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Monday again!!!!


If you didn’t read my weekend post then good – I’m doing really well. haha. Ok you caught me out. I had some kind of carb binge.

I had a comment saying I need an intervention….aargh!! So true!

My body has been kind though and my weight is still 153 lbs (it was that all weekend) but I bet it will rise in the next few days.

Hmmm. Well, I have eaten all my sugar riddled wheat free biscuits, I made sure the cake I bought got eaten up by my sisters and their kids. Phew!


I must go food shopping tonight then as I don’t have any veg or anything in the fridge. 

I had 2 boiled eggs for breakfast, I have 2 almond flaxseed muffins for lunch with light cream cheese.


These are the ones I made yesterday, it looks like a persons face that has swollen! Hah!

They are very yummy and light and so low carb.

I didn’t manage to get the spare room cleared to put my treadmill back together but I told James I really need it putting back up as it’s too dark after work at the moment, and so so cold.

I have not done any exercise all month, I did not have an alcoholic drink all month either and should have lost some weight. Instead I binged on biscuits, although wheat free, they were just as bad with so much sugar and other starches.

Bummer but life goes on. L-i-f-e-g-o-e-s-o-n… remember that song? Took me AGES to work out what he was saying!!! I really do waffle on don’t I?

So my little sis Stanzi is turning 26 soon and is coming down this weekend to stay and so we can go out and celebrate! Yay!

I may have to dye my hair again, it went a bit wrong last time, so I may do an all over brown, or maybe get  a ‘decolour’ that will take out the dye I put in! I’ve never used one of those though….we’ll see.

It’s a sunny day here, not sure what the temperature is but I’m indoors where it’s always cold. England does not know how to heat their buildings properly!!!

I’m always freezing at work, and my boss is always hot so I keep turning the heating on and she keeps flippin turning it off! I have my fleece on and a vest and a t shirt and she walks around in a t-shirt!!! Freak!!

😉 hee hee

Well, I will do 100 % dukan and stop messing about. It would be alright if I wanted to stabilize, but I want to lose another 2 stone or so. A good 10 kilos.

Cross my fingers and hope for the best!! Have a great day everyone!!!!



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