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Hello, how is everyone today?

My weight has come back down, but it feels like a waste of a week. It’s around the  151 lbs mark now.

I’ve been working on my wedding blog a little lately, http://mywinterwonderlandwedding.wordpress.com/ if you want a little read.

I grated a whole cauliflower and had 4 portions of cauli rice out of it. I think that is what has stunk out my fridge and house though. It’s all been eaten now, so I’m going to clean the fridge tonight and hopefully the smell will go!

Work is really busy, the phones are ringing off the hook and as usual a few people are doing the bare minimum. Roll on 5pm!!

College is over for the week yay!

Not sure what I will be eating this evening, lunch was cauli rice, some wheat free pasta (I really wanted pasta so this seemed like the best option) and a yoghurt for my break. I also had 2 boiled eggs for breakfast. I actually feel really full the last few days and haven’t been able to eat everything I have brought with me. I hope it helps with the weight loss.

I’ve been drinking my 2 litres of water at least every day.

Ugh I must cut this short….that damn phone wont stop!!

Have a good day!!

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