Almond cake


How was everyone’s weekend?

I did ok, no drinking, no smoking, no treats (did I? and we were so busy that we only ended up eating brunch on b0th days. Saturday we were going to paint the living room walls and ceiling, but James ended up doing it on his own. My sister hurt her back so I babysat her daughter most of the day.

We had eggs & bacon on Saturday and then bacon and sausage on Sunday. Friday night I made an almond cake. It was delish!


While I was mixing all the ingredients I was sure it wouldn’t work as it was nothing like a ‘batter’ more like tough cookie dough or something.

Surprisingly, it all worked out, and it was delicious. I substituted the sugar for stevia (luckily read back of pack where 10g of sugar is equal to 1g, other wise would have been awful!) and I didn’t have any apple vinegar so I poured in a drop of lemon extract. I also used lime zest as had no lemons.

So it was nothing like the recipe….ha ha just kidding. It was really good.

Ah I just remembered – I knew I couldn’t have had a perfect weekend – I am currently obsessed with squirty cream.  In my coffee, with my cake….


It’s not that bad (is it?)  not that many carbs per 100g….(I’m in denial right?)

Oh and I also got some gluten free bread and rolls….they were on sale! I froze most of it and had some for brunch yesterday. It was 13 g of carbs per slice, so it wasn’t too bad. I had 4.

Now it all unravels lol.

I reached my goal weight of 10.13 for last week, so chuffed about that.

My mini goal for the end of this week is only 10.12, a 1 lb loss. I lost like 5 lbs last week though, weird!!

Have a great day!!

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