Hello. It’s been forecast crazy snow the last few nights but every time I wake up and look outside it thankfully hasn’t. They are saying tomorrow is definately the day.

I like snow but not when I have to drive, plus we are busier at work as we pick up the damaged vehicles.  Boooo.

My weight was up slightly today, but that’s ok.  Today I have chicken for lunch with a bit of cheese, salami for a snack, 2 boiled eggs for breakfast, another boiled egg for later and some greek yoghurt. It’s full fat, but there you go.

I found some frozen chicken breasts in Sainsburys (supermarket in UK) that are half price at the moment, a 750g bag for £2.99 instead of £5.99 and you can cook them from frozen. I need to go buy some more as it would be perfect for the attack.

Err, I need to remember actually, are you allowed dairy on attack? I’ll look it up.

So glad college is over for the week, I can go home and relax!!

Doubt I’ll do any exercise tonight, I’m too tired. I may go for a run Friday but (hopefully hee hee) there might be snow everywhere.

Mission this weekend, as I said before, is to clear the spare room so I can set the treadmill back up in there.

Little story for you:

Last night I was walking from the dining room to the living room when I felt something on my neck. I stopped and then felt something slide down my back. I was making lots of ‘ughh’ ‘aaaargh’ screams when I pulled up my jumper and flicked whatever it was out. I didn’t see where it went and was so freaked out.

I decided to go and have a shower I felt so violated and when I went to take my hair out of the ponytail, I realised my hair clip was missing.

Lol, I hope it was the hair pin sliding down my back!!

Cracked me up after that. I have had 2 spiders fall on me at work though from the square ceiling panels. Ugh.

So, to end my post, I am trying to do a few days of attack once I’ve googled exactly what I can have, and hopefully drop a few pounds to keep me on the straight and narrow!!


Have a good day!


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