Good morning!

I’ve had two cards so far from ‘mystery’ people at work. One guy bought everyone a card, bless him!

The second was received after a lot of harassment on mine and my colleagues part, haha!!!

I bought James some glass mugs with those silvery holder things,

so I’m looking forward to giving them to him this evening.

Today I had: 2 scrambled eggs for breakfast, 2 wraps (dukan gallete recipe) some sausage (albeit processed) and I have some berries and yoghurt for later.

I have discovered that the berries are best eaten after a few hours of defrosting while they are still very cold and half frozen, as I defrosted some over night in the fridge and they were a bit mushy.

In regards to the berries, I need to only have them a few days a week as don’t want to much sugar in my diet. (hmmm we’ll see treat woman!)

Last night I also had 2 wraps (using dukan pancake recipe and splitting it in two) with some real sausage, mmm it tasted so good.


Still unsure what we are doing tonight, it would be nice if he has a surprise planned, but he’s not a soppy person so I doubt it. As long as I don’t have to cook I don’t really mind.

One girl at work had a bouquet of flowers delivered. Lucky!! I’d be happy with a bunch from Aldi! LOL

Not much to report, weight – same as yesterday, not too moody, quite happy I suppose (I say in moody voice).

Have a great day, hope you get some smiles and surprises!!

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