both. I feel for them and it makes me realize how lucky I am at the moment that my skin is ok apart from the odd blemish and that I’m not totally obese.

I should stop complaining so much

The evenings are starting to get lighter and it is nice to be driving home while it’s just about still light! Roll on summer. It’s been a very cold year here, it’s actually snowing again in some places and may snow here later. It’s nearly March- insane or what!

I didn’t give anything up for lent, but I’ve been alcohol free most of the year. Something must be wrong with me – lol! I’ve only had one night of drinking so far which is very unusual for me. My problem with losing weight last year was that I would go out, have some drinks and put on some alcohol weight.( and maybe eat some stuff I shouldnt) but this year I’m not really drinking but I am still eating the wrong  things a few times a week which is holding me back.

A few people have been blogging lately that you don’t have to exercise to lose weight, and I agree. But when I do exercise I feel like I don’t want to be bad and ruin it. So I think this does kind of keep me on the straight and narrow.

I really can’t be bothered to do any work today. It’s Friday and I’m looking forward to just going home!

Have a great day, an even better weekend and BE GOOD!


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