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Yay it’s Friday!

Good morning, no snow here in the south east today. Yay!! I don’t mind if it snows over the weekend though. Yes I will be talking about snow now for a long time haha!

On the news here in the UK they have told us that Tesco ( a large supermarket) have been putting horse meat in their beef burgers, up to 21% percent in their ‘value’ range. I think its disgraceful, if you want to eat horse meat, then you should be able to make that choice. And if they are lying about that then what else are they lying about? Plus, where is the meat from, is it safe? It introduces a lot of questions and makes me not want to eat some foods.

I make my own burgers anyway from mince, but still, why are they penalizing the poorest people who buy the value range?

A woman at college told us a story the other night, she was cooking with some mince meat when she saw something foreign in the pack. It turned out to be a cows eyelid with the eyelashes on it too. Ugh I would have been sick.

It has put me off buying mince for a while I tell you!!!

I’ve been reading a couple of blogs (celiacandallery +  eczemaexcellence )lately about allergies and eczema and they mentioned sulfites. I’d never heard about these – it’s crazy what new things you learn and also how health professionals don’t talk about this kind of thing.

It’s almost like they aren’t bothered about allergies or should I say ‘allergies’ since some people think you are making it up. It is horrible how miserable they can make you – in my case hayfever that feels like a full blown cold with itchy eyes. My poor mum has been suffering really badly the last few years and has given up. She tried local honey, all the different eye drops and it was also giving her such itchy eyes that her face looked like it had eczema. I’m not sure if it’s a severe dust allergy or what but she has it all year round.

I might suggest giving up some foods once I’ve looked into it, it could be a food allergy I suppose.

Anyway – I am happy that I haven’t smoked yet this year, or had a drink.

My weight this morning was 68.9, 151.8 and 10.12. I have dropped a lb from yesterday which is better than nothing of course. For dinner last night I just had chicken with some chicken and a couple of sausages.

Today I have 3 boiled eggs, some chicken chicken chicken and 2 sausages, I made some flaxseed bread this morning as I hadn’t had any oatbran or anything yesterday (must remember to include that!)  and I have the rest of my (full fat) greek yoghurt.

I drank 3 lites of water yesterday and will do the same today.

My sister has just invited me round for homemade soup and bread tonight, unfortunately I am gonna have to say no to the soup. We will probably still go round and James can stuff his face, (and I know vegetables aren’t bad – but I’m on attack!)  so I will eat before we go – I must must be good.

I think that’s all my news for today! Have a great day everyone!!

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