Bread monster

Good afternoon. Well I’ve had a busy morning, but my colleague who works part time has just come in so I can relax a bit now yay!

Yesterday at work one of the men I work with was really rude to me and upset me and I had a little cry in the toilet so no one would see.

He was being off and had attitude all week so I asked him why he had an attitude and he said ‘it must be rubbing off’ you’ and some other comments. I was so stunned I couldn’t actually reply. My hands were shaking and I could not believe it!!

I told my manager who had a word with him this morning, and he hasn’t said a word to me since. Good! Sod him.

I hate confrontation and always end up crying (damn I hate being sensitive sometimes).

Anyway, I’m glad the tension is over – I feel a bit better. I went through so  many scenarios last night when I was still wound up, some involving him trying to hit me and then me knocking him out LOL.

This morning I had 2 slices of toast (AAARGGHH) but threw the rest in the bin (all 2 slices of it!) I also had a dream I bought another loaf and was thinking to myself, ‘why did I buy a loaf, I didn’t want to – remember?’

Apart from that, I had 2 boiled eggs, cauliflower rice and some yoghurt. Obligatory cheese and salami too of course.

Not sure what’s for dinner tonight, we are going food shopping after work.

We are also going to the farm shop this weekend, I want to get loads of veg and see if I can find out anywhere to buy some local meat.

I have no plans to go out but I do feel like letting off some steam. Maybe I should go for that run?

Enjoy your day everyone!


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