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Wake up its a brand new day….

Good morning,

I did it, I made it through one day without chocolate, lol.

Ok, it wasn’t so bad. Yesterdays food was: 3 boiled eggs, yoghurt (full fat), 2 almond muffins with cream cheese (light), Dinner: chicken thigh green curry (so maybe a little sugar) and a couple of spoonfuls of rice. A chunk of cheese and another yoghurt.

So, I could have done a little better but on the whole I steered away from wheat and mostly sugar. I’m sure there may have been some in the curry paste or the coconut milk.. actually let me google it…..

Surprisingly sugar is mentioned only once right towards the end of the ingredient list so I’d say there wasnt too much.

I went to Waitrose (quite an expensive supermarket) after work as I saw a few offers online that I wanted to get. When I looked around I couldn’t find them anywhere! Annoying. But there were some chicken thighs reduced due to the sell by date so I got those.  I kind of want to buy my meat from there as even their ‘essentials range’ is supposed to be better quality and the animals are better kept than other ‘essentials’ or ‘value’ ranges. I do have a hard time believing what supermarkets say though, especially since the horsemeat scandal. I am so glad I never buy ready meals.

It does get you worried though about mince, is it really what it claims to be? I’ve gone right off it so haven’t bought it for a while.

I feel like only buying whole chickens so at least I know I am actually eating chicken!

If only I could find a local farm that sells meat from their farm. I don’t think there are any around here. I should go to the farm shops for my veg though, I havent eaten any veg for a few days now. Must cram it in tomorrow then, or tonight.

I have dropped almost 2lbs, so very pleased with this. I have written some mini goals in my diary of a loss of 1lb a week, so I hope I can achieve this.

So, shock horror, my weight is a queasy 154.4 lbs, 70.0 kilos and 11.0 stones.

Arrghh I hate those numbers, but they are better than yesterdays haha!!

It is still 1.6 stones lighter than I was this time last year so I am very happy about that!!

I would like to be confirmed as having a wheat allergy simply so that I stay away from it forever, but since I don’t eat it, there’s no way I’m putting myself through a few months of hell just to get test results.  It would help in that other people wouldn’t tell me stop being ridiculous and ‘just eat it’ too. Plus, I may not get a confirmation via these tests, I just know it makes me fat and so many of my ‘ailments’ have disappeared since I stopped eating it.

(a bit of self confirmation here I think- need to persuade myself somehow!!)

Have a great day all!

 P.S Todays meals: yoghurt with a handful of berries for breakfast ( I want some vitamins!), Chicken thigh with seasoning for lunch, emergency (processed) sausage in fridge. Err more yoghurt…..

  1. February 12, 2013 at 2:11 pm

    gaining momentum Shannon…now just keep it rollin’

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