Mmm toast – don’t even say that word!

Anyway, it’s quite toasty at work today, someone put the heating on before I got here so it is warm! yay!

I was good ish yesterday, I had chicken, spinach and 3 new potatoes.Today I have 2 boiled eggs (what else?) chicken and some low fat cheese.

I might start making a gallette for breakfast and then have the eggs for lunch with something else, we’ll see.

My weight seems to kind of stay the same at the moment, it might be just used to what I’m eating so not shifting much (obvs I know the carb binge didn’t help!)

Exercise is something I desperately need to get going again. Last weekend I woke up on Sunday and thought ‘ i should go for a run’ but I couldn’t force myself to do it.

I might see if James will come with me Friday night, but I’m sure he won’t want to after work.

I used to get loads of pains when I breathed in, sometimes it would come and go for months and months and then disappear and I could never put my finger on what it was. I have been getting them again for the last few days after not having them for perhaps a year? It is under my ribs at the front and also in my shoulder blade at the back.  It feels like I’ve been stabbed and I can’t draw a whole breath, then it goes away after a few seconds. The worst I ever had lasted about 4 minutes, ow it hurt! I was getting them for years and went to see a neurologist and had an MRI but they found nothing.

(I have mentioned this before if its bringing back memories)

Strange, I wonder if it’s the sugar I ate recently, or maybe the couple of pounds I put on, perhaps my body really doesn’t want that extra weight?

Who knows, I just hope it goes away!

I dyed my hair again last night (!) I bought a brown, but it didn’t quite cover all the ‘blond’ at the front. It looks better though, and my is it soft after using the conditioner. Why is that conditioner always so good?


Not the best pic !


And this is our cat Tilly, we are having the living room plastered so have taken the radiators off and are using this little heater. James said ‘Tilly thinks she’s on holiday’ it cracked me up!

That’s all my news, oh apart from the slight weight gain – but lets not talk about that!


  1. January 29, 2013 at 3:53 pm

    hey Shannon…nice hair 🙂 Glad to hear you are keeping warm.


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