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Snickers & Vitamins

Hello all, it’s a rainy day today after a sunny January yesterday. It’s February now, welcome to valentines frenzy and hopefully the days will start to get longer. (in the UK anyway where it is winter – brr)

I forgot my bottle of water this morning – aaargh!! Luckily my colleague brought me in a treat – strawberry and vanilla flavoured water. Phew!!

What do you all think about flavoured water? There is no sugar, barely a calorie and it has sucralose and not aspartame. Is this safer to drink than say, diet coke?

It sure is yummy!

I have been doing well all week then we went shopping on empty stomachs! What were we thinking? I ended up buying 2 packets of snickers (like you do) as they had some special edition ‘ more caramel’ and ‘more nuts’ ones. Of course I tried one of each when I got home. The ‘more caramel’ one was rubbish (what a waste of calories and sugar aaagh!) but I did enjoy the more nuts, though I was berating myself as I ate it.

Yesterday I was reading some articles, found from Lynda’s blog, which led me to other articles – and ten web pages later I was reading about the importance of vitamin B12.

I also read a few comments from people on this website http://www.cavemandoctor.com/ 

They were discussing low carb high fat diets and one person was saying how there is evidence to show this is not a good way to live etc etc.

I do sometimes worry that I am getting it wrong and remember horror stories of people dropping dead from not eating enough calories etc.

I do know that I cannot follow the governments guidelines as I would be ill and obese. I do know that I have never felt better since deleting wheat and eating low carb. But I do still worry every now and again about the dropping dead thing. (oh how blase I sound!)

I bought some berries yesterday to have this weekend, I thought I should introduce a few into my diet once in a while for the vitamins etc. I want to take vitamins but read that most of them are just flushed straight out of your system and aren’t worth taking. Dilemma!!

What are your thoughts?

My sister and boyfriend are coming to stay tonight and then we are going out tomorrow night. Not looking forward to a hangover after a T total January. I will take it easy ( I hope) and I really don’t want to smoke – it will be hard but I don’t think any of the people going smoke so that will make it a little easier. Plus you have to go outside and its cold. Good luck to me!!

 Let’s all try our best this weekend!

Have a good one




  1. February 1, 2013 at 11:43 pm

    I use Crystal Light in my water 🙂

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