A new week


On Friday, I only had to work 8 – 10 am as I had 6 hours in lieu and instead of working a couple more for a whole day off  I decided to just go in, as I’d only be asleep otherwise!

It was great! If only I could afford to go part-part time.

So I went home and painted the living room a base coat as it had been plastered the week before.

Breakfasts, lunches and dinners went well. But I am still going mental with treats! Thursday night at cinema I had a few chocolates. Friday night I had chocolate and ice cream. Saturday I had something, I can’t remember now, and last night I finally caved and had bread. Why oh why. It was like I was walking around the kitchen with my eyes shut as I didn’t want to believe what I was doing.  Two toasties later (they were delicious too) ………….

SO today is the beginning of a new week and I will do better. My stomach keeps getting shooting pains, I have a couple of spots on my forehead, I have a few patches of eczema and I’ve gained weight. I’m not in a bad mood yet (heaven forbid I have another week like the last one).

I have preached before about ‘Dont start on a Monday, start now’ and this time I thought ‘I’ll start Monday’. DOh! I need a good ol’ slap!

I will be drilling into myself that it is hard, I will miss the treats but at the end of this week I will feel better.

I must also stop being so vain and remember I want to do this to be healthy too, and not just to be thin.

But the thought of thin-nes is what is keeping me going.

Sorry for the major moan – hope you enjoyed it!! haha!!

My sister saw the print out on my fridge that says ‘Wheat is poison’ and kept singing ‘wheats poison’ in the tune of Nicole Scherzingers ‘Poisen’ haha makes me laugh.

Hope you are all doing better than me, I have to force myself to do a lot of things this week! (like go to college ugh)




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