Good morning!

I definately ate too many carbs yesterday, I had some wheat free toast for breakfast, then for dinner I made broccoli soup with onion, mushroom and potato. There was also a wheat free roll to go with it.

At least it wasn’t wheat, and I didn’t have too much of the potato, maybe 50 grams  in weight but the roll did have 36g of carbs so that was very high.

I will cut it down. The rest of the rolls are in the freezer so I won’t be eating them often.

TOTM now so not expecting much on the weight loss scene. 

No college this week – yay it’s half term! I have to study though as exam time again next week. A week today actually. Ugh.

It’s my nieces 4th birthday today, I will be popping round after work to give her a present. 

Tonight for dinner, I think I will have cauliflower rice with sausage and a feta & red onion salad with baby leaf salad. Yum! Looking forward to it already.

Today, I have leftover broccoli soup, ahem a roll, cough cough (trying to disguise it)  and a chunk of cheese and some salami for later. I had some yoghurt with berries for breakfast. I can’t get enough its too yummy!

Did I mention ‘naked’ bars? They are 100% fruit packed together to make a bar. Theres about 13g of carbs in a bar,

They are yummy, but to be eaten sparingly due to the natural sugars. Great to have a spare one around for emergencies. The only thing is, the last ingredient is ‘natural flavouring’ and for people with serious allergies, this could be a problem.

I have not brought one with me today as I have the (cough) roll for lunch.

Well, I dyed my hair again. It’s back to black. Well dark brown. Why do I always try to give myself highlights? It’s always a disaster!!!

Looks much better now, although not one person at work has even bloody noticed!!

Ah well – have a great day everyone!!



  1. February 19, 2013 at 3:53 pm

    I posted this post this morning, but for some reason it didn’t publish. Oh well, here it is!

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